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Another Darwinian tautology

A tautology is an essentially meaningless statement where all instances are true, such as, “It will rain today or it won’t.”  Much of Darwinian evolution “evidence” falls into this category.

Here’s the latest, via Don’t ask us how the most complex eyes appeared at the beginning. Instead, we offer to solve a tautology for you, about the yes of some Early Cambrian arthropods that predate other finds by 85 million years (i.e., they are very early fossils):

“The arrangement and size of the lenses indicate that these eyes belonged to an active predator that was capable of seeing in low light. The eyes are more complex than those known from contemporaneous trilobites and are as advanced as those of many living forms.”

. . .

They provide further evidence that the Cambrian explosion involved rapid innovation in fine-scale anatomy as well as gross morphology, and are consistent with the concept that the development of advanced vision helped to drive this great evolutionary event.

Did you catch that?  If you were a high school student who trusted your teachers, you’d think they had evidence for this unbelievably rapid amount of highly complex change.  But they merely assume that it evolved, so it “had” to have been a great evolutionary event and another example of “rapid innovation.”

“I’m from Australia and I’d really like some insight into why there is this visceral hatred of Palin from left liberals – it’s complete bizarre”

The title of this post was a comment left on someone else’s Facebook post on Sarah Palin.  Here’s one response I liked:

As one female caller to a talk radio show said the other day, “She is smart, she is athletic, she loves the outdoors, she hunts, she fishes, she raises kids, she is on TV, she has been a governor of a state, she writes books, she blogs, AND she is pretty. What’s not to hate?”

Here was my answer:
‎90% of people abort Down Syndrome children, but she gave birth to hers. Her pro-life position makes Liberals absolutely hate her. You could agree with radical feminists on literally every issue possible except unrestricted abortion and they will hate you with a passion. Seriously.
On a different Palin post on my FB page, someone noted this:
 SP [Sarah Palin] is a stupid moron.
How eloquent, and how right off the the mainstream media script.
Update: Turns out she writes like most CEOS, and better than the expert who was hoping she’d come off as illiterate.

Yea for the 2nd Amendment!

See Why The Constitution Matters: Woman Shoots, Kills Would-Be Rapist

A thug broke into a suburban Atlanta woman’s home, and attacked her at knifepoint at 6:30 a.m. while she was in the shower. A struggle ensued, during which the woman was injured. Eventually, though, she was able to get her hands on her .22, and shortly thereafter, the woman pumped 9 rounds into her assailant. He staggered outside and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Morals of the story:

  • The Second Amendment ain’t about hunting.
  • You can’t assume the police  will be there when you need them.
  • If you’re a woman and you live alone, you should buy a gun and learn how to protect yourself with it. (Actually, everyone should do this, but single women especially.)

I will never, ever vote for a candidate who would have preferred that this woman get raped (i.e. any candidate who opposes guns in the hands of law abiding citizens).

If this woman lived in Canada, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, and much of the rest of the world, she would have had two choices:

  • Get raped at knifepoint (and probably murdered at knifepoint afterwards)
  • Get arrested and imprisoned for owning and using a handgun

This reminds me of a friend of ours who turned someone in to CPS for sexually abusing an infant.  The perpetrator correctly inferred that it was her and called with death threats and stood outside her yard in a menacing way.  I will always want to protect the right of someone like her to go get a gun that day.

I also know of someone who got death threats from a former employee who was arrested for theft.  The criminal’s threats weren’t deemed sufficiently dangerous by a judge so he wouldn’t even issue a restraining order.  I definitely want that victim to be able to get a gun if he wants.