I love this passage. Peter is wondering about when he will die relative to when John will, and Jesus sets him straight. That’s good advice for all of us: Just follow Jesus! We don’t need to know what He will do with other people, or why things have played out as they have. It also points to Jesus’ divinity, as He is the one who determines how long we will live.

John 21:22 Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!”


Leftists would jump to the firing squad option if they could. Remember, their #1 goal in life is to be able to kill their own children up to their first breath, for any reason or for no reason. Nothing they do should surprise you.

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You aren’t allowed to ask questions. Just give up your freedoms and hate the people the media tell you to hate.


Op-Ed: An Open Letter to Christians Using Preferred Pronouns — I agree. If you meet someone for the first time, then I think you are stuck using the preferred name they give you. And there are all sorts of odd and unisex names out there. But you don’t use pronouns when talking directly to someone, so it isn’t a politeness issue anyway. But it is lying and caving in to bullying to deliberately use the wrong pronouns. Don’t be cowards. I’ll get fired before I put my pronouns in a work email or whatever — although I’d be tempted to say they are XY/XY/XY, as in XY chromosomes.

If the winner of the 1976 Men’s Decathlon is a female, then Karen Carpenter was fat. If you truly love your neighbors you won’t indulge their delusions and/or perversions — and you certainly won’t force others to indulge them or tell kids they may not “really” be boys or girls.

In short, to declare your own gender is to attempt a coup d’etat of Heaven, to overthrow God, and to sit on his throne as the Creator and the dispenser of genders. Might the Lord cast you down like the civilization of Babel and scatter you like its haughty descendants (Genesis 11:9)

When you use someone’s “preferred gender pronoun that corresponds with their expressed gender identity” you are bearing false witness against them (Exodus 20:16). We are not to lie about our neighbors, and even the wicked and/or mentally or spiritually ill are our neighbors (Luke 10:25-37). If you were suffering from a mental or spiritual malady that gave you delusions or self-deceptions, you would not want people to reinforce it, but free you from it. Ergo, to use ‘preferred pronouns’ is not loving your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31). It is mean-spirited and unloving.

Furthermore, to lie about someone’s pronoun is not only to bear false witness against your neighbor, but it is to bear false witness against God. God made them male or female, and you lie about the King of Glory and the work of his hands. If someone were to say that heavens declare the glory of Satan and the stars show his handiwork, they would be blaspheming God. And because God makes gender, to imply an individual gets to make their own gender by using their preferred pronouns, is blaspheming God.


Abortionists Are Leaving Texas; DOJ Fails in Attempt to Get Heartbeat Law Blocked — Good news! We need more states to put saw laws into place as we aim at total abolition.


Classic feminism. She changed the 2nd title to the 3rd title when she realized she had said the quiet part out loud. So she liked the catcalls all along, and fake-complained about it to bolster her feminist credibility. Duly noted.


3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Wow! Lots of roundups these days, eh? Been out of town, so I’m just going to respond to a couple from this post:

    “Leftists would jump to the firing squad option”

    As I read through the list, I can’t help but think of a sad reality that continues to come to mind these days: There are way too many in this country likely to be first in line for showers when the box cars roll up to carry them there.

    “The Southern Border vs our kids”

    This unequal justice has manifested in so many ways since the Inauguration. Illegals, Afhani refugees, formerly imprisoned felons have all been treated differently than the average American, and not to our advantage.

    “You aren’t allowed to ask questions.”

    Instead of asking, we must demand. They’ve been holding out on us as far as explaining the dozens upon dozens of blatant inconsistencies in their “Control By Covid” agenda. They don’t get to tell us…their bosses…to shut up and accept their lame crap.

    “An Open Letter to Christians Using Preferred Pronouns ”

    I haven’t read this and don’t have time at the moment. But I’m not at all opposed to calling a spade a spade, as it were. I really don’t much care for the feelings of liars and refuse to play make-believe with them. I’m certainly too old for anyone to threaten me with the loss of my job. I will say this: were I to encounter in passing some dude trying to pretend he’s a woman, I may refer to him as “her” just for my personal convenience in the moment. But any prolonged engagement and that crap’s right out the window. I saw one father at a school board meeting demand his pronouns be used. One was “Your Highness”. If stupid demands are made upon us, let us demand some of our own of them.

    “Abortionists Are Leaving Texas; DOJ Fails in Attempt to Get Heartbeat Law Blocked”

    This is one of the best pieces of news I’ve heard in a long time! And the result as indicated by this link headline is especially gratifying. Kristy Noem is one governor looking to see how they can implement similar laws in her state. I hope she’s stronger in this than she was on the transgender issue, but she’s not the only other governor doing so. Let’s hope we see more states copy the Texas law.

    “Classic feminism.”

    I think most feminists are like this chick (see what I did there?). They really like being objects pleasing to men, but pretend otherwise. This isn’t to say they like being pawed or groped without consent, but the more minor “infractions” (depending on who’s doing the whining) are part of how they rate their own superficial features…their own attractiveness. Being the target of catcalls and whistling means men find the attractive. Being ignored…especially when trying to look attractive…has to hurt. Everyone likes being the object of attention from those of the opposite sex. Given how most feminists are not attractive women, they must have a hard time fighting against what they really would like more of.

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    1. Great points, as always. And yes, lots to rant about these days!

      “Everyone likes being the object of attention from those of the opposite sex. Given how most feminists are not attractive women, they must have a hard time fighting against what they really would like more of.”

      Nailed it. Another example is the “healthy at any size” nonsense. Everyone knows obesity is unhealthy and that very few guys prefer obese women, but many women like to reduce (heh) the competition by encouraging them to be unattractive.

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  2. OK, just a warning: I’m in the cage-stage of being a Postmill, which I became over the first-lock down. The following jumped out at me.

    You quoted Christ: John 21:22 Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!”

    And given that we see Christ has more than one type of coming, the answer is: Yes, John did remain until He came, but it wasn’t the Second Coming. It was His coming in judgment of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The one He mentioned He would do on the clouds.

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