If you are getting too focused on what others are doing or wondering why God did or didn’t do something, then hear Jesus saying this: “What is that to you? You follow me!” It is a great reset button.

John 21:21–22 When Peter saw him, he said to Jesus, “Lord, what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!”


For you cat lovers.


I avoid sites that refer to people by the wrong gender. And of course, I don’t mean “misgender,” as the Leftists say, because that is the Orwellian opposite-of-what-it-really-means term. FOX, for example, calls “Lia” Thomas she. That’s gaslighting, and it is a big part of the problem. We expect that from the Left, but no conservative should give in to that. Thomas has XY chromosomes and always will, so anyone calling him a she is cowardly and/or evil.



Sarah Young’s Heretical Trash Book ‘Jesus Calling’ Has sold 40,000,000 Copies — That says so much about Christians, Christian booksellers, and the church. Why can’t more preachers say from the pulpit, “By the way, most of what you see on Christian bookseller lists is garbage, and ‘Jesus Calling’ leads the way. Use discernment, people, and read your Bible more!”


Just keep Leftists talking. They out themselves for the God-hating perverts that they are at their core. Redemption for them is possible, but if you are a decent parent you will keep them far away from your kids. P.S. Truth is what corresponds to reality.


It is fitting that the pride flag keeps getting uglier and uglier.


4 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I find it grating to hear anyone use the wrong pronouns. Calling Bruce Jenner “she” is just wrong. It’s a lie. Yet, I think it would be confusing for people to constantly have to veer from a point being made about Jenner by not using the false pronoun unless the point being made is about the lie of calling him “her”. Already, I’ve confused myself just typing this. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not going to pounce on every situation where someone refers to Jenner as “her” or “she”, but instead consider what the point is when referencing the guy. Perhaps if they just concluded whatever the topic is by saying, “Oh, and by the way, Jenner isn’t a woman at all and never will be, and never can be.”

    I’m dying to see the full Matt Walsh doc, but I’m sure I’ll have to be in restraints the whole time. Just the clip you’ve presented provoked thoughts to slapping that woman until she comes to her senses. Assuming she has any sense at all buried beneath her BS.

    I tried to share you cat video on Facebook and I’m not sure it posted. I’ll have to check. But in relation to your gun control pieces, there was a PSA from a mother of a Sandy Hook victim calling for support of “assault weapons” bans. She spoke of how many rounds were fired during the incident (or maybe how many were actually shot, killed or not, I was focusing as much on trying to post the cat video, so…). No doubt the woman’s plea is heartfelt, and I’m sad for her and every bit as pissed off as any lefty (but from a far more knowledgeable and honest perspective), but I can’t help but get cranked up over ludicrous implications by statement of how many rounds could be fired by an AR15. Anyone with the slightest effort can learn how to drop a magazine from one’s pistol and pop in another to easily fire off as many rounds with very little time difference even with smaller mag capacity. If the shooter has a 30 round mag, it takes no time at all to go through three 10 round mags with a handgun. Even revolvers have speed loaders available to load each chamber all at once. It’s not the gun. It’s never the gun.


    1. Yeah, my Glock 19 holds 15 rounds and is easy to switch out mags. And some mags hold more. And it would be way easier to get inside with it than a rifle. The Leftists just want to disarm us and are starting with the AR-15.

      And of course we feel sorry for the friends and relatives of victims. But that doesn’t mean we disarm the rest of the country in a futile attempt to pretend it would stop murders. And once again, ask people like her about Waukesha.

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