On Roe v Wade . . .

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That’s huge news about Roe v Wade if it is true that the case will be overturned. Hopefully, they will find and jail whoever leaked the information, but it is good that it came out earlier versus later. The pro-aborts would lose their minds whenever it happened, and the farther from the elections, the better.

The Molech-worshiping ghouls are gnashing their teeth already because it may be slightly harder to kill their children in some states. They don’t realize that in most states, they’ll still be able to kill their children up to their first breath and without even giving the kids an anesthetic.

Make no mistake: While many states will still have unrestricted abortions, countless lives will be saved, and people will think differently about sex. And that matters. And yes, many organizations will offer to transport women to Leftist states to kill their children, and many companies will do the Molech-math and decide that killing children saves money compared to delivering and insuring them. But the “if legal, then moral” calculus used by many will be upended, and there will definitely be fewer children murdered overall.

And who do we have to thank? Donald Trump! Not Bush. Not all the Republican congresses we’ve had. Yet all the faux-lifers still hate Trump with the heat of a thousand suns, even though he’s been out of office for over a year. A belated thank-you to Justice Ginsburg, a true Molech-worshiping ghoul, for “retiring” when she did.

And the faux-lifers are already out in force. This is such an easy way to spot them. If they cared about child murder, they’d cheer this news. Yet here were are. Example: SBC Prof. KSP Says Having Roe. v Wade Overturned Wasn’t Worth Having Trump as President.

Another example: Kyle J. Howard is ‘Triggered’ by SC Ruling Because White People ‘Sacrificed Black People’s Joy and Flourising’ To Attain it — Abortions kill black children at a rate more than three times that of whites, yet Howard and the other “pro-life” and “anti-racist” “Christian” Leftists are having a sads today. Rachel Held Evans would be proud of people like this.

It is so creepy that Leftists teach their children that it would have been morally permissible to kill them as they were being delivered.

Even if Roe is overturned, the work is not over. We need abolitionist laws, just as with slavery. And abortion is worse than slavery.

Please pray that this is true and that the pro-life judges won’t be intimidated by the death threats and such from the loving, tolerant Left – including the “Christian” Left. And pray that this boomerangs on the Molech-worshipers politically.

Since abortion will be in the news, it is a great time to brush up on your pro-life reasoning! Use this as a time to correct people on all the fallacious sound bites used to support child murder. For starters, when they say, “A woman’s right to choose,” ask them to finish the sentence: A woman’s right to choose to kill her child.” And when they mention reproductive health, point out that every abortion kills a child who has already been reproduced. They are using anti-science arguments. Also, see Abort73.com, a terrific anti-abortion site.



Biden gets philosophical about aborting ‘a child’ — I’m glad he admitted that abortion kills children. That’s the language I always use. I know what people mean when they say “baby,” but I prefer the precision of “child.” Pro-aborts balk at that, but then I just refer them to the nice folks at Dictionary.com*. He’s wrong about the “major religions” bit, though. Even the non-religious Hippocratic Oath was explicitly anti-abortion for over 2,000 years until the pro-aborts took over the medical community a few decades ago. And Christianity has always opposed abortions until the “Christian” Left started worshiping Molech in the 70s. And you better believe that Muslims aren’t pro-aborts.

*Child: 4. a human fetus: My sister miscarried with her first child at seven months. [Though the Leftist dictionary example could be, “My sister aborted her first child at seven months”]


These white, racist Leftists are freaking out because fewer black children will be crushed and dismembered in the womb. That makes them very sad. Seems kinda racist.


The Left went back to “my body, my choice” rather quickly given their tyrannical vaccine and mask mandate rhetoric, don’t you think? Oh, and abortion still kills another human body and should be illegal.


Well, they are willing to crush and dismember their own children without anesthetic, so I wouldn’t put anything past their dark hearts. Seems like the FBI would be more interested in these threats than the parents politely protesting at school boards, but that’s just me.


9 Myths about Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade — great summary.


4 thoughts on “On Roe v Wade . . .”

  1. The draft opinion (now verified, even if not yet handed down officially) agrees, Roe was poorly reasoned and should not have been precedent. There’s a lot of good in this, because it will also be a basis for some other egregious decisions to be overturned.

    The timing is good, even if the leak was criminal. Most people will tire of this soon enough and hopefully well before November.

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