Whatever this passage means, it can’t be about losing your salvation. Otherwise, it would mean that once you lose it you could never get it back. I’m on the “once really saved, always really saved” side and the “if you aren’t a Christian now then you never were” (1 John 2:19) side. I add “really” as a deliberate redundancy to emphasize that the conversion must be authentic. You can say a few words and hang out in church and not be truly saved (I know, because I used to be in that category).

So if the “you can lose your salvation” camp wants to cite Hebrews 6 (an admittedly challenging passage to exegete) then they should be consistent and say that once it is lost, it is gone for good.

Hebrews 6:4–6 For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have shared in the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, to restore them again to repentance, since they are crucifying once again the Son of God to their own harm and holding him up to contempt.


5 Statistics Reveal Christianity Is Good for the World — Yeah, I know it is the Gospel Coalition, but it makes some good points. Compared to non-Christians, we adopt more children, have better sex lives, are more generous, have better mental health, and treat women better.


NBA To Stage Games In United Arab Emirates, Where Homosexuality Punishable By Death — But but but the $$$$! No surprise, of course, as they already bow down to China, which is wildly racist against any blacks not in the NBA.


This is how ridiculous the “Christian” Left is. Their followers get what they want: A false god to prop up their sinful desires.


The Goodness of Their Hearts — Don’t be naive. Paying for your employees’ abortions is a cynical and evil form of corporate greed disguised as benevolence. They did the quick math and realized that abortions are less expensive than deliveries and maternity leave. But they are participating in the destruction of an innocent human being. But the Molech-worshipers are so eager to kill their children that they are blinded to it.

A number of major companies have announced that they will pay employees’ travel expenses if they want to travel to another state for an abortion. . . .Usually when companies adopt woke political positions, they are either engaging in pointless “virtue (usually vice) signaling” or knuckling under to youthful terrorists among their employees. But that may not be the case here. Paying for an abortion plus travel expenses is vastly cheaper than paying for the obstetric care and hospitalization associated with a birth, plus months of maternity leave. Viewed in strictly financial terms, helping to prevent employees from having children is good for the bottom line. But don’t expect liberals to take note of a rare instance of actual corporate greed.



Pro-abortion: Abortions are completely moral acts! They are not sinful.

Anti-abortion: Do you realize that you are telling everyone – including friends, any children and grandchildren you have, and yourself — that it would have been completely moral to crush and dismember them in the womb rather than letting them live? I pity the children and grandchildren who hear that message!

Seriously, picture someone saying this: “It is very important to Grandma that I fight for the right for mothers to be able to have their children killed. You are safe now, but I wanted your mother to have the right to kill you up to your first breath.”

Yes, I know no one would say it like that, but that’s exactly what their message is.



Even in college, I didn’t like bars. Noise, smoke, drunk people, crowds, high prices . . . what’s not to like?


5 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. For as bad as TGC is getting, that was a pretty good article.

    That video with the claim about “coming out” left me aghast—LEFTISTS are horrid scripture-twisters!

    More and more money is being wasted on Ukraine’s military all the while Obama Biden is castrating our own military. We should have never gotten involved in Ukraine. Gee, wasn’t it just a couple years ago we were hearing what a corrupt man was their President?

    Isn’t it fun trading memes!
Afghanistan— just another Vietnam. We had no business going over there to begin with. Remember how the British pulled out in the 19th century and the Russians pulled out in the 20th century? Our leaders never study history, but the industrial-military complex loves it that way so they can get richer and richer.

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  2. A comment or two:

    Another great post of examples of the true nature of the left. Here’s the toughest part…we’re still expected not to hate. Most difficult struggle ever, and I gave up cigarettes!

    The many abortion memes are great. I’ve posted the following in several places referring to the abortion bill the Dems are trying to pass:

    If Dems (and I hope no Republicans) really believe most Americans oppose Roe v Wade being overturned, then this bill is unnecessary, as each individual state will legislate to protect the fictitious “right” of a woman to murder her own child in utero.

    Due to the leaked draft, many are speaking out about their own anguish over whether or not to murder their own child in utero before the went ahead and did just that. I’m so touched by their stories. The liars.

    Love the dog video at the end!

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