So many conservative principles being proved true!

As if you didn’t have enough evidence already, Conservatism is vastly superior to Leftism.  This pandemic made that painfully clear.

  1. We need to have guns.  The police in some cities quit responding to certain crimes and were setting prisoners free.  And if there would have been food shortages then things would have gotten even uglier.  One of the great bits of news I’ve seen is how some Leftists are getting mugged by reality when trying to buy a gun for themselves: Virus-Panicked Liberal Gun Buyers Are Getting Angry When They Discover Their Own Gun Control Laws.  Hopefully lots of people are re-thinking their stereotypes about guns, gun owners and gun laws – among other Leftist thoughts!  This should be a great campaign issue for Republicans.
  2. Borders count!  You already had to be malicious or ignorant to be for open borders, but now even Leftists have a tough time pushing for those with a straight face.
  3. Maybe people should spend less and tats, partying, clothes, iPhones, etc. and save some money for emergencies!
  4. A totalitarian Communist government caused the most expensive and deadly crisis in history and exacerbated it with their predictable lies and destruction of dissenters.  Capitalistic countries helped solve it.
  5. On balance, conservatives have been much more respectful towards professions like truckers and grocers.  Now the Left realizes you need them more than you do celebrities and sports stars (not that they should be paid the same . . . supply and demand still rules).  I hope that change lasts.
  6. Public schools are outdated and full of time-wasting activities and Leftist propaganda.  I was surprised at some of the people noting how little of their children’s days are spent actually learning in school.
  7. Now that we have real problems, micro-aggressions are being exposed for the nonsense that they are.  Hey, they even told us in the name that they are micro.  So why did anyone ever take them seriously?
  8. The free market solved the toilet paper situation quickly.  We should share that example often and remind people of how it works in Venezuela.
  9. Globalism is not a winning strategy.
  10. You need limited government.  It didn’t take long for governments to trample basic rights, fining people for things like parking their car by the beach while ignoring unsafe encounters at farmer’s markets and such.

To be continued . . .

And enjoy this list:

By the time the pandemic is over, everyone will be convinced that…

  1. Open borders are a menace.

  2. Globalization is a menace.

  3. Public transportation is a menace, while private cars keep families safe.

  4. Public schools are a menace.

  5. Homeschooling is great.

  6. Gun owners have fewer anxieties to deal with during a crisis.

  7. Hollywood is a bunch of nincompoops.

  8. The mainstream media is a useless menace.

  9. Communists can’t be trusted and are a menace.

  10. Capitalist enterprise reacts to emergencies faster and more efficiently, while the obstructionist bureaucracy is a menace.

  11. All essentials must be manufactured within our own borders.

  12. A businessman makes a better president than a career politician.

5 thoughts on “So many conservative principles being proved true!”

  1. Donald Trump is the best president we’ve had in a long time. (And it’s nice to find a place to post that – yikes, so many people are hostile, as if Trump is to blame for … what ever!)


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