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Ann Coulter files hate speech claim against Canadian university —  where you can speak your mind as long as no one (on the Left) gets offended.  Coming soon to a country near you!

Hillary Clinton is OK with abortions, just not gender-selection abortions — but if they don’t kill innocent human beings, why does the motive count?  (hat tip: Chance)

Great summary on the health care debacle by Marshall.

I should be overjoyed at ACORN calling it quits, but they are obviously just changing their names and reorganizing.  They won’t go far, and they’ll still get their funding.

Bart Stupak and the myth of the “pro-life Democrat” — I can’t tell you how many “pro-life Democrats” I know who voted for Obama, the most pro-abortion President ever.

False teacher considers taxpayer-funded abortions to being part of a “beloved community” — no surprise there.

Did everyone sign the health care bill? You know I did!

Seriously,  I will grant that Obama & Co. do a much better job of influencing people than the Republicans.  It is proven — though not that well known — that even getting people to do small gestures like signing a document or donating $5 dramatically increases their commitment to a candidate or program (even a horrible, horrible candidate/program like this one).


Great commentary on Santa Claus theology — i.e., Liberal theology

But on the basis of Santa Claus theology, sins create no problem, and atonement becomes needless; God’s active favor extends no less to those who disregard his commands than to those who keep them.  The idea that God’s attitude to me is affected by whether or not do what He says has no place in the thought of the man on the street, and any attempt to show the need for fear in God’s presence, for trembling at His word, gets written off as impossibly old-fashioned–’Victorian,’ ‘Puritan,’ and ’sub-Christian.’

Yet the Santa Claus theology carries within itself the seeds of its own collapse, for it cannot cope with the fact of evil.

Obama to Iran: Stop laughing, we’re serious! — This is what happens when you elect people like Obama.

As another deadline approaches for Iran to demonstrate its willingness to abandon the nuclear weapons it so clearly desires, both sides have reacted in a predictable manner.  The US reminded Iran that this time we are really, really, really super-serious about it, while Iran scoffs at the threat.  In fact, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran has grown “10 times stronger” on Barack Obama’s watch.

Ben Nelson, the Senator who was bribed into voting for taxpayer-funded abortions, displays more of that integrity when switching his vote on that type of bribe once he realized the Democrats had enough votes to win without him.  Classy.

I think that James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles should be the People of the Year winners for outing ACORN.  The mainstream media did their best to ignore it and missed countless opportunities to do some real journalism and investigate ACORN themselves. 

‘Nonmonogamy’ Advocate Dan Savage Uses Adopted Child to Promote Homosexual ‘Marriage’ — that is, when he isn’t busy with a three-way S&M-fest

White House Says “Have A Wonderful Socialist Transvestite Christmas” — I am not making this up: The White House “Christmas” tree had ornaments with a drag queen, Chairman Mao and Obama on Mt. Rushmore.  I’d like to think that those who voted for Obama would deeply regret it, but I’ve found that they tend to be as uninformed about what he has done since the election as they were about what he did before the election.


The latest ACORN video.  But Fox definitely shouldn’t mention this in the news, right?

Breitbart to Eric Holder: Investigate ACORN, or else — As if the videos to date aren’t enough, there are more shoes to drop.  I’m with the author:

Principle over party, Attorney General.  Or your party gets hammered.  Your call.  Speaking as a Republican, I hope that you try to keep stonewalling; speaking as an American (which takes precedence), I suggest that you don’t.

Surprise!  Global warming proponents play the same as evolutionists do: “Your views aren’t science because they aren’t in peer reviewed journals and they can’t be in peer reviewed journals because they aren’t science.”  And if they if they do make it into a peer reviewed journal, then just insist that the peer reviewed journal is no longer valid.  Either that, or destroy whoever let the view in.  Voila!  How very scientific and ethical.  Heh.

More problems for Al Gore & Co., if only the media would report them and ensure that everyone who saw An Inconvenient Truth were aware of them: Global warming hysterics burned by predictions.

People are rightly outraged at fraud, but are wildly naive to think it only happens in business.  There is already a ton of fraud with the TARP funds and other government programs.  Who’d have thought that would happen?  I mean, just because a massive amount of money is thrown around with little controls, why would that attract bad guys?

Liberal media rep Norah O’Donnell tries to play “gotcha” with 17 year old — She interviewed her once, then gathered some data, then turned the cameras on.  But no media bias here, folks!  Now maybe Norah could question Obama & Co. over all their health care lies and broken promises of bi-artisanship.

Jesse Jackson: “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man” — I’d say you shouldn’t be pro-legalized abortion and call yourself a black man.

Take that, Jews. White House guts annual Hannakhah party; meanwhile, Obama wishes there were more Muslim holidays to celebrate — great commentary from my favorite gay Chicago bloggers

It’s a great time to brush up on your pro-life reasoning

With all the debate over the health care bill, abortion is back in the news.  Many people know it is wrong but don’t know how to present the case for life.  Please spend a little time getting educated and be ready to share the truth in love.  Lives are at stake.

Even if you are firmly pro-choice I urge you to review these resources.  The worst that could happen is that you learn more about your ideological enemy’s arguments.

If you only have time for one web site, go to Abort73.com.  They have a thorough, concise and easy to read site that takes you through all the major issues. 

Or go through the slides I use for training volunteers at CareNet.  And learn about what organizations like CareNet do for women in crisis pregnancies.  Or scan my posts in the Pro-life Reasoning category to the left.

Then see this fact based, winsome and reasoned defense of life by Kathy Ireland.  She went from pro-choice to pro-life after examining the scientific evidence.  Don’t just listen to the facts, note her compelling manner.

Then watch the O’Reilly interview with Abby Johnson, the Planned Parenthood Director who quit after participating in an ultrasound and seeing a human being lose its fight for life. 

Or search Stand to Reason for their many outstanding pro-life resources and articles.

Please take the time to get a little better informed.  You don’t have to know everything, but you can learn enough to easily defend the basics of the pro-life view.  Or you’ll at least have some resources to point people to.  And you can at least point out that while abortions may be legal it is a radical change to make pro-lifers fund them with taxes, and that the Democrats have consistently lied on this point.

P.S. Planned Parenthood hides statutory rape.  Why will the health care bill give them even more business?  Why haven’t they been de-funded already?  I’d rather fund ACORN than them.


Inherit the Myth summarizes the falsehoods of the anti-religious movie Inherit the Wind.  Sadly, countless public school students were forced to watch it and took it at face value.

Ironically, today the roles of the Inherit the Wind players are reversed — only now, the characteristics are real.  The Darwinists will do everything they can to end your career and assault your character if you dare to criticize their theory or advance reasons for Intelligent Design.  Dawkins, Hitchens et al insist that religion is evil and must be done away with.

As noted here:

[Christopher] Hitchens, a columnist for Vanity Fair and author of the book God Is Not Great, told a capacity crowd at the University of Toronto, “I think religion should be treated with ridicule, hatred and contempt, and I claim that right.” His words were greeted with hoots of approval.

Religion is “sinister, dangerous and ridiculous,” Hitchens tells NPR, because it can prompt people to fly airplanes into buildings, and it promotes ignorance. Hitchens sees no reason to sugarcoat his position.

“If I said to a Protestant or Quaker or Muslim, ‘Hey, at least I respect your belief,’ I would be telling a lie,” Hitchens says.

Without Fox it is unlikely that you would have heard of the ACORN scandal (Hello, Charles Gibson?), Van Jones’ resignation, the National Endowment for the Arts propoganda scandal and more.

Also, be sure to see the 37 second video where an MSNBC “newsperson” takes on-air email corrections from the White House. But they aren’t biased, eh?

Obama’s reaction to Fox News demonstrates that he isn’t just the reincarnation of Jimmy Carter, but Richard Nixon as well. It’s the political version of That 70’s Show.

MoveOn.org will add your name to petitions whether you like it or not.  How honest of them!

Go see Bryan’s terrific Kairos prison ministry website.  Here are quotes from the testimonials page.  I’ve heard many of the same things at the unit we support.  More about Kairos and prison ministry here.

This is not just a weekend, this is eternal. This is my family forever. – R.H.

I never heard of KAIROS before. I would like to spread the word of what KAIROS means. – B.H.

I wish it would never end. Because of the love of Christ I can be free in Christ despite being incarcerated. – J.J.

I have been incarcerated for 31 years. I have never experienced love like this – H.B.

I came in not knowing what to expect. The love I found in there blew me away…all the people praying, the emotion in the room is something Ill never forget. The “Presence of the Lord”, I sang it all night long. – D.H.

I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been very fulfilling…this has been a lot of work, but I have been able to go back to the house and get great sleep and come back ready to go… – S.F.

This is not just a weekend, this is eternal! This is my family forever! – R.H.

I thank God for this fellowship. – M.L.

This is a good thing that I think everybody needs to go through whether they get out or die here. – G.M.

I never heard of KAIROS before. I would like to spread the word of what KAIROS means. – B.H.

Some of the best lessons learned in life are through experience. It’s amazing to me the diversity here, but the family growth is amazing. I”m very glad to be a collective part of it. – M.B.

I didn’t expect any of this. Keep the faith. It’s hard out there in the yard, but keep the faith! – E.H.

I wish it would never end. Because of the love of Christ I can be free in Christ despite being incarcerated. – J.J.

I can cherish this love for the rest of my life. The power of prayer is awesome. I’m looking forward to telling others about KAIROS. The more we share, and give back…it’s all about that… – D.H.

I came with an expectation of having a good time. I’ve met people I would never associate with in the yard. After 20 years of being in here it feels good to have an expanded family. – B.B.

I’m a simple person. I feel the love. I’m glad to have God in my life. – W.B.

I really have enjoyed myself. I’ve never been able to just relax and have fun. I never sang so much! Lat night I had the song “Jesus is the Rock and He Rolls My Blues Away” stuck in my head! – A.D.

It’s been a joyful time up here. Fellowship and food…LOTS of fellowship and LOTS of food…heartfelt discussion, too. We aren’t alone. Everyones’got problems. This is a hard experience to go through in here. This is a good thing. we can leave here with a good mentality. – R.O.

The singing took me out of my space. I don’t think it makes me soft, I like the group of guys I’m sitting with. I’ve still got some walls, but I respect everone’s views. I listen and learn. – S.A.

LOVE! There’s nothing but love in this room! I hope the whole world could be like this! – E.G.

We all know how hard it is to find something good to report home to our family and friends. Isn’t it wonderful to have something this great to happen to use?! This has brought us together, broken down the walls I’ve built upon whatever prejudice or bias we have. – B.B.

I have been incarcerarted for 31 years. I have never experienced love like this! – H.B.

You don’t have to be a religious person to be involved in KAIROS. My eyes have stayed wet all weekend…it’s been very emotional. It’s very hard to cry in a place like this, but I’ve felt that I can here. – S.F.

This has bee a life changing experience for me. Up to now, I thought I was in control. But, I found there is someone bigger than myself, I’ve let go and let God! – D.S.

It’s been a beautiful weekend for me. The Lord has blessed me this weekend. This is something that I will never forget. – M.L.

I came in not knowing what to expect. The love I found in there blew me away…all the people praying. The emotion in the room is something I’ll never forget. “The Presence of the Lord”…I sang it all night long. – D.H.

I came for the food. I found the love. We on th inside have to learn how to express love. – R.O.

I give all glory to God. I’ve truly been blessed, the love has been incredible! I don’t want this to end. I look forward to the Tuesday night (“Prayer and Share” groups). This has torn down a lot of walls. – J.J.

There was love all in there! I thank God for putting it in your heads to do this, because you didnt have to. – E.G.

I always looked at Christ as great king. He came to serve, not to be served. He’s the most courageous leader I’ve ever heard – W.B.

Weve been told that we would be unable to descibe this weekend. When I saw thes placemats (created by kids) they touched me. I’ll keep these, they inspire me. – D.D.

God hasn’t forgotten us. – R.H.

I now know that God is good. – J.H.


Yes, I’m a Conservative.  No, I don’t need a Conservative Bible.  I just want the Bible.  Glenn has a more thorough analysis here.

Wow, ACORN nailed again.  That’s gonna leave a mark . . . provided that a network other than Fox reports on it.  Seems that the ACORN folks lied about throwing James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles out of their Philadelphia office.  The audio is edited in spots due to legal concerns, but the full thing should be forthcoming soon.  Yet just watch Congress re-approve funding for ACORN. 

Why did the American Federation of Teachers union donate over $1m to ACORN?  Hey, it isn’t cheap to have Republican voter registration forms destroyed.

Interesting analysis by Verum Serum: Obama’s enemy isn’t just Fox, it is the “Army of Davids.”

But hold on a minute…Dig a bit deeper and you quickly realize that the White House’s problem isn’t with FOX at all because FOX isn’t the source of any of these stories.

Van Jones didn’t come from FOX, it came from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. ACORN didn’t come from FOX but from two intrepid activists via Breitbart’s Big Government. Similarly, the NEA story didn’t come from FOX, it came from one individual, Patrick Courrielche, writing at Big Hollywood who had the nerve to tape the conference call and report on it. And, not to toot our own horn, but they weren’t too happy with the “wise Latina” story that originated right here at VS.

The biased MSM is still getting it wrong on Willie Horton, as Ann Coulter explains:

The Bush campaign commercial about Dukakis’ furlough program never showed a picture of Horton. In fact, the actors playing “criminals” passing through a revolving door in the ad were all white.

Voters considered it relevant that a candidate for president was so beholden to the ACLU that he backed an idiotic furlough program that released first-degree murderers.

Every informed student of the 1988 campaign knows that the Bush ad didn’t show Horton’s picture. And yet in Keith’s discussion of Bush’s allegedly vile, racist use of Willie Horton, he used a phony version of the ad, doctored to include a photo of Horton.

fyi — I may re-run some favorite posts for a while each Friday.  There are quite a few new readers from my Facebook account and I thought they might be of interest.

A commenter on a Facebook page thought it ironic that I could hold the same view that a racist might, yet for different reasons.  I suppose it is ironic, but quite logical when you give it further thought.  My response to him:

Please don’t confuse beliefs with motives.  If a racist believed that racial quotes helped blacks then he would oppose them. 

But if he believed that racial quotas hurt blacks (by perpetuating the myth that they can’t compete and calling into question the very real successes of countless people) then he would favor them. 

And vice verse: Non-racists could support racial quotas if they thought the quotas really helped and could oppose quotas if they thought they really hurt blacks.

The moral: Look to the reasons behind the beliefs.  If you have good reason to question the motives of the person in question, that is different.  For example, those pushing the health care agenda have been caught in so many transparent falsehoods that I don’t believe anything they say now.

Doesn’t this bother Obama supporters at all?

So now President Obama is talking about taking over er, uh, bailing out newspapers (Obama is ‘Concerned’ About Blogosphere).

This is creepy:

Mr. Obama said he noted the trend. “I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding,” the President said.

Great point, Mr. President.  A good example would be how the major newspapers scooped the ACORN story with experienced reporters Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe.  Oh, wait, bad example.  They were amateur no-names who did that.  I read about the ACORN mess countless times on blogs before the MSM was forced to report on it and long before Charles Gibson was finally informed about it.

I do concede that an Obama-run newspapers would be more efficient.  The administration wouldn’t have to tell the papers what to write, as with the current practice, they would just write it themselves.


 Thorough response about the lies regarding the makers of the ACORN videos — Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe are American heroes.  This is historic, folks.  A couple young folks with a small amount of money do a little work and expose a spectacularly corrupt and inept organization championed by the President.  Will they get the Pulitzer prizes and movies that they deserve?  Doubtful.

It also shines a light on the atrocious NPR comments that the ACORN employees did such despicable things because of their low-income background.  They shouldn’t slander poor people like that.  Looks like their elitism slipped out.

Oh, by the way, President Obama thinks you are stupid.  Gosh, he didn’t know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of Federal money!  Seriously, Obama supporters, don’t you find that just a little insulting?

Quote of the week — paraphrase of a quote I heard on the radio (can’t recall the name of who said it, but I think it is pretty old).  It is a keeper:

People who deny moral absolutes should be tortured until they agree that it is a moral absolute that you shouldn’t torture people for denying moral absolutes. 

Remember that for the next time a postmodern tries to get out of a debate by claiming there are no moral absolutes.

‘Honor killing’ could await Rifqa in Sri Lanka —

When Caner informed his devout Muslim father in 1982 that he had become a born-again Christian, his father disowned him. Caner believes that was “an act of mercy” because his father could have carried out an “honor killing” authorized by the Koran.

In the years following Caner’s decision to accept Jesus Christ, his three brothers, his mother, and grandmother all converted to Christianity. According to Caner, those salvation experiences were only possible “because anonymous saints spoke up” and preached the gospel.

Caner wrapped up his address by issuing an emotional challenge to fellow Christians: “Preach, teach, and reach — or shut up and get out of our way.”

Hey theologically Liberal readers: The last line is for you. 

Why do people go to Hell?


Adultery = destruction — another great post by MomLovesBeingAtHome — hope she doesn’t mind all the links this week!

The insanity of same sex parenting — so non-PC, but so true. 

In such a debate, evidence from social science has only a secondary role. Certainly the best-designed studies confirm the obvious — that a child does best in every respect when raised by his or her own parents, or in the nearest equivalent context of an adopting mother and father. In the light of this research, the American College of Pediatricians in 2004 concludes: “The environment in which children are reared is absolutely critical to their development. Given the current body of research, the American College of Pediatricians believes it is inappropriate, potentially hazardous to children, and dangerously irresponsible to change the age-old prohibition on homosexual parenting, whether by adoption, foster care, or by reproductive manipulation. This position is rooted in the best available science.”

However, nobody needs to resort to “the best available science” to defend the obvious insight that a little child needs both a mother and a father. The judgment of anyone who cannot see this as a self-evident fact of life, as the most commonsense and necessary condition of a child’s wellbeing, is suspect.

Hat tip: Duane’s Mind

Obama’s naive trade policy — it is hard to believe, but this may be his worst idea of all.  I can’t believe that he thinks that import duties are a solution at any time and especially now.  But hey, they worked so well just before the Great Depression.

Iran and Honduras: Inconsistencies in U.S. Foreign Policy — I know what they mean by the title, but I wouldn’t say they are inconsistent.  I think they are consistently wrong.  The inconsistency they refer to is not acting where we should and acting where we shouldn’t.  Sadly, there are large consequences from this.  Ministries like Hope for Honduras really suffer because mission teams can’t come to help (not that I’m bitter about my November trip being cancelled).

There is a consistent lack of principle in the Obama Administration’s refusal to recognize a legal government in Honduras while recognizing an illegal one in Iran. What is most troublesome in the case of Honduras is the State Department’s announcement that the United States will not recognize the outcome of the Honduran election now scheduled for November 2009.

ACORN video number five — and does anyone really think that is the last?  Does anyone believe the head of ACORN when she talks about all the offices that threw the investigators out?  If that was true, do you think they just might notified other offices?

This is one of those amazing issues in American political history.  A couple young no-names repeatedly and thoroughly embarrass not just a major partner of the government but the whole mainstream media as well.  These folks just need to read conservative blogs more.  What the MSM consider breaking news, such as the ACORN and Van Jones stories, we’ve known about for a relatively long time. 

And even when the MSM finally addresses it they have tried to spin it negatively against Republicans.  Good analysis of it all here.

I would like to conclude by saying that these two brave kids Giles & O’Keefe are indeed the Woodward & Bernstein of this current generation. They are probably deserving of a Pulitzer Prize award for Investigative Reporting but don’t look forward to that since the vast majority of the 18 Board Members are from Liberal Mainstream Publications or Liberal Academic Institutions and these are the same crowd that selectively has chosen to ignore this story since it didn’t follow their own story line and bias. 

Yeah, somehow I don’t see Hollywood making movies about the heroics of these two, even though it would be so much more fitting than any of the journalism movies they’ve done the last few decades.

This audio of Charlie Gibson is a must listen.  Absolute stunning that he didn’t know about ACORN. Hard to believe he said to just leave it to “the cables.”

Maybe the system can work

See Hot Air » Blog Archive » Breaking: Senate votes to cut off federal funding for ACORN — Many Senators changed their votes from supporting ACORN funding to opposing it when they realized they were going to lose. 

Who can blame them?  Who wants to be on the side of a group that has been nailed to the wall at least three times the way ACORN has?

Will the House follow suit?  It will be a victory for conservatives either way.  ACORN will be de-funded or the Republicans will have a great campaign issue for a long time.

Now if they would just vote to cut off Planned Parenthood for their serial hiding of statutory rape (oh, and for being the nation’s largest abortion provider) we’d really be making progress.