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Awesome? Really?

A Facebook status asked, “There are so many words to describe our God. Which would be your favorite?”

My word would be awesome — not because I use it a lot but because I use it carefully and sparingly.  The word is overused such that it has lost much of its power.  But I try to only use it to describe God. 

I checked my 1,224 posts on this blog to see how well I’ve done with that.  It came up about 6 times.  Two were within quotes of others (a comment from a prisoner who went through a Kairos weekend and a reference to the powerful force of U.S. military).

One was a reference to a Kairos team I worked with (“You were an awesome team to work with, and I don’t use that adjective very often.”)

One was about God and forgiveness (“Only an awesome God could wipe away a lifetime of sin and hatred by having the minister – who had presumably suffered from the prejudices of others – be the one to lead the man to Christ.”).

Only one was secular, in response to a gay person claiming they had no organized agenda (“You guys are the most awesome marketers I’ve ever seen.  Seriously.  You should all work for Fortune 50 marketing departments.”)

One was about Heaven (“Heaven will be awesome (I try to only use the word awesome to describe God and Heaven, so I mean that in the most powerful sense).”)

What is your favorite way to describe God?