To make the Taliban’s job easier, Biden gave them a list of Americans in Afghanistan — This is history-making stupidity. It is so stupid that it must have been intentional. It seems that they want all our Afghan allies to be executed. Such a combination of stupidity and evil! And don’t get me started on leaving the equipment behind and shutting the other airbase. The “we will hunt you down” line was meaningless.

This is why the media hid Biden, he’s too incompetent to be president — No kidding. Trump is an immoral man who didn’t force his immorality on the populace. Biden is an immoral man joining forces with a sea of immoral Democrats forcing their immorality on the populace. They all knew he was incompetent even when not suffering from dementia, but they propped him up and hid him anyway. Oh, and they stole the election.

And predictably, the media isn’t reporting on Biden’s failures as much as they are on how Republicans are “pouncing” on the failures. And they ignore how he said the quiet part out loud when noting that he was told which journalists to call on.

In my experience, most of the “anti-racist” Leftists on Facebook have very few black friends. One dude years ago keep ranting about racist Republicans. For grins, I checked his friends list. Not one black friend! Oh, wait, there was a picture of a black lab, but the owner was white. Meanwhile, I had over 20. But he’d still insist that I was the racist. And of course, he was pro-abortion, so he was part of the project to exterminate black children.

My wife and I joke about playing the “cancer” card to get out of things. But we don’t actually do it! Yet Biden can’t go 15 minutes without trying to generate sympathy from the death of his son — when he isn’t simultaneously “taking responsibility” and blaming Trump. He does it to deflect from his incompetence. What a twisted ghoul. And after he’s done with that, he trots out the straw-man argument about why we should leave Afghanistan. Most people agreed on that, but he is pretending that’s the issue and not his incalculably bad decisions in making the exit.

ELCA Installs “Golden Female Genitalia Statue” Woman as “Pastor of Public Witness” — This wolf was BFFs with Rachel Held Evans, doing conferences together, which tells you all you need to know about both of them.

Renters Must Pay Their Bills After SCOTUS Ends Squatter Protections — Good news, sort of. Glad that the renters have to pay now, but the damage has been done. So many middle-class landlords will have been driven to sell their properties to the large real estate companies. And the Left will continue to brazenly put forth unconstitutional mandates knowing that they’ll never have any consequences.

As noted in another post, I’m not anti-vaccination, but I’m absolutely anti-mandatory vaccinations. Delta’s move to charge employees $200 per month for not being vaccinated is perverse, as are the medical personnel whining about not wanting to treat the unvaccinated. I’m waiting for them to charge extra and/or refuse service to everyone else with preventable illnesses — obese people, smokers, sodomites, fornicators, etc.

If they are forcing you to take it, then it is propaganda, not medicine.

Here’s a video with one Democrat after another saying not to take the vaccine. They blamed it on Trump, but it is the same vaccines they are giving today and shaming you for not taking.

All people have inherent value because they were created in the image of God, but you need to actually accomplish something to be special to the world. Hat tip for the photo: Ace of Spades

Nancy Pelosi and others repeated the lie that women are underpaid. If you believe that, you need to expand your media horizons. That has been disproven countless times. Also, it would be illegal, and wise companies would hire all women to save money.

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  1. Biden is an immoral man joining forces with a sea of immoral Democrats forcing their immorality on the populace.

    This. This is the crux of the matter that many Christians who hate Trump so viscerally fail to grasp.

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