Despite what the Left tells you, appropriate punishments are a deterrent. At least that’s what God says.

Deuteronomy 19:20 And the rest shall hear and fear, and shall never again commit any such evil among you.


Knight and Rose Show – Episode 3: What we found in American churches — Great new Podcast! Challenging and accessible apologetics. Check it out.


Julie Roys Abuse Hypocrisy Exposed — She did a good job exposing James MacDonald. And that’s it. The rest of her work appears to be feminism-masquerading-as-Christianity-masquerading-as-journalism.

Julie Roys is hereby exposed as a hypocrite on the issue of abuse. By her own feminist standards, she exploited and groomed someone using a power dynamic. By her own standards, she is an abuser. Julie Roys represents the worst in “Christian media” because she is motivated out of a hatred towards men and the church. Hopefully this ruins causes her site to fold, but unfortunately, her cultish followers are seemingly inclined to indulge their hypocritical figure.


Is Twitter “Burning The Evidence” By Unshackling Conservative Accounts? — They need a very thorough audit. No wonder all those Twitter employees are crying. They are like the felons in the back seat of the police car boo-hooing that they are about to get punished for their misdeeds. They know they’ve been egregiously cheating for years and are about to get busted.


We Live In Confusing Times | Kevin DeYoung — Epic takedown of the Left’s moral schizophrenia. Read it all.

Follow me in the following intellectual exercise: Gender is a social construct. Period.

At the same time, it’s always good when women can break glass ceilings. We should celebrate all the firsts that we see women do because women are certainly not men. By women, of course, I mean anyone who identifies as a woman, including people we used to know as men. Sex is a socially derived category that assigns certain physical differences and then labels those differences as “male” or “female.” There are no immutable distinctions between men and women. We are all on a spectrum. We can all change.

Unless we are talking about sexual desires. . .



Definitely not racist, and you are racist for even noticing a masked black man bending down to adjust the dress of this entitled, cartoonishly evil woman.


LOL when the mirror fogged up in our hotel, I saw that someone had written: “Trump won.” Not sure how long it has been there, but I’m glad no one erased it!


5 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Kevin DeYoung’s piece is hysterical.

    Get marriage right is one of the most important things for sustaining any culture. But LEFTIST are more interested in destroying every culture. Sexual anarchy on top of political anarchy.

    Hillary and her slave — too funny!

    LEFTISTs worship at the altar of Molech.

    Government schools have accomplished exactly what they wanted—the dumbing down and indoctrinating children so they can be better manipulated.


  2. With Julie Roys; you mentioned her exposure of James MacDonald. With her destructive attacks on people like John MacArthur (who are so well known, and absolutely above reproach), I am really beginning to wonder how much of her attack on MacDonald was true. Having read others articles/comments on MacDonald, having read his blog at the time, her articles appear truthful, but it does make me wonder.


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