Climate Activist Leaves Environmentalist Movement Because it’s Too “White” — So non-whites don’t care about the environment? Seems kinda racist to me, but duly noted.

Tucker Carlson: Criminals would be protected from deportation under bill AOC and other House Democrats back — It is a must-read if you haven’t heard about it already.  Among many other things, it would literally force you to pay to have previously exported illegal thugs brought back into the country.  You can’t make these things up.

Coronavirus is China’s Chernobyl — Yep.  One of the sad but inevitable consequences of Communist regimes.

The Story Mitt Romney Should Have Read Before He Betrayed The GOP on Impeachment — The Left now loves Romney and his religious views, and all he had to do was betray his party in a petty attempt to get back at the guy who wouldn’t hire him.

But if he was really so burdened by his conscience, perhaps he’d want some justice for Joe Biden, eh?

Politico: Women of color bolt from Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada campaign citing toxic work environment — The Left uses minorities as tokens, so they inevitably feel like tokens.  Then Warren came out and blamed the U.S. for it — “This racism is your fault, even though it only happened on my team, so vote for me!”

Seattle: Suspects in last month’s shooting had 65 prior arrests — Yet Leftists always want to take it out on law-abiding gun owners.  They can’t keep these bad guys in jail and they have an open market for drugs that they can’t stop.  So you know they’ll never get rid of all guns – just those of the good guys.

‘Slash Republicans’ throats! Slash fascists’ throats!’ Guy screaming at ASU Students for Trump seems like a textbook ‘red flag’ — He seems nice.  But we’re the violent haters blah blah blah.

Schiff says Bolton refused to submit affidavit during impeachment trial — Bolton got fired by Trump and did a public hatchet job on him, but wouldn’t submit an affidavit because it would impact book sales . . . sure, seems like a credible witness to me.  Just like Trump rejecting Romney has had no impact on his public comments and votes . . .

Joe Biden Shut Down by Climate Hecklers During New Hampshire Campaign Stop — He promised them he’d get rid of fossil fuels.  Sure, Joe, let’s start with your houses, cars, planes, etc.  And of course the protesters walked there and don’t heat their own living spaces.

And he said they were acting like Trump.  Uh, no, they are acting like the Leftists that they are.

2 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I read something recently about the number of times Mitt Romney has changed his positions for his own political gain. It’s no wonder that Trump didn’t hire him. No telling what his positions will be tomorrow. I wish he would retire and go away.

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