One of my irritations with the “Christian” Left and their theology is that it pretends to be slightly different from orthodox Christianity while it is usually 180 degrees off when it comes to the essentials of the faith and any current hot topics.  Please note that by “Leftist theology” I don’t mean the theology of political liberals.  I am referring to people who call themselves Christians but deny the essentials of the historic faith (i.e., the kinds of things countless martyrs died for — Jesus’ divinity and exclusivity, the authority of scripture, etc.) and are indistinguishable from the world on sexual ethics.  If you want to debate the disputable matters, go right ahead.  I’m flexible on those.  But words mean things, and far too many people use the term Christian in error.

For example, claiming that Jesus is one of many paths to God isn’t a little different than saying He is the only way, it is the opposite.  There is either one way or there is not one way.  The Bible has over 100 passages teaching directly or indirectly that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  If you don’t agree that it is your prerogative, but please don’t claim to be a Christian.

Claiming that Jesus isn’t God isn’t a little different than saying He is God, it is the opposite.  He is either God or He is not God.

Claiming that the original writings of the Bible were not inspired by God isn’t just a little different than saying they were inspired by God, it is the opposite.  The Bible is God’s Word or it is not God’s Word.  It includes roughly 3,000 claims to speak for God, so if liberal theologians think those are all false then why do they bother with the Book at all?  Their claim is that the authors of the Bible were blasphemous pathological liars because they falsely claimed to speak for God countless times. Here’s an example:


Claiming that miracles never happen (Virgin birth, loaves & fishes, healings, the physical resurrection, etc.) isn’t just a little different than saying they did happen, it is the opposite.  The first chapter of the first book of the New Testament clearly teaches the virgin birth.  If you refuse to believe that, then put the book down and stop calling yourself a Christian.

Claiming that marriage can be for two men or two women isn’t a little different than saying it is between a man and a woman, it is the opposite.  It is claiming that marriage is not just between a man and a woman and that “marriage” is now whatever we want to define it to be.  The Bible couldn’t be more clear about God’s ideal for marriage and sexuality.

Claiming that Jesus approves of killing children up their first breath isn’t a little different than saying, “Don’t murder,” it is the opposite.

The “Christian” Left claims the opposite of what historic, orthodox, biblical Christianity does regarding the essentials of the faith.   They are entitled to their opinions, of course, but it is disingenuous and misleading for them to call themselves Christians while espousing those beliefs.

They have invented their own religion, which is their right.  It would just be less confusing if they would give it a new name.  And it would be more intellectually honest to stop taking money from people who do believe in the essentials that those denominations were founded upon.

They appear to worship a fictional Gandhi-Christ.  The most accurate description would be that of a Hindu sect (nothing personal, Hindus!).

Run, don’t walk, from the wolves of the “Christian” Left.  They are the opposite of Christianity.

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

5 thoughts on “Opposites”

  1. It’s an all too pervasive fraud, whether they mean it to be or not. Too often I’m disparaged by suggesting I’m just expressing “a hunch”, and opinion or perpetuating “human traditions”, which is a wild term to use. It’s no more unique to the true Christian than it is to the frauds who, by virtue of their inability to support their positions using Scripture (which is really the only source by which such a thing can be done given it’s about what is or isn’t aligned with the faith), have simply established new “human traditions”. They would insist they’re following Christ, but again, no intelligent or honest explanation for how that could be true given what Scripture actually says.

    Failing that, they move to accusing a Christian of misinterpreting, yet in similar fashion to above, cannot explain what’s in error in our “interpretations” and worse, can’t provide a coherent alternative explanation which makes more sense OR can be supported by Scripture.

    And around and around they go with these fallacious and desperate attempts to justify their rebellion. It is as you say, if one is unable to defend their opinions and positions with Scripture, then it is impossible to insist one’s opinions and positions are inspired by it. Yet they continue to mock God by calling themselves Christians.

    Sad and pathetic.

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    1. Exactly. It is like, “Give it up and just call yourself Hindus or whatever!” But their real boss is Satan, and they serve him by masquerading as Christians and leading others to Hell.


  2. Well said! I think this is one of the reasons why some Christians constantly push other Christians to “not judge” others…essentially, they want you to stop thinking for yourself and simply accept and go along with what’s clearly wrong.

    And here’s what I just don’t understand for the life of me. If they’re so keen to call themselves “Christians” why are they so ashamed of Christ’s words? It’s like sunlight to a mythical vampire, they simply can’t stand it. And it’s sad because…well you know. Too many of my generation just don’t like to think for themselves. There’s something wrong ME for actually living by Bible principles…I could go on and on.

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  3. Just my 2 cents….

    The entire point of the Christian left is to chip away and undermine traditional Christian sexual morality and families. I blame Henry VIII – making up a new church so he could divorce his wife.

    When you get all the way down to it, the Christian left exists only so that people can do what they want sexually and not feel bad about it. It’s all about getting out of hard marriages, and getting to have sex with whom you want, while still saying you’re not doing anything wrong.

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