Navigating your cancer journey

Cancer is a challenge for the patient and for caregivers. I’ve been through extensive treatments for two different cancers and have some things to share. I pray that this will help you navigate through challenging times, whether cancer-related or not, and that you will be encouraged. Don’t waste your cancer or any other challenge.

8 thoughts on “Navigating your cancer journey”

  1. Great video! I especially liked your points about what to pray for (not just for complete remission but also for clear decisions, peace for the patient and caregivers, etc.). I am glad you are doing well, and I will continue to pray for you and all other cancer patients / survivors / caregivers.

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  2. Neil, I’m glad your doing much better brother. May God continue to strengthen you and your wife and loved ones.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I’d love to watch a follow up video on your daily routine these days: how does your day to day look like, what’s your diet, exercise, etc.

    Your old blogger pal – Edgar …

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    1. Thanks so much! Interesting idea on the follow-up video. I’ll put that on my list. I’ve been thinking about doing a fitness series as well.

      How have you been? So great to hear from you. Are you still blogging? Your kids must be in high school by now, right?

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