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Weekly roundup

Best commencement speech ever.  Too bad no one will hear it. 

Solving Sudoku puzzles – If you don’t know what these addicting little puzzles are, don’t try them. 

Why Islam isn’t completely united – And it is a good thing, too.

Coerced abortions are usually not as dramatic as the case where the parents kidnapped their 19 yr. old daughter, but they are more common than many people realize. 

For fun – Weird Al Yankovic “White and Nerdy” music video (Hat tip: Poser Rantings).

More weekly roundup

Democrats threaten ABC’s license regarding airing of movie critical of Clinton.  I thought they were against censorship?  Porn in public libraries is OK, but don’t criticize Bill & Company!  Don’t worry, the ACLU will jump in to help. See the video clips that the Dems don’t want you to see here!

Religion was the Band-Aid for 9/11 – Barna study says Americans used religion temporarily then discarded it.

Time Magazine asks, Does God want you to be rich?  Short answer: God wants you to repent and believe.  False teachers want themselves to be rich. 

Christian in UK faces court over ‘offensive’ gay festival leaflets that contained Bible verses

Weekly roundup

Michelle Malkin’s “A post 9/11 vocabulary test” is a must read if you aren’t familiar with some basic Islamic terms and the overall Islamic agenda.  We are in a war and it is not going away anytime soon.

Great short piece on the “Cult of Liberalism” (by Dr. Walter Martin, not Ann Coulter).  This is about theological liberals, not political liberals (though there just might be some overlap). 

Read about the impact of sex-selection abortions and infanticide here.  Of course, these problems are in addition to the issue of destroying tens of millions of girls while in the womb or just following their birth.  Why don’t groups like the National Organization of [unaborted] Women speak out loudly against this practice?

Abortion survivor rains on the parade of Planned Parenthood (this one is a couple months old, but is still quite interesting).

Good overview of the homosexual behavior and what the Bible has to say: The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Theology, Analogies, and Genes.

Weekly roundup

Enjoy the three day weekend!

1. Bad marketing ploy of the week – Miller Beer supports illegal alien protest in Chicago.

2. Religious bigotry is alive and well in California – Daystar, a religious broadcaster, significantly outbid others but was denied the right to purchase a TV station.  I’m sure the ACLU will drop in to save the day.  By the way, I am not a fan of Daystar.  Most of their preachers have seriously bad teachings.  I prefer Christian radio.  But that doesn’t mean denying them the station wasn’t illegal, stupid and petty.

3. Arnold shows that he is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and signs a bill tossing sexual moral conduct codes for any insitutions with students who get any state assistance.

4. Wal-Mart is either trying to appease the Left or to be an equal opportunity offender and alienate the Right as well.

5. Good overview of the Emergent Church.

Weekly roundup

1. The title says it all: DUI Suspect Shows Up Drunk For Court Hearing (hat tip: LoneStarTimes).  Seriously, this is pretty sick.  Let’s recap:

  • The guy admits to drinking a 12-pack a day “and then some”
  • it is his second DUI conviction (who knows how many times he has driven drunk?)
  • His blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit
  • He shows up drunk to court
  • He only got a sentence of 30 days to 6 months!  This guy will be back behind the wheel in 180 days or less. 

2. Some truly encouraging news – Chinese churches are growing like wildfire.

3. Houston Police officers were told by their leaders not to chase minor traffic offenders who refuse to stop.  Did it occur to them that while the traffic offense was minor that fleeing an officer was a felony?  How about the fact that anyone who flees an officer isn’t doing it just to avoid a ticket.  They probably have something bigger to hide.  Finally, if you are going to implement such a policy, why tell everyone about it? Police do a difficult and important job.  Their leaders could be doing better.

Weekly roundup

Here are some interesting articles I came across this week.

1. What would Jesus do with respect to Embryonic Stem Cell Research? Read here for some interesting insights along with a great commentary by Joni Eareckson Tada, an incredible woman of great faith who has been a quadriplegic for over 30 years.

2. Homosexual activist cop threatens Christians

3. Jesus for Jews campaign appears to be successful.

4. Shocking news that being married is better for kids than living together. Hey, at least Cornell published it. Hopefully it will get a lot of press to help correct the myths about the benefits of living together. Here’s an excerpt:

Research as part of a Cornell University study revealed that the average time couples spend “living together” is less than two years and that only 4 percent of cohabiting couples stay together for more than ten years. Half of all cohabiting “unions” end within a year, and 90 percent within five years. As ever, it is the children who suffer from this laissez-faire approach to relationships. Within five years of the birth of a child, 52 percent of cohabitants split up. This compares to 25 percent of those cohabiting couples who marry after the birth of the child, and only 8 percent of those couples who were already married when the child was born. Thus the experts have finally come to the earth-shattering (and earth-shatteringly obvious) conclusion that marriage is good for the stability of relationships and crucial to the well-being of children.

Hat tip: RedBlueChristian