Two part question for the loving, tolerant Left — including the “Christian” Left:  1. Should we screen for the Coronavirus for people entering the country through airports or cruise ships?  2. If yes, then how about at our borders?

Hoax2 — Just when you thought the media and the Democrats couldn’t sink any lower, they make up a hoax about Trump’s hoax comments — and prove his point entirely, namely that the Left is politicizing it all!  He said their politicization was the hoax, not the virus itself — and they know that, but assume their low-information followers won’t.

P.S. Just kidding.  We knew they could sink lower.

Would Biden Put Stacey Abrams on Supreme Court? — Probably.  Except she’d already be his VP, and could be President if he died (and he might).  She’s awful, and one of the many reasons a Democrat in the White House is dangerous.

Todd White, Bill Johnson and Benny Hinn Race to China To End the Coronavirus! — The Messed Up Church — Not the Babylon Bee, but still good satire!  Those frauds will be nowhere to be found.

Alleged Victim of Bill Hybels Tells Story of How Church Tried to Silence Her — Hybels was awful and creepy for a long time. Shame on those around him who let it all happen.

In this meeting I was told I was lying or mis-remembering every bit of what I reported. I was told the comments about my body and my clothes weren’t inappropriate since I had already shared in my testimony that I wasn’t wearing anything provocative. I was told the grooming patterns, boundary testing and secrecy building of ‘delete’ email conversations and him frequently affirming the most broken parts of my story growing up were me “being dramatic”. I was told the numerous inappropriate invitations I had declined, to be alone with him (in inappropriate settings) were his attempt to be available to pastor and mentor me. I was told that him meeting me outside on the very day I went to the church to document my grievances with HR, after being asked by his colleagues for real time updates about my arrival time, was “a coincidence”. I was told if they wanted to, they could make it look like I was pursuing him. Although not one person who could confirm any of my accounts was ever contacted, I was told that none of them were true. I was told I needed to know I was the only woman in 42 years to ever say he was inappropriate with me.I was then asked for confidentiality about my experiences, which I refused. The word devastated doesn’t begin to describe how I left that meeting. I resigned from my position and spent weeks just trying to make it through the day. The most painful part wasn’t even his behavior- rather that the church leaders whom I loved and respected and served with, didn’t believe me and failed to protect me. I have wrestled with God about my calling to serve the church almost every day since.

EPIC fail! Senate Dems’ 2-year-old tweet about what ending net neutrality would cause ‘did not age well’ (FCC chairman rubs it in) — Nice reminder of the completely overblown fears about ending that bad program.

Ex-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh sentenced for book sales scheme  — This is clearly all Trump’s fault.

The collapse of Pugh’s mayoralty was another black eye for Baltimore, a crime- and poverty-plagued city that saw a previous mayor, Sheila Dixon, resign in 2010 after her conviction on embezzling gift cards intended for poor people. Dixon later tried to regain the mayor’s office after completing her probation, but was defeated by Pugh in the city’s 2016 Democratic primary.

Milwaukee Mass Shooter is a Black Elizabeth Warren Supporter – In case you were wondering why that story went down the memory hole so quickly.  Had it been a Trump supporter we’d be hearing about it for weeks.

Best of the Bee

Report: Mansplaining Down But Woman Confusion Up | The Babylon Bee

Disney To Introduce New LGBTQ Superhero Whose Superpower Is Turning Invisible In International Markets | The Babylon Bee — Yep.  These Leftists are remarkably fluid with how “brave” they are in promoting perversions to children.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Transgender book readings scheduled in Virginia elementary schools — This is child abuse.  No exaggeration.

‘Child abuse’: Little girl appears helpless as drag queen performs suggestively for her while adults cheer

One thought on “Roundup”

  1. Typical with Demokrats: no matter what the position sought calls for, they don’t give two whiffs about qualifications/merit – they only care if the skin color and sex make the correct PC statement.

    Disney is guilty of child abuse by manipulating children to accept that which is perverse,

    And of course those who push the LGBT agenda while also shoving the performance of it in their faces are also guilty of horrid child abuse. And yet parents keep sending their kids to public schools.


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