Never Let Leftists get away with the “white supremacist” canard

The latest serial lie in the Leftist playbook is to call anyone on the right a white supremacist. Just note their latest talking points. But never let them get away with that slander. Just respond like this to any charges of racism or white supremacy:

Unrestricted abortions are the #1 priority of the Left, and they kill black children at a rate three times that of whites. If advocating for that isn’t racism and “white supremacy” then nothing is.

And if that doesn’t shut them up, feel free to bring up how Republicans support school choice that disproportionately helps blacks, how illegals take the jobs of low-income blacks and suppress the wages of remaining jobs, how Democrats just use them for votes but haven’t really done anything for them, how despite the media lies the police kill whites as often as blacks, they want to disarm blacks so they can’t defend themselves while the elite Leftists have armed guards, they try to destroy successful conservative blacks, they are proven to talk down to blacks whereas conservatives do not, etc.

As Thomas Sowell said, the Left did what slavery and oppression could not: Destroy the black family.

4 thoughts on “Never Let Leftists get away with the “white supremacist” canard”

  1. Based on polling numbers after the last unfortunate election, more of the black community are coming to understand these realities. The white guilt lefties, however, continue to push the false narrative. It has always been a prime tactic of the left to demonize their ideological opponents rather than to provide evidence of real wrongdoing which would render such tactics unnecessary. If I can persuade people my opponent is evil by constantly referring to him in negative terms…such as “white supremacist”…a valid argument is unnecessary.

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  2. Thank you for posting this sickening truth. Down through history, the Left has used “racism” to get it’s way while secretly pushing their totalitarian agenda. It amazes me that the Left can scream racism yet commit racism. Or they can scream sexism and commit it at the same time. I can’t believe that people here in America are this deaf, dumb, and blind. It embarrasses me to know that people are under the Left’s evil spell. Keep speaking the truth no matter what. God bless you!

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