Update: Complete remission!

Just a quick update here since the original post is a few months old. By the grace of God, the cancer is in complete  remission!  I will do the high dose chemo / stem cell transplant soon.  That will be an adventure but definitely worth it to put it in further remission.  It does seem odd to have to do an even more extensive treatment given that I am officially in complete remission (because 36 bags of IV chemo and 6 chemo spinal taps was apparently the medium level treatment!), but this is sort of a “Complete Remission Plus” program. Given that the original cancer came back quickly and was so aggressive we definitely want to do anything we can to improve the odds of longer term remission.

Thanks so much for the prayers and encouragement! Jesus has blessed us in countless ways. Hope to have many more opportunities to witness throughout this process.

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