Even when the rebels know their punishment is from God, they still lash out at him rather than giving him glory and accepting his mercy and grace. That would be me if He hadn’t made me spiritually alive.

Revelation 16:9 They were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursed the name of God who had power over these plagues. They did not repent and give him glory.

John 3:8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Marx and Engels were lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, immoral, and hypocritical men with catastrophically bad ideas. Pretty sure they don’t teach this in schools.

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Oscars diversity rules: Progress or patronizing? — Of course it is patronizing, and counterproductive as well — just as other “affirmative action” laws are. Now the minorities who were legitimately good will always wonder if they just got a participation award, and the awards themselves will be devalued in the eyes of the public (not that I care about Oscar winners . . . I avoid Hollywood completely).

Video: Rand Paul Calls For “Five Years In Jail” For Fauci Lying To Congress – Given how much damage he’s done to the world and what a hypocritical liar he’s been, five years isn’t enough. To top it off, note how MSNBC and CNN don’t even think it is an issue.

Meanwhile, Fauci appeared on both MSNBC and CNN, with neither network even bothering to ask a single question about the new report detailing how Fauci funded the Chinese research and then lied about it.

AR-15s Are Why Leftists Can’t Commit Taliban Atrocities Here — If the events of the last couple years have taught us anything, it is about the importance of gun rights. Countries like Australia shifted to authoritarian states so quickly, but that would have been less likely had they not confiscated guns years ago.

EXCLUSIVE: Ohio State Paid ‘White Fragility’ Author $12K For Zoom Talk — I’ve never understood why conservatives would give a cent to their alma maters, even if it is for their favorite sportsball teams. They may have fond memories of school and sports, and they are welcome to spend their money as they like. But giving money to Leftist institutions to support players who most likely hate you and your ideals, and who aren’t going to be students in the traditional sense, seems like a waste — and especially so when the schools hate you 24×7. And I’m pretty sure those donations aren’t laying up treasures in Heaven. A guy from our alma mater used to take me to lunch regularly to try to get me to donate. I’d visit with him and share the Gospel, but I kept telling him there was no way I’d ever donate. He finally gave up.

Biden Hates Federalism. Suing Texas Over Abortion — But but but the Evangelical Pro-lifers for Biden told me this would never happen because “Catholic” Joe Biden would listen to them.

The Wokefication of World Vision: Jesus Learned ‘Cultural Intelligence’ and ‘Intercultural Development’ From Samaritan Woman — Yikes. World Vision was a good organization a couple decades ago, but wokeness has destroyed them. It takes a lot of discernment to find ministries that are cost-efficient and effective.

Even Jesus, in the gospel of John chapter 4, when he went to Samaria, even though he’s Lord and Savior, he’s truly God and truly human, without sin, he sits at the well and looks up as a learner. Like a servant to the Samaritan woman.“

Justin Peters Talks SBC Prez. Ed Litton ‘It Makes You Wonder about the State of his Soul, Honestly’ — Justin is great. I love how he doesn’t pull any punches when talking about this wolf.

What Ed Litton is doing is not preaching, it’s acting. I mean, you can write a sermon and give the manuscript to some wino living under a bridge and as long as he’s literate, I mean you could give him a shower, clean him up, put some nice clothes on him, hand him the manuscript and have him walk up in the pulpit and he can do just as good a job as what Ed Litton has done.

I mean this is acting. It’s not preaching, it’s acting. And he is lying every Sunday, every single Sunday that he has gotten up and plagiarized these sermons. He is looking his congregation right in the eye and he’s lying to them. Every time he does it, he’s lying to them. And he’s supposed to be shepherding them.

You know, he can talk all day long about how much he loves his church. No, he doesn’t.You don’t routinely and deliberately lie to people that you love. He’s lying to them. He’s not qualified. He needs to step down. He doesn’t need to be behind the pulpit, he needs to be in front of the pulpit.

And that may sound strong but I’m adamant- he is completely disqualified from being a pastor. It makes you wonder about the state of his soul, honestly.

Heretical Woman Claims White Folk Adopt Black Babies so They Can ‘Enslave’ & ‘Abuse’ Them — We know a secular Leftist couple who are stridently pro-abortion, yet they did adopt two black children and have done a surprisingly good job of raising them (on secular terms). It never seems to occur to them that on their views it would have been just as moral for the birth mothers to have crushed and dismembered the children they love. Maybe the kids will figure it out one day. I hope the parents see how Leftists have thrown them under the bus and said that they are still racists. Maybe they’ll reconsider their bizarre views.

3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest minds out there; I’ve read several of his books and he never disappoints me. Which is why the LEFT hates him.

    It’s all about “diversity” with the LEFT. Not merit, not character, just a box to check based on skin color, sex, or sexual proclivities.

    I disagree with Rand Paul. Fauci should be given at least 25 years for his part in destroying this nation and his complicity with China.

    I don’t have an AR-15 but I do have a rifle with exact capabilities — a Mini-14.

    $12K for a zoom talk. STUPID!

    The LEFT (including Biden and all Demokrats) worship on the altar of abortion.

    I gave up on World Vision long ago.

    Justin Peters is one of my favorite teachers.

    Heretical white woman — just another LEFTIST racist.

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