Such a great verse: Psalm 16:11 You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

The GoDaddy website hosting platform people love crushing and dismembering children so much that they gladly alienated half the populace by kicking a pro-life organization off of their platform. That’s true commitment from the Molech-worshiping ghouls.

“Christian” Leftists, NeverTrumpers, and other male feminists hardest hit. Seriously, it will be interesting to see what impact this has on Hollywood. We know that LeBron and the rest of the NBA will do whatever China says. I won’t watch them either way, but perhaps movies will become less woke.

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So Bette is recommending abstinence? Interesting strategy. And note how she can’t finish the sentence. Choose to do what, exactly? Answer: Choose to crush and dismember her child to avoid the results of her behavior. It doesn’t sound as good that way. Never let them get away with deadly euphemisms.

And yes, why would anyone want to be with a pro-abortion woman? She’s telling you upfront that she’d be willing to kill her child — and yours! There is no telling what evils she is capable of.

P.S. Isn’t there a word that describes transactional sex?

Read this Matt Walsh thread of simple answers to the 7 “most common (and dumbest) pro-abortion arguments” | Not the Bee — That’s a great list. Every pro-lifer should have them memorized.

60 Minutes was always sketchy, but at least they did a little journalism back in the day. Too bad the media died completely in 2008 and are now a fourth branch of the Leftist government.

The anti-racists are the most racist of all. Chandler just gets worse and worse. He says that if blacks agree with conservative positions it is because they are just “trying to win approval or position.” Why doesn’t he just call them Uncle Toms? Such racist, tone-deaf pandering.

Real quotes.

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I was adopted at birth – one day short of 10 years before Roe v Wade. While I don’t know anything about my birth parents, I’m pretty sure that the current Leftists would have wanted me aborted “for my own good.”

This is a great take on many of the problems of false teacher Steven Furtick and Elevation Church.

Leftists: Celebrates crushing and dismembering children.

Also Leftists: Offended if you call them by their real pronouns.

6 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I stopped in to read your blog…don’t know how I fell out of the habit…and had I the time, I would have much to say about the issues you’ve addressed here. I watched the 60 Minutes piece and tried to post it to FB, but I don’t think it was successfully posted. It happens some time and when I try again later, it’s likely to post. Very timely, though and should give many great pause about so willing accepting the encouragement of government…particularly this one and their accomplices with the NIAID and NIH, CDC and others. What happened then is repeating itself now and I think today’s culprits are less concerned for reasons of profit and control. I’m not sure that was the case back then, but only to deflect culpability for the problems caused by their vaccines…which is bad enough, but but far more forgivable than what is happening today.


    1. It never seems to occur to the “enlightened” people that these corporations they claim to hate just *might* have an incentive to sell lots of vaccines to people via gov’t fiat while getting a pass on liability issues.  They are so naive. But they don’t have Trump to hate on now, so they must shift their vile hatred to anyone daring to ask questions about serial liar Fauci and the rest of the gov’t.

       From: Eternity Matters <>Sent: Thursday, September 9, 2021 12:07 AMTo: neil@4simpsons.comSubject: [Eternity Matters] Comment: “Roundup” 


  2. When I first saw the article about China and “Girlie men” I just laughed about how their culture is sticking with “manly men” while our culture isn’t even sure what a man is! Your poke at Hollywood is right on — they’ve depicted girlie men for way too long and it’s difficult to find a Hollywood production which has real men.

    When I read about Bette Midler’s comments last week I had to laugh — she’s such a horrid woman that she’d have to PAY someone to have sex with her anyway. For all the whining the LEFT does about being unable to murder their children in the womb, you’d think someone would be smart enough to know how a baby gets conceived!

    I’ve loved Matt Walsh’s commentaries ever since I first discovered him. Sad that he’s a Catholic, though.

    More proof that Matt Chandler is nothing but a pandering apostate.

    I didn’t know you were adopted! What a testimony!

    Steven Furtick is one of the rankest heretics out there.

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