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Good post by Pastor Timothy on the King James Version-only controversy.  I like Greg Koukl’s line about always recommending the KVJ to everyone who is over 350 years old.  I have no objections to anyone using the KJV, but it isn’t for me. I like the ESV and the NIV but I’m not a snob about them. 

This is just sad — he uses a teleprompter for a room this small?!

Republicans do have a plan for health care reform. They need to add tort reform to the list.  Defensive medicine and malpractice insurance are huge drains on productivity and costs.

If Obama and the Democrats really want to “fight” Wall Street greed, they could have just not bailed them out multiple times beginning with the Clinton years.  Oh, and they could do something about Freddie and Fannie.  There is no way the financial crisis would have happened without the ineptitude and greed of those organizations. 

Tragic: Single mother of four (five, actually) dies from “safe and legal” abortion — Apparently front alley abortions can be dangerous, too.  Oh, and the unborn child is also dead.

Oops — Behar Accidentally Outs Gays, Says Monogamy Is ‘Too Much Trouble’ — Is she homophobic?  Isn’t that the term we use for anyone who criticizes anything about the gay lobby?

Pro-abortion myths that just won’t die

carenet-walk-05-55.jpgThese claims came from a post at another blog.

What of the deaths that occur when abortion is illegal?

If some murderers die while committing crimes do we make those crimes legal?  What of the deaths of the unborn that always die with “successful” abortions?

Seems abortions have been going on forever.

So have other forms of murder (see Genesis 4), but that doesn’t mean they should be legal, either.

I would rather my daughter who was raped (just an example) get a legal abortion in a very clean clinic verses a back alley wire hanger abortion.

How about if we kill the rapist instead of the child?  Also, pre-Roe v. Wade most abortions took place in doctors’ offices, not back alleys.  The back alley abortion with a coat hanger is largely an urban legend manufactured by pro-abortionists in the 60’s to advance their cause.  According to the CDC there were 39 deaths due to abortion in the last year of data avaiable for Roe v. Wade, yet it was marketed as thousands. 

The feminists bought it hook, line and sinker, and now consider it mandatory to have the right to kill their unborn children to prove their equality to men.

The clinics you refer to aren’t “totally clean.”  People like Obama fight the standards that hospitals must adhere to. 

Check out RealChoice to learn more about how “safe” abortions are.  The media just doesn’t tell you about the deaths that occur today.

I would rather that a daughter that was sexually abused get a legal and safe abortion than bear a totally unwanted child to term.

Abortions for incest / rape (including statutory rape) often hide the crimes.  Planned Parenthood is notorious for that

Is it moral to destroy unwanted children outside the womb?  Of course not.  So the only question is, “What is the unborn?”  If it is not a human being, then no justification for abortion is necessary.  If it is a human being, then no justification is sufficient (except to save the life of the mother, of course, which is in concert with the pro-life ethic).

I would rather a known badly handicapped/deformed child be terminated instead of bringing a soul into a life of constant suffering.

Is it moral to destroy handicapped / deformed children outside the womb?  Of course not.  See the previous answer for the rest.  Also, disabled people aren’t necessarily less happy than “regular” people, and they have lower suicide rates.

I would rather have the government keep out of, an off of, peoples bodies.

That ignores the human being getting destroyed.  Why shouldn’t the gov’t protect her?

So you are opposed to government funded abortions then?  Because Obama wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment and take away your “choice” of whether or not to fund abortions.