‘We attract … truly radical people to the campaign’: James O’Keefe releases another video of Bernie Sanders staffers – More great journalism from Project Veritas, which means the media and the Sanders campaign will ignore it.

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Paid Cash for Being Held for ICE – Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.  Illegals have a much higher drunk driving rate than citizens, but anti-drunk driving groups are too politically correct to point that out.

Do-Gooder NGOs Prevent Africans From Feeding Themselves — The “help” the West provides makes Colonialism look great by comparison.

Audio Proved She Begged Him For Sex & Then Accused Him Of Sexual Assault. Columbia Expelled Him — It is a dangerous world out their for dating, and especially so on college campuses.  So many false accusations and so many Leftist administrators!  And doing things God’s way helps you avoid all that.

Here we have a former Marine who was convicted in a kangaroo court despite the fact that the recording he made exonerated him. His diploma was pulled after Columbia retroactively expelled him for sexual assault, despite the fact that he spent the whole night fending off a woman that was intent on having sex with him. Now, he’s been publicly branded as a rapist because of this woman’s lies. It is a disgraceful situation and all of us should hope Columbia ends up having to pay millions of dollars for the unjust way they have treated him. Only when these “woke” schools fear facing lawsuits will they stop treating young men as guilty until proven innocent — and maybe not even then.

The Fourth Reich — China’s abuses of their people, including murders and organ-stealing, are well known.  Yet the virtue-signaling Left shamelessly props them up.   Notable exception: Facebook.

Imagine the potential impact if Facebook’s example were followed by Google, Boeing, the NBA, and dare I say it, Apple. What if these mega-corporations joined together to say that they believe in human rights and they will be unable to do further business with a nation that incarcerates Muslims in concentration camps, rips the organs out of political prisoners, and socially cancels Christians simply for following Jesus Christ? I’m not naïve. I wouldn’t expect China to become an enlightened and free society. But perhaps, just perhaps, the worst abuses could be ameliorated, and people of faith allowed to practice that faith — which, after all, is a fundamental human right — without being crushed by their government.

Travel Baseball: A Common Form Of Insanity — Travel ball can be perverse for families. My sister and her husband had a rocky relationship, but at the time they were doing their best and plugged into a good church their son – who was good at soccer but not enough to get a scholarship or anything — joined a travel team. All of sudden they missed a lot of church then phased out completely. Their relationship spiraled down into abuse and divorce. No, I’m not saying it was just the travel ball, but it didn’t help. I’ve seen it draw other people away from church and stability, especially when the whole family isn’t going together.

Our philosophy was simple: God gave you your bodies to move and do things, so you should be active in something. Our hope would be that they would be fit for life doing something they like.  But trying to invest in your kids for a career in sports is a waste of time and money. Our daughters became extremely talented ballerinas, with one dancing professionally, but she always knew she needed a regular education as well so she got a degree in parallel and it worked really well when she retired from dance and got married.

Democrats wary of blowback from angry Bernie Bros, which often turns ‘sexist, racist and vile’ – But but but progressive love and tolerance or something!  Keep in mind that this is how they treat other Leftists.  Imagine how they’ll treat conservatives!

Some progressive activists who declined to back Mr. Sanders have begun traveling with private security after incurring online harassment. Several well-known feminist writers said they had received death threats. A state party chairwoman changed her phone number. A Portland lawyer saw her business rating tumble on an online review site after tussling with Sanders supporters on Twitter…

Mexican President is “acting like Trump’s border wall” – Nice!

Letters to Hannah: Superbowl 51 — A couple years old, but an interesting perspective on the Super Bowl and sports-watching in general.  I don’t object to people watching some sports, but it can easily become an idol.  And if they aren’t exercising themselves then they should do that first before watching anything.  I gave up sports and most TV when the kids were young and didn’t miss a thing.  I hardly ever watch anything now.

I have absolutely nothing against anyone playing a sport, and I actually prefer that they play and enjoy them. What I’m against is the idea that part of being a man is watching a sport. I’m against the idea that it’s desirable for fat men to gather around a television and shout at it; and that anyone who challenges the idea is effeminate. The opposite is true. An unfit man who knows more about sports news than his country is worse than the laziest and dumbest of gold-digging housewives. So far as I’m concerned he might as well be concerned with celebrity gossip — he can grow up or hang himself.

Police Investigating Murder of Pro-Migration Finnish Woman by Her Migrant Boyfriend — Just as with political correctness, virtue signaling can be deadly.

This is by no means the only case of women being attacked or killed by migrants with whom they have cultivated a romantic relationship.

Best of the Bee

Your Wife Claimed She Was ‘Fine’ And That ‘Nothing Is Wrong.’ Fact Check: FALSE | The Babylon Bee — To her credit, Mrs. Eternity Matters never does this, but it was still funny.

Not the Babylon Bee

Will New York Require a Helmet to Ride in a Car? — The Nanny State won’t stop until you push back.  The “little” things like soda taxes aren’t little.  I think it is unwise to regularly drink sodas, but once you look to the government to regulate things like that you’ve told the populace that they are so stupid that they need the government to do everything for them.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Drag Queen Story Hour moves to public schools to teach first graders about gender fluidity and family structures — If you support this you are stupid and/or evil.

2 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Re: Dems wary of blow back:

    The attacks from Sanders die-hards are often lobbed against his more moderate rivals—Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden—rather than at Republicans.

    More moderate rivals?


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