So glad the impeachment nonsense is over!  The only politicians who wanted Trump impeached who can say they really voted their consciences are those who also want Biden investigated for his obvious corruption.

Grand total of those people: Zero.

Romney and the Dems are America-hating frauds.

Wednesday: Have Democrats Finished Stealing Iowa From Bernie Sanders Yet?  — The Dems’ primaries couldn’t have gotten off to a better start . . . for the Republicans, that is.  Who would have guessed that the key people behind the polling software all worked for Hillary Clinton?

Keep in mind that Bernie Sanders’ campaign had people in every precinct caucus in Iowa whose job was to get the voting numbers, so that when the state party HQ bungled the count Monday, the Sanders campaign was able to release its own tally, showing that Bernie had won. According to their numbers, Bernie got 29.66% of the final vote, and Pete Buttigieg was second with 24.59%; in the raw vote total, Bernie won by a margin of 4,012 out of 79,162 votes cast. But for some reason — perhaps massive fraud — the official Iowa Democrat count still has only 86% of precincts reporting and it’s Wednesday f***ing night!

Immaculate Reception named NFL 100 Greatest Moment — Good choice!  Never give up on the play!  That play was from the first game I ever watched on TV, way back in 4th grade.  My relatives from Pittsburgh were visiting and they turned it towards the end of the game.  Unfortunately, Leftists have largely ruined pro sports but those were great times back in the 70’s.

Will Chamberlain: Amazing that the two most disloyal GOP senators in the last five years were nominees — Yep.  We always let the media pick our nominee.  It is just that it backfired in 2016 when they pushed Trump, thinking that he’d be the easiest for Hillary to beat.

The LGBT Movement’s Dangerous Hypocrisy on Conversion Therapy

Admittedly, some forms of reparative therapy conducted on minors were harmful and abusive. But few forms were as harmful and abusive as the “treatments” for gender dysphoria, such as destroying sexual function and fertility through hormones, or surgically removing genitals or breasts.

Studies have also shown that between 65 percent to 94 percent of children who initially identify as transgender identify with their birth gender by the time they are adults. Yet LGBT activists say we should ignore such findings and promote irreversible “conversion therapies.

Skeptic Annotated Bible Author’s Self-Defeating Worldview — Great post about the irrationality of atheism.  Deep down they know there is a God, and we know they know.

James MacDonald Launches New Ministry & Home Church Network — Run away.

About a year after being fired from Harvest Bible Chapel for conduct “harmful to the best interests of the church,” disgraced former pastor, James MacDonald, has launched a new online ministry and Home Church Network.

Great video on “intersectionality” and the insanity it drives.  More oppressed check-boxes = more correct, or something, regardless of the facts.

Only Trump could get Dems to not only like John Bolton but to buy his book.

Liberal White Women Pay $2,500 to be Lectured About How Racist They Are – One woman had even adopted two black children, only to be told she was still racist.  Lesson: Never try to please people who are impossible to please.

Green New Conceal: Warren tries sneaking off private jet after spotting camera – This speaks volumes about Warren.  She goes to great lengths to try and hide, even though she was obviously caught.  So it isn’t just the hypocrisy, it is the stupidity of not just owning the fact that her schedule and those locations require private air travel.  And once again, she shows what contempt she has for her supporters.  She actually thought that stunt would work for her, just like her posting a video of her drinking a beer in her house and thanking her husband for being there . . . in his own house!

7 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. “Don’t give up on the play”

    This may be the single most exciting thing about watching Pat Mahomes play football. Even when things break down he’s always looking downfield until he crosses the line of scrimmage.


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