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Christian Employee Network Groups


I was blessed to be a part of a Christian Employee Network Group while at Compaq / HP (I left there last fall after 17 years). It started in 2001 under Compaq when we were an officially recognized group. After the merger HP permitted Bible studies and email lists for prayers and such, but they didn’t officially sanction us as an Employee Network Group (there were pros and cons to that). There are hundreds and hundreds of people involved to different degrees. They have a cool web site here.

Either way, the main benefit was the interaction of Christian employees. I came in contact with Christians from other sites around the U.S. and from Australia, England, Singapore, Canada and other countries, and with believers from Christian groups at companies like Intel, TI and others. Knowing you aren’t alone in the business world is very encouraging.

I really enjoyed gathering with believers for lunch time Bible studies. I wish I would have done more of that earlier. We had people from different denominations, male and female, different ages, different fields, different backgrounds, etc., but none of that got in the way. It was just a bunch of Bible-believing Christians reading scripture and sharing what they have learned.

We had countless success stories from the prayer network ministry. People were helped and encouraged time after time when hundreds of their co-workers would pray for them.

While it will always be tempting to leave your faith at the door, I pray that Christians everywhere will continue to be salt and light in the business world.

Am I growing in my faith?

Some penetrating questions from James MacDonald to help assess if your relationship with God is growing:

  • Does my life give evidence of a person truly redeemed by the Son of God?
  • Does my faith endure in hard times as well as good times?
  • Does my life reflect a growing pattern of righteousness?
  • Do I have an increasing hunger for God’s Word and a passion for His kingdom?
  • Is my love increasing for God and His people?

Zero based budgeting

money2.jpg Yes, I know that is an odd title. But this hasn’t turned into a business blog, so stay with me here.

Zero Based Budgeting is a financial process where instead of tweaking previous budgets (e.g., here’s a 3% increase for this area, and 5% for that area . . .), you start from scratch and re-justify every expenditure. Everything.

This is a healthy exercise for everyone to do – businesses, government, churches, families and individuals. Otherwise, we end up institutionalizing ineffeciencies and ineffective techniques and we becomes slaves to habits. This isn’t just about money, it is about how we spend our time.

Governments at all levels could perform this exercise to shift resources to where they are most needed. They don’t, of course.

With respect to church, we should periodically examine every element of worship, every committee, every ministry, etc. The main standard is, of course, “Is it Biblical?” Then comes the practical considerations of whether things are productive, cost effective, etc. We will always have limited resources, so we need to be good stewards of what we have been given.

This also works on a personal level. Have you thought about where you spend every dollar and whether it reflects your priorities? Also, think about where you spend your time. If you are a Christian who has difficulty finding time to read the Bible and pray, have you done a review of where you do spend your time? For example, until 10 years ago, I thought I didn’t have time to read the Bible. Then I realized that I had no problem making time for other activities – watching TV, reading magazines, reading the newspaper, etc. – and that with a little change in habits I could find all the time I needed.

Give it a try. Be ruthless.