I almost went back on facebook . . .

But I just can’t handle the stupid.

I’ve toyed with getting back on, mainly for convenience of certain things that are only on FB (a few communications things), but when I was logged on to my wife’s account this weekend to check something I saw too many depressingly stupid posts by some of her FB friends.

One was a rather ironic meme about how people couldn’t believe Trump was elected after making fun of the disabled reporter. Of course several people chimed in with righteous indignation and Trump Derangement Syndrome to agree with the person who posted it There were a few sizable problems with all this.

  1. It never happened. Even though wolves like Rachel Held Evans were debunked for repeating that vicious lie, it is still being spread four years later by the ignorant and/or malicious.
  2. Since it is truly fake news and violates the written standards of Facebook and Twitter, why don’t they delete those memes and block the accounts of those who post it? Oh, right, shameless hypocrisy.
  3. Even if Trump mocked the disabled reporter, which is worse, making fun of someone or killing them? The Trump haters are pro-abortion zealots who rejoice that abortion can reduce Down Syndrome cases, for example, by killing children with it before they are born. The person posting the meme actually has a special needs child but doesn’t realize the incongruity of her belief system. So Trump didn’t make fun of the disabled person but these people ghoulishly let the unborn be killed because of their disabilities – or any other reason! Because love is love, right?
  4. These ignorant Leftists know nothing about Biden’s evils (his lies about the accident that killed his first wife and child, the way he married he current wife, how he called someone fat for daring to ask him a real question, how he sold out U.S. interests to China, and so much more).

So I’m going to stay off of FB for now.

3 thoughts on “I almost went back on facebook . . .”

  1. “But I just can’t handle the stupid.”

    “I resemble that remark! *nyuk nyuk*”

    My wife bailed on it a couple of weeks ago. I continue on (the same way I continue to deal with Danny-boy…maybe there’s something wrong with me?). I still see value in staying…at least until a viable alternative is assured. I’m told there’s one or two conservative possibilities, but I like jumping in with those who push the unimaginably inane notions and challenging them to defend them. (I’ve been “de-friended” by a few) In my clumsy way, I’ve actually managed to convert a couple of guys politically (hopefully that will lead to doing so religiously).

    All in all I call it a good time. If it was the only place where stupid runs rampant, that would be one thing. But in reality, it’s just one more.

    On a serious note, I feel it a good thing to add one more pro-Christian, pro-conservative, pro-American voice to any/every platform available. I just got on Instagram, though I don’t know how to use it yet. I’m sure I’ll be kicked off in no time. Also, I like to post comments to online articles as well, and Yahoo has suspended that option indefinitely for lame reasons. AOL is way over the top in regulating how one can express one’s self. I even got checked for referring to someone’s actions as “buffoonish”. Have we really become that sensitive?


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