This is an important verse about decision-making and the will of God, but it is also easy to overlook.  People sometimes look for open or closed doors as signs from God, but note how Paul considers it a wide door despite many adversaries.  If we aren’t careful, we can interpret resistance as a “sign” that God doesn’t want us to do something.  Don’t decide based on hints and nudges.  That’s not biblical.  I’ve heard of people psyching themselves out in the other direction as well, thinking that if something is too easy, it isn’t from God.  So unless God gives you a clear, unmistakable, supernatural sign, then choose among any moral options with wisdom and freedom. 

1 Corinthians 16:8–9 But I will stay in Ephesus until Pentecost, for a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.


CEO of Moderna Says Even Young Will Need to Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely — A company donates to politicians who will force everyone to consume their product forever, regardless of health risks. Politicians invest in the company’s stock based on insider information. That’s convenient. And because Leftist politicians are in control, their voters think it is fine. All of a sudden you can trust Big Pharma!


ACLU Rewrites Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote To Erase Women — When the culture is declining so rapidly that a Leftist extremist like Ginsburg has to be edited less than a year after she died and to twist her words to say something as transparently absurd as “men can have babies,” then you can be sure of two things: 1. Conservatives can be 100.000% confident that they’ve won the intellectual arguments. The Left knows it as well. Saying that men can have babies is a concession speech where the Left is shouting that they don’t care how ridiculous something is, they will say it anyway. 2. Leftists will maliciously use their power to force people to say things they know aren’t true. They are despicably evil. We’ve let them get away with too much for too long.

And, of course, these Molech-worshiping ghouls are spewing all that word salad in the name of child-killing. The child already exists. Crushing and dismembering her impacts her well-being and dignity. The government “controlling” that decision would simply be to protect human life.



The Feds Are Forced to Release January 6th Surveillance Footage and Narratives Crumble — No surprise, but the Left won’t care. Does anyone think they’ll apologize for the false narratives of the last 8 months? They won’t even mention this. The damage is already done.


Biden administration & lackey media: All “refugees” are thoroughly vetted, and only racist xenophobic haters would say otherwise!!

15 minutes later: Afghan Refugees Face Federal Charges After Trying To Rape Child, Strangle Woman In Wisconsin: DOJ



But-but-but the mean Tweets! Once again, Trump is an immoral man who didn’t force his immorality on the populace. Biden is an immoral man joining forces with a sea of immoral Democrats forcing their immorality on the populace.


Scientists have found evidence that a meteor strike “1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima” obliterated the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorra 🤯 | Not the Bee — Archaeology is still the Bible’s best friend.


Wow, 18 points in the final 1:09 to win the game. Never give up! Franco Harris is still famous for arguably the great play in NFL history because he didn’t give up on the play. These kids will have the same sense of satisfaction.


Bad couple of years for the Prosperity Pimp Prophets. Wrong on Trump. Wrong on Covid (multiple times), including completely missing any predictions of a pandemic. Completely missed the Jan. 6 issue. Completely missed Afghanistan. What kind of fool still listens to these false prophets? Every day they make the cessasionist case stronger.


Salvation Army going ‘woke’ with anti-racism document — I’m so disappointed to hear that they are teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is racist poison based on a repeated lie that disparate outcomes must be due to racism. What convinced them to self-destruct like this? I sent them this email:


We’ve made donations to Salvation Army for many years and encouraged others to do the same.  But I’m stunned that you are promoting the racist Critical Race Theory training at .  CRT is poison.  It trades on a lie, namely that disparate outcomes are always from racism.  You should know better!  Most societal ills occur because of the absence of fathers in the home.  That’s the root cause for prison, poverty, out-of-wedlock births, and more.  Would you please reconsider your support of this horrible project?


4 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Because our politicians refuse to acknowledge the truth about Islam, they are flooding our nation with the enemy. They ignore the enemy who have been put in political office where they continually promote their “destroy America and Israel” agenda. We will continue to have lots of rapes and murders by these people.

    Salvation Army has been headed “south” for a while now. We used to volunteer to do the kettles at Christmas time but stopped that almost a decade ago. Sad that such an organization has left its roots.

    We have to keep abortions available because women don’t know what causes pregnancy and therefore can’t prevent it. (sarcasm)

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  2. A few decades ago, I learned from two Latter Day Saints missionaries that their church’s doctrine teaches that the biblical ‘lake of fire’ meant for the truly wicked actually represents an eternal spiritual burning of guilt over one’s corporeal misdeeds.

    Accordingly, I concluded, upon an atrocity-committing monster’s physical death, not only would he (or she) be 100 percent liberated from the anger and hate that blighted his physical life; also, his spirit or consciousness would be forced to exist with the presumably unwanted awareness of the mindbogglingly immense amount of needless suffering he personally had caused.

    I believe that, for good or bad, our brain is what we basically are while our soul is confined within our physical form.


  3. 1. “CEO of Moderna Says Even Young Will Need to Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely ”
    NOt only do we need to follow the science, we need to follow the money…

    2. Leftists speaking things not true…that’s crazy but its true.

    3. Biden is indeed immoral with what he’s forcing on the population.

    4. Crazy CRT is taught among Salvation Army.


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