A couple of months before this, Peter was denying Jesus three times. Now he is in Jerusalem and in the face of the people who had Jesus killed, telling them that they killed the author of life. What a contrast. It is almost as if he saw the resurrected Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit or something. 

Acts 3:14–15 But you denied the Holy and Righteous One, and asked for a murderer to be granted to you, and you killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses.


SBC22: Southern Baptist Convention Elects Bart Barber President, Refuses To Disfellowship Rick Warren — Bible-believing churches should exit, and soon. The SBC is going the way of the Methodists. Sad to see, but once the “Christian” Leftists sneak into power, denominations are generally doomed.


That sound you heard was the Dems rushing to close the border.


UK Man Jailed For Posting ‘Offensive’ George Floyd Memes in Private Group Chats — Coming soon to a country near you. The Left’s cancel culture does this publicly already, but would love for the government to join in.


NFL Embraces LGBTQ+, Gun ‘Ban’, Jan. 6, Other Liberal Causes While Ignoring Conservative Views — And that’s on top of hating the police and the country in general. As if you needed more reasons to ignore the NFL . . .


Honest Liberals Know Trump Is Innocent and the J6 Hearings Are a Sham — I was recovering from some intense cancer treatments the first few months of 2021, so I didn’t follow the J6 closely at all. So it has been interesting seeing what a farce the Democrats’ approach has been. Stacking the committee was a bad start, but editing a video that anyone could see? That’s a concession speech that you are a bad actor.

Turley isn’t the only liberal calling out the Democrats for their sham J6 committee. During an appearance on Sean Spicer’s show on Newsmax, liberal professor Alan Dershowitz used an analogy to explain how unethical the committee is.

“I’m wearing my [Boston] Celtics shirt today,” he began. “Not only in preparation for the great match-up tonight, but to make an analogy. It’s as if the [Golden State] Warriors came out yesterday [in the NBA Finals] and started shooting toward the basket, but the Celtics were kept off the court, and all we saw was one team scoring one after the other, missing a few layups, missing a few jump-shots, but no defense, no stealing of the mall, no rebounds. That’s what we saw last night.”

It was a spot-on analogy of how Democrats have conducted these hearings. The committee was hand-picked by Pelosi, with the only Republicans being the anti-Trump Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.).

“It was not a fair proceeding,” Dershowitz continued. “And even if you say it was one-sided, it was unethical. Why was it unethical? Take for example President Trump’s speech on January 6th. I opposed that speech. I didn’t think it was done well. I didn’t think he should have done it. But he said at the end of the speech he wanted people to show their voices patriotically and peacefully. They doctored the tape! They edited those words out.”



And they’ll still get to kill lots of children, especially in blue states. But just the thought of killing fewer children drives them to this. And all the Leftist politicians and media don’t care.


My apologies for noting something so gross, but this is how depraved the LGBTQX Pervert Lobby is. They did a slick, mainstream promotion on diets to minimize the amount of feces they get on their penises when having sex. These sick freaks are trying to groom your kids and present themselves as mainstream, but never forget what they do. Toilet paper is a multi-billion industry for a reason. I would never use Postmates for food delivery. Also this: UK Health Agency: 99 Per Cent of Monkeypox Cases Are Gay Men.

Postmates said “bottom rights!”

Today, popular food delivery app Postmates is announcing its first-ever “Bottom-Friendly Menu” in partnership with restaurants such as H2O Sushi & Izakaya, Prince Street Pizza, Dialog Café, Beatnic, and others. This campaign will mostly focus on restaurants located in Los Angeles and New York City.

This fun initiative in the Postmates app was “conceptualized by a team of LGBTQ+ employees” within the company. Moreover, the food delivery service is making a donation to The Okra Project, which is a “mutual aid collective that provides meals and support to Black trans, non-binary and gender-nonconforming people.”

Check out the official “Eat With Pride” video, narrated by gay comedian Rob Anderson, below.

Postmates announced:

“We know that not every meal is ideal if you plan on getting frisky soon after eating, and while heterosexual sex education is prevalent, there’s not a lot of conversation out there about the best foods to eat before you engage in anal sex. That’s why Postmates is partnering with the founder of Future Method/Bespoke Surgical, anal surgeon and sexual health & wellness expert Dr. Evan Goldstein, and gay comedian Rob Anderson, to have a frank, but fun, discussion on the do’s and don’ts of prepping for anal play, regardless of your sexual orientation, sex or gender.”



Starbucks Is Trying To Take Away ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care, Unionizing Workers Complain — Gender-affirming care is very expensive, which is one reason it is getting pushed so much by Big Pharma, plastic surgeons, and the like. Well, that, plus Satan. I’ll do the gender-affirming care for $1 per person: If you have XY chromosomes, I’ll affirm that you are male. If XX, I’ll affirm that you are female. Done and done.


Driver exposes problem with electric cars after 360-mile trip takes an entire day — EVs are overrated and very expensive. Oh, and ultimately powered by coal and the like.


Caterpillar to move global headquarters from Illinois to Texas — Boeing left as well, and I predict more to come. Sweet, sweet, schadenfreude. They will love the zero income tax rate. That’s one thing I miss from living there.


Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.


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