Cancer 4

Yes, it is back. For the fourth time. I finished the T-cell transplant process in early January, and it was already coming back as early as April/May. I have three spots where it returned – by my kidney, my mid-section, and my right thigh. The last one is extremely rare and was tough to diagnose. It is pressing on my sciatic nerve and has caused great pain for a couple months. My right foot is immobile for now. I was actually glad that a tumor was causing this because the MRI had already shown that it wasn’t my back. If it hadn’t been this tumor causing it, then it would have been quite the mystery. We’ve tried many pain control options for the leg, but most have failed.

Next step: Biopsy to confirm the type of cancer, and then hopefully I’ll qualify for a clinical trial that looks promising. If that doesn’t work, then options are limited.

We are blessed at being good at enjoying whatever time we have. Even though we only had a few months in the first half of the year when I was feeling healthy and energetic, we had a great time doing normal things and getting back to dancing together. We were even able to do a dance competition. God willing, we’ll get some remission and healing soon.

As always, we completely trust in Jesus and pray that He will use all this for his glory.

More history and perspective at Cancer 3.

I probably won’t be blogging for a while. These things take a lot of time and focus. But I’ll still try to read your blogs. And I want to finally finish a book I’ve been working on called Manage Your Mission. It is about the approach I’ve taken to life the last few decades with respect to the “7 Fs” (Faith, Family, Fitness, Field (vocation), Friends, Fun (entertainment), and Finance) that has worked spectacularly well. The idea is to ensure you have your priorities straight for the categories and that you have concrete ways to excel in each of them. I couldn’t control the cancers, but I controlled what I could and have no regrets about that course.

8 thoughts on “Cancer 4”

  1. Wow man. I had no idea. I love your attitude. Your awesome memes and commentary will be missed, but yeah. Focus on your health and that book. I look forward to its completion!


  2. So sorry to hear this. Wish there was something I (or anyone else) could do. Definitely praying for you and your family.


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