We still need pregnancy centers post-Roe

And not just because abortion will still be legal in so many states. The Care Net Pregnancy Center leaders have said for years that even if Roe was overturned (and we thought it probably never would be because of so many false RINO promises) that the services we offered would still be needed. And they were right.

One thing I liked about the pregnancy center we were involved in was that the leader didn’t just trot out old favorite stories to win over audiences. Every time I saw her speak she could tell about a recent story where a child’s life had been saved because of pro-lifers sharing their time and money to operate the center.

I’ll share one example of my own: A poor couple came in who thought they had no choice but to abort. He lost his job and was desperate. His two young boys were playing with some toys at the center. I said, “You really love your sons, don’t you?” He beamed with pride and agreed. I looked him in the eyes and said, “You know you have three children, right?” and I glanced over at his wife. It was like the scales came off his eyes. Once he thought of his unborn child that way, abortion was off the table.

The center offered hope and help — mind-changing ultrasounds, Bible-based pro-life counseling, clothes, formula, life-skills training classes (my wife taught the clients the importance of reading to their children), and more.

And we shared the gospel as well. One girl was pregnant a 2nd time and heard the gospel from a counselor. She exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me this!” It was a Zaccheus-type moment, where God had her ready to listen.

They don’t all turn out like that, but I trust the process. So yes, every little thing you do for the movement counts, whether Roe was overturned or not. God is sovereign and will use your efforts — donating money, volunteering, learning and sharing pro-life reasoning, etc.

Even though we moved from that city years ago, we still support that center financially. They have stuck to their mission of saving children, helping women, and sharing the gospel. It is one of many answers to the pro-abortion canard that pro-lifers don’t care about children after they are born. I coined a phrase that the center still uses today: Saving lives today and for eternity.

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