Priscilla Shirer’s dangerous and false teaching

Priscilla Shirer is a famous Christian author, and far too many people (primarily women) buy her books and believe her nonsense. She equates the Bible with hand-me-down clothes and insists that God must give you something fresh and new. And even if you get it wrong, you should keep claiming to speak for God. You’d have to be biblically ignorant not to immediately dismiss her false teachings. She’s a clever wolf, actively teaching you to ignore the Bible and go with your own feelings of what God is supposedly telling you directly.  That won’t turn out well.

Years ago we were members of a generally solid Bible-believing Baptist church.  However, the women’s group studied one of Shirer’s books that claimed to teach you how to hear from God. That’s nonsensical on its face, of course, as if God isn’t speaking to you, there is nothing to hear, and if God is speaking to you, then you couldn’t miss it if you tried.  She turned the story of Samuel on its head, claiming that Samuel needed to learn how to hear from God.  Sadly, the pastors were reluctant to get involved and correct the women.

Shirer has made a career out of her false teaching.  Via Priscilla Shirer Attacks the Bible as ‘Hand-me-down Revelation’:

In the clip, she is saying that having a preacher teach the scripture is insufficient and not personalized enough, that it gets stale, old, and is a mark of immaturity to not seek more. In contrast, it is a sign of growth and wisdom to want more than that, and so seek some “revelation” that is new, fresh, and personalized just for you.

Speaking within the context of receiving clothing hand-me-downs, Shirer creates the analogy by recounting how one year as a young girl she was not excited to get hand-me-downs, because the clothes “had not been specifically chosen for me.”

“And I’ve been okay with hand-me-downs with secondhand clothes all of these years, but all of a sudden I want of my own stuff. I wanted something to come with my name on it that had specifically been chosen for me. There ought to come a time in your relationship with the Lord, when hand-me-down revelation just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

There ought to come a little bit of disconcerting, a little bit of maturity in your walk with God where you become a little bit unsettled to only be spoon-fed the Word of God from someone else to you.

Now, we thank God for our pastors and our teachers and our leaders that help us to rightly divide the word of truth *but* there ought to come a time in your life where you’ve decided, “You know what? I want fresh revelation with my name on it that has come straight from God’s Spirit for my life.”

As with most false teachers, Shirer doesn’t want you to read the Bible.  Why?  Because you might realize how anti-biblical her teachings are!  The more you read the Bible, the more you’ll realize how awful she is. 

Pray for discernment in the church and that people would read the Bible more.  And never trust Christian bookstores.

Here’s my lesson on decision making and the will of God and hearing from God.

53 thoughts on “Priscilla Shirer’s dangerous and false teaching”

  1. Thank you for calling her out for what she is. These popular women teachers who teach lies and nonsense need to be exposed as frauds. Sadly, most Christian women don’t seem capable of identifying truth from lies. If it makes them feel good, they accept it. But, having attended many different churches in several different states over the past 23 years, it isn’t surprising that American women aren’t equipped to know truth from lies. Sunday morning orgasm services in which we raise our hands and sing emotional songs about our feelings and make groaning noises, followed by useless, watered-down, entertainment-oriented sermons, don’t equip people to think critically about their worldview. In fact, most church services I’ve been to seem to unintentionally encourage stupidity, passivity, and an inability to think rationally. I’m thankful for bloggers like you who fill the gap left by our pathetic churches.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, and blessings to you for your discernment. We are blessed to worship here — — where we get verse-by-verse preaching. The Senior Pastor, Kevin DeYoung, is on a short hiatus but all the preachers are sound. And DeYoung even wrote a book that is the opposite of Shirer’s called “Just Do Something.”

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    2. I love when only a portion of the content is discussed and not the whole message. Learn to listen for yourself and not believe everything that is written. I’m so glad that it comes easy for people to cut down Priscilla Shirer for telling women to get into their bible, read, listen to God’s message to his people. Man is not perfect and many pastors, priests, or clergy will misrepresent the word for what they want it to mean. Be curious and read for yourself. Don’t be so easily fooled by this blog.


      1. And yet another fact-free reply from one of Shirer’s Fangirls (or Fanboys). I may start deleting them, as they are so repetitive and baseless, but I think there is a public service in showing how low your discernment must be to continue to follow her after reading how she denigrates the word of God after she’s done twisting it to her false theology.

        Look, I’ve been wrong on theological issues (I went from Arminian to Reformed, for example), but I’m CORRECTABLE. If someone shows you hard evidence, in her own words and in context, that she says the Bible is like hand-me-down clothes, then you should reconsider your view. Yet all her supporters who come here do nothing but make personal attacks on me. They can never defend what she has said. That should bother them!


      2. She preaches to men, Paul said that was a definite NO. She is friends with Beth Moore, she’s also in rebellion by preaching to men. She teaches extra-biblical content, such as, drawing a circle on the floor, get inside and pray, not in the Bible, she also teaches contemplative which has its roots in Eastern Mysticism. She is friends with Todd White, who is part of the NAR and Joyce Meyers who is WOF. She was honored by TD Jakes at his church. He is a Trinity denier. Which part of this are women supposed to follow. There is absolutely no discernment in the church today.

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      3. Evidently you are sadly empty of Holy Spirit discernment! Rat poison it 99.7% nutritional, the rest is deadly poison! Poison mixed with truth is just as deadly!


    3. I think Priscilla is a God fearing, God loving, Bible preaching woman of God!! Many people have disagreements about certain scriptures and how to interpret them. But, unlike Andy Stanley, she believes in the whole Bible. I have taken many of her Bible studies, and in my opinion, she is correct in her teachings!


      1. Hi Joann,

        She falsely claims you need training to hear from God and that you will hear from him outside the Bible. She denigrates the Bible in saying it is like old clothing.


      2. You might want to take your Bible and open it to the comments, and the teaching she is espousing! It is incumbent upon each of us to know God’s Word and to know false teachers when you hear one! We will be accountable to what we allow to go in our ears and remain in our hearts! As New Creatures, we have discernment! We must therefore, open our ears to His warnings. Flee from them!

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      3. Sorry, but Shire is a false teacher! She teaches lots of false things, truth mixed with poison is as deadly.


    4. I believe you are wrong here. Before I read your commentary I listened to the sermon without knowing your viewpoint. What she is saying here is not against the Bible but rather against taking everyone else’s word for it. She’s talking about having a relationship with Jesus rather than just listening to your pastor. She’s talking about praying and expecting answers about knowing the direction for your life. She isn’t saying the Bible is wrong. She is a Bible believing Christian and teaches about the Bible often. You are attacking Christians without knowing the truth. I see you attacking people in the comments too. There is nothing unbiblical about her message below but your behavior is. Wolves eventually show their teeth.


      1. LOL another hypocrite attacking me for daring to point out Shirer’s false teachings. You do not have to practice (or buy her books, or pay for her seminars) to hear from God. Just read the Bible. And she denigrates the Bible as if it is good enough for her, and she denies 2 Timothy 3:16 in saying so. Also, she’s a female teaching men. Avoid her.


    5. Yes it is beyond just sad! The Shepherds in our churches need to get on their knees screaming in repentance for allowing this garbage to be taught in Gods house! This is why we need to know Gods Word for ourselves! We need women of God who can teach the inerrancy of the Bible! There will be a price not to do so! I often wonder how many of these false teachers have ever experienced the New Birth? Or a step further – how many so called preachers have? If we are born of God, children of God, we will not become children of the devil because His seed abides in us! Teaching heresy is far from righteousness!


  2. What a disgusting example of Christian
    Love and respect for a teacher of the Word of God
    I will pray for Gods to enlighten your mind and soften your heart


    1. Yes, Priscilla is a disgusting example of a Christian. Because, of course, you didn’t mean me being a disgusting example, for you offered zero factual or logical responses to my reasoning.

      You need to pray for God to give you some discernment.


      1. In your critique of Priscilla Shirer, you state:
        She’s a clever wolf, actively teaching you to ignore the Bible and go with your own feelings of what God is supposedly telling you directly. That won’t turn out well.

        Then you state on Feb 18, 2022 at 3:48pm:
        You need to pray for God to give you some discernment.

        This is confusing……Priscilla is disgusting for encouraging us to seek directly from God, and you are a hero for encouraging us to pray for God to give discernment.

        What is the difference Eternity Matters?

        I Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.


      2. The difference is simple. Discernment is insight and good judgment. Shirer is pretending that we need to learn to hear special, individualized revelations from God.

        Consider how good parents teach their children wisdom and how to make good decisions, rather than make every decision for them. The Bible teaches the former, while Shirer pretends that God will do the latter for you.


      3. 1 TIM 2:9 In like manner also, that women Adorn themselves in Modest Apparel, with “Shamefacedness and Sobriety”; NOT w/Braided hair, or Gold, or Pearls, or costly array; (Fake Eyelashes, Demonic Red Hair, etc.) “JEZEBELS”

        10 But (which becomes women Professing Godliness) with GOOD Works. 11 Let the woman learn in Silence with ALL Subjection.

        12 But I Suffer NOT a woman to Teach, Nor to Usurp Authority over the Man, but to be in Silence. 13 For Adam was First Formed, then Eve.

        14 And Adam was NOT Deceived, but the Woman being Deceived was in the Transgression. (NOT what TV Preachers Preach!)


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  3. February 23, 2022 at 10:40 am
    Priscilla Shirer is bringing in “New Beginnings” the occultic agenda to bring in the Great Lord, the Anti Christ. In these last days, Satan wants the world to hear HIS voice, and not Gods voice thru the Scriptures. Her “fresh” word comes straight from New Age matriarch Alice Bailey who stressed the Church needs a ‘fresh’ orientation…. (Externalization of the Hierarchy). Bailey was promoting this fresh direction would lead the masses to accept their divinity. (Enter Joyce Meyer “We are little gods.”)

    Shirer is typical of the false teachers today who are declaring themselves “the Davids” (spirit people) as opposed to the “Sauls” (written word people). This war in the Church between the Davids and Sauls comes DIRECTLY from the “Wars of David” prophesied by 16th century mystic Jane Lead. And, false teachers Rick Joyner and Mike Bickle of IHOP and Bethel promote…guess what… “Davidic Wars!” So, basically, there is a warring of the false Rhema in the Church against the true Logos. And, don’t leave out false teacher Rick Warren who wants us to ‘read the King James in NEW FRESH ways.” Purpose Driven Life. And sadly Anne Graham Lotz wants us, when in distress, to ask God for a FRESH vision so we can see His glory. NO, Jesus says, “Search the Scriptures for they testify of ME!” John 5 “And in the last days men will no longer endure sound doctrine but embrace doctrines of demons.” I and II Timothy 4


      1. 1 Peter 3:10
        Verse Concepts
        “The one who desires life, to love and see good days,
        Must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit.


        As for me, I hear too much judgment and hate in your words. Because you don’t “hear” or cant relate from a different perspective does not give you the right to condemn. The bible speaks the truth and I pray that we all use it to test what we hear. Maybe you just can’t relate to a woman’s perspective and her parable like delivery but I don’t see the crime. Agree church is more like a business today and I can only put my faith in God not man and practice WWJD…


      2. So sad that you just use tired secular reasoning (judgment, hate, woman’s perspective, blah blah blah). Once again, you hypocrites do the SAME things you accuse me of! On your OWN standards, you are judging, hating, etc.

        Shirer has bad, anti-biblical theology and I explain why. All you haters do is make personal attacks against me. Why? Because you have no facts or logic to defend her or to refute what I’ve said about her.

        Maybe you just can’t relate to a man’s perspective!


  4. I have been church-hunting for several years. Every time I feel like I’ve found one, something pops up. I’ve been ready for several weeks now to visit another church after listening to the pastor’s sermons for the last year. The pw posted today that they are starting a new Bible study, so I thought, “Great, this is a good way to meet some of the folks.” And then I saw it, Priscilla Shirer. Red flag went up but I couldn’t remember why so I googled, which brought me to your page. Thank you for the information provided. And the search goes on . . .


    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I prayed that you would find a sound church, and quickly. None are perfect. I love nearly everything about my current church and denomination, but we disagree on infant baptism. I just have to live with that. The church that used the Shirer study was sound other than that. I think the women’s group wanted it and the pastor wasn’t engaged enough to question them on it, and then he didn’t want to confront them after the fact when I brought it up.


    2. Elder Kendrick Murray, Mobile, AL preaches JESUS!
      He came out of Crazy Heretic Gino Jennings church after 12 years!! He does know Bible because I have learned some things from him.

      You have to understand that the Evil World now Hates JESUS!! It is okay to say GOD, but NOT JESUS!!

      Gino is like the Muslims and believes that JESUS is dead and NOT sitting at the Right Hand of the FATHER like my Bible says! He has been given ALL Power in Heaven and in Earth!!

      Gino is good on SINS, but that is it!! He also preaches from the Apocrypha that was NOT included with the 66 Books. GOD BLESS!!!


  5. Praying that God gives His truth and clarity, and prayerfully soon before you continue to speak out against His people, a dangerous road to walk down. Pride goes before destruction dear one. May you find the road that leads to life and life abundant, love, peace, joy in Him, Abba Father, Savior King Jesus and Holy Spirit God with you, and the precious word of God.


    1. LOL if it is bad to speak out against his people, why are you speaking out against me? Seems kinda hypocritical. Pride goes before destruction and all that. What you gave was a concession speech. You had nothing to offer to refute my very specific claims about her false teachings, so you made a personal and hypocritical attack against me. Learn to think.


      1. Beloved, if you are looking at God’s people with eyes of truth and love and His light, there is no darkness there, and you would have seen that I was not attacking you, nor was I speaking out against you. We all have blind spots. But I am sorry if I’ve hurt or offended you in any possible way. I’m not going to debate you, however I will stand on the truth of God’s word, and we are not to spread hate, we are to Love God first and then out of that love others. First and second greatest commandments. I implore you to see others through the eyes of love. Many many Blessings!!!!!!


      2. Hi – thanks for the follow up, but I’m not offended in the least. I’m just pointing out your gross hypocrisy. You are doing EXACTLY what you are accusing me of doing, and you can’t see it!

        Schirer is teaching false and dangerous things, yet you can’t refute a single point I made about her. Instead of remaining quiet, you accuse me of the very thing you are doing: criticizing others!

        I hope you open your eyes to all that.


  6. You have made questionable statements regarding Priscilla Shirer’s teaching. For example, you state:

    As with most false teachers, Shirer doesn’t want you to read the Bible.

    This is not true. If you would actually listen to her teaching, she does the direct opposite.

    The veil was rent from top to bottom in the temple, allowing all to enter the holy of holies and hear from God. I respect and admire teachers and preachers, but the Word is for us all, and the relationship is personal. Relying on the teaching of man is dangerous, as there are many false teachers. I would encourage you to speak Jesus and his grace, mercy and salvation, rather than condemnation.
    Revelation 12:10 states the anti-christ is the accuser of our brethren.
    Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged. 5 You hypocrite, first cast out the beam from your onw eye and then see clearly.


    1. Shirer specifically compared the word of God to used clothes. How blasphemous!

      “Revelation 12:10 states the anti-christ is the accuser of our brethren.”

      LOL. So you are here accusing me, so on your on logic you are the anti-Christ. Duly noted.

      “Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged. 5 You hypocrite, first cast out the beam from your onw eye and then see clearly.”

      That passage applies to you, not me. Think about it: You are judging me for judging. By doing the very thing you accuse me of, you are the hypocrite! That passage would only apply to me if I criticized Shirer while also claiming that you can learn to hear from God, that the Bible is like used clothes, etc.


      1. So you say you can judge? So you think you are God? It applies to others but not you?
        I am not judging you. I am correcting your degradation of Priscilla Shirer. You have taken what she said out of context. It was simply an example. You don’t seem to understand that and have taken off on a rant. Where is kindness? Peace? Patience? Love? Where is the fruit of the spirit in your statements? We are to know them by their fruit. You certainly don’t know me, but you judge and accuse me as well. Eternity does matter but nothing I read in your article displays Jesus. It is Christ we worship and Him alone. I will pray for you.


      2. “So you say you can judge?”

        Absolutely. Jesus said so in the verses you cited! He just said not to do it hypocritically, which I’m not. He also said this: John 7:24 Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”

        He also warns you in the same chapter you cited to beware of false teachers! And how can you do that unless you judge them?

        “So you think you are God?”

        No, that’s just a petty personal attack on your part. You should not do that.

        “It applies to others but not you?”

        Again, you are judging yourself to be a hypocrite. People are welcome to make non-hypocritical judgments.

        “I am not judging you. I am correcting your degradation of Priscilla Shirer.”

        Hahahahaha! OK, if you are going to play word games, then I’m not judging you, I am correction your foolish support of Priscilla Shirer, who calls the word of God used clothing.

        “You have taken what she said out of context. It was simply an example. You don’t seem to understand that and have taken off on a rant.”


        “Where is kindness? Peace? Patience? Love? Where is the fruit of the spirit in your statements? We are to know them by their fruit.”

        Have you read the Bible? See what Paul wrote in Galatians when he corrected false teachers. You are being whiny and holier-than-thou because you can’t refute my arguments. It is pathetic. And again, where is your kindness, peace, patience and love when you come here? You are doing EXACTLY what you accuse me of. Hypocrite.

        “You certainly don’t know me, but you judge and accuse me as well. Eternity does matter but nothing I read in your article displays Jesus. It is Christ we worship and Him alone. I will pray for you.”

        You are a very confused person, following an obvious wolf. Don’t be so defensive.

        Your future comments will go to moderation. I won’t approve them for publication until you convince me that you’ve watched ALL of the video at the bottom of the post. I think it would help your discernment greatly.

        Oh, and if you want to play Shirer’s game where you can claim to speak for God without being 100% right 100% of the time, then consider this: God told me to tell you that you and Shirer are wrong. See how that works? 🙂 On her rules, the burden of proof is now on you to prove me wrong, rather than me proving I’m right. Of course, God did tell me that — in his infallible word! I didn’t need special guidance outside of the Bible.

        Wolves like Shirer do untold damage to the church and should be avoided.

        All the best.


  7. After reading this whole thread I have made some observations
    Priscilla is an anointed Christian woman, as is her father an excellent teacher
    Reading the back and forth arguments…just two word to those responding to you
    There is alot of hate and attacks and I’d like to know the REAL reason behind it all but… worm wood has to be good enough

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    1. Yawn. Just another person with terrible theology and no reasoning skills coming by to lob insults. Once again, Shirer’s fans can’t offer a single bit of facts or logic to refute what I said. They actually think that saying she’s anointed proves that she’s anointed. Gee, what a great debater! But I’m the one doing the hate and the attacks, or something. Thanks for proving my point that her followers have poor discernment.

      God did not “anoint” her to teach false things about him and to denigrate his word.


  8. Your whole intent is ungodly. Everything she has said makes COMPLETE sense. Even in a biblical sense. If you knew the word of God, you would recognize that what she is saying aligns with the scriptures. You saying your father is the devil is SO wicked.


    1. Exposing false teachers is godly. You all just keep proving my point. All you do is say that she’s right, but you can never explain why and can’t identify one specific claim I made that is wrong. You just come here and call me names. Yawn.

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  9. Priscilla Shirer is fulfilling the occultic prophecies of Jane Lead and Alice Bailey. In order to bring in the “Great Lord” (anti Christ) the Church must be ‘free from doctrine” and embrace the “Fresh and the New.” Enter Shirer’s claim that ‘fresh’ revelation is more meaningful rather than the absolute Truth of the Scriptures. RUN from these Charismatic women who are bringing in the occultic agenda “New Beginnings” which is bringing in the Anti Christ!


  10. I will watch your video right away. I know I must pray and search out the facts about Priscilla Shirer. My husband has begged me to, after he saw that one of my friends gave me one of her books..”The Armor of God”. and wants to do the study together. My friend has told me that she prays all the time to “not be decieved”..yet she seems so keen on arguing about Priscilla..please pray for me that as I find out the truth, I can PROVE to my friend the truth about who Priscilla aligns herself with, gets inspiration from etc…that is far from GOD in His Holy word alone! I want to have proper fellowship with my best friend from GODS WORD…I hate arguments with people..but I know I must defend GODS WORD! In my eyes, truth comes solely from His Word…the Bible only!


  11. Not once in what you have quoted does Priscilla Shirer say the Bible is hand me down clothes. She refers to a revelation being hand me downs, meaning, you can’t just sit under bible preaching and grow, you have to want to read and study on your own. God speaks to us through His word ( revelation), and if the only word we are getting is on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night, then we are starving ourselves. Shirer took an analogy, with hand me down clothes( which people can relate to) and made it personal in regards to our walk with God. I rely on the Holy Spirit to illuminate God’s word and to give me discernment when I read and study it. I don’t know about you, but God speaks to me when I read His Word and it’s that revelation ( Him speaking) Shirer is alluding to in her analogy. Saying we should want to hear something from God that came straight from Him and His word (personal devotions/ study) and not from someone else (preachers/teachers). God can speak to us and prick our hearts through preaching and teaching, but that shouldn’t be the only time it happens. That is what she is saying.


    1. Hi – Your problem is in understanding Shirer, not me. I follow what you said, but that’s not what she says in her comment and in her other teachings. She thinks that hearing from God through his word isn’t enough and that you need to be trained to hear him outside the Bible. That’s false.


  12. We must discern through the Word of God what is true and what is deception. We must also trust the Word of God over man because even the elect will be deceive. Priscilla Shirer, a great teacher of selfism, (Lord Christ Jesus taught his sheep to die to self), promotes the old eastern pagan praying technique of contemplative prayer which is a part of Hinduism. She teaches to empty your mind by chanting words like Abba as a praying technique. Our Lord told us not to do as the heathen or unbelievers in vain repetition in prayer but pray with a sound mind to the Lord God, Almighty. Our Father, which Art in heaven….. Her contemporaries John Piper, Beth Moore, and Francis Chan in their attendance at a Catholic Leticio Divinia; all performed contemplative praying in front of an audience of thousands. Priscilla is always on stage with her Word of Faith contemporary, Joyce Myers’s and Joel Osteen’s wife. You may ask what is wrong with their gatherings (birds of a feather flock together). Joey and Joel’s wife teach the metaphysical counterfeit and blasphemous doctrine of the Word of Faith. Her father, Tony, teaches ecumenism which is in opposition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Both made a living as well-paid hirelings who the world loves. Are they better than the Master? (Who the world hated). No! Agape.

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  13. Our faith is in thr Word of God, not faith in faith.

    What I see is gnosticism.. a form of esoteric knowledge apart from the written Word if God. Jesus is THE WORD MADE FLESH. AND we are to live by the WORD OF GOD. Jesus is the way truth and life. The Holy Spirit always points to Jesus….not us.


  14. Our faith is in the Word of God, not faith in faith.

    What I see is gnosticism.. a form of esoteric knowledge apart from the written Word of God. Jesus is THE WORD MADE FLESH. AND we are to live by the WORD OF GOD. Jesus is the way truth and life. The Holy Spirit always points to Jesus….not us.

    To teach we have to have something new and fresh not in scripture is dangerous. Its Satan’s way of exalting one’s flesh over the body of Christ, whete JESUS is made unto us wisdom and the knowledge OF HIM.


  15. You say: “As with most false teachers, Shirer doesn’t want you to read the Bible. Why? Because you might realize how anti-biblical her teachings are! The more you read the Bible, the more you’ll realize how awful she is.”
    Shirer says: “Carefully consider what the Bible says. Dig into the Word and find out. Does what you think you’re hearing contradict the character of God or His Word in any way? If it does, guess what—you’re not hearing God correctly.”


  16. I couldn’t agree more with her \! Pastors and sermons and so important for learning about God, but they certainly are not the only way, nor the most important way. Our own personal Bible study, which is what she’s talking about, is the most important way that He speaks to us personally. Sermons are necessary but personally digging into God’s Word is vital in our daily growth.


  17. Attended a study of hers at church one session-and believe she is a witch. Her hand symbols are the same of JayZ when forming a triangle above the navel abdomen area. Also using devil horns as in heavy metal satanic videos and repeated 666 imagery. On one hand it was good to see it in order to know how off she is and to see how infiltrated the church is with pagan influences. Watch you tube videos about satanic imagery and symbolism and then watch her videos. It’s the same. Tricking others is part of the game. Here’s an idea: instead of paying $17 for her book. JUST BUY A BIBLE. By the way Christ tells us in John THAT WE HAVE NEVER HEARD THE VOICE OF THE FATHER NOR SEEN HIM.


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