‘Can I have my money back?’ Father confronts Elizabeth Warren over student loan forgiveness — This is such a great campaign issue for Republicans.  Even Leftists who paid off their loans (or didn’t take out loans) won’t want to pay off the loans of anyone else, especially those who got Lesbian Astrology degrees.  Just another example of shameless vote-buying by the Communists.  The sense of entitlement in this country is already staggering.  Letting special interest groups force others to pay off their loans would make things even worse.

So brave: Woman’s act of resistance is to take up the best parking spaces at Masterpiece Cakeshop — “Christian” Leftist walking freak show Nadia-Bolz Weber (BFF of Rachel Held Evans, of course) is the woman in question.  She bravely deleted her Tweet when people started pointing her hypocrisy of doing this while posing as a Christian pastor.  And note how her act was extra-stupid and hateful: She wasn’t harming the owner, she was inconveniencing his customers (then again, she probably hates them as well for supporting a guy with Christian standards).  So she’s petty, evil and not a very clear thinker.  So typical of the “Christian” Left.

Longtime Willow Creek Member Accuses Bill Hybel’s Mentor, Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian, of Clergy Sexual Abuse — Willow Creep Church was a sham on many levels, yet Hybels is still celebrated by many.

Transsexual Called “Bravest Athlete in History” for Beating Up Woman — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

It may have been fun to snigger at obsequious media apparatchiks obediently pretending that Bruce Jenner is a woman, but the transsexual front in progressives’ war against civilization and sanity stops being funny when the conversation turns to Fallon Fox.

As mentioned earlier (see here and here), Fallon Fox is a mixed martial arts fighter who beats up women in public and gets paid for it.

For engaging in behavior that would result in felony charges in any sane society, Mr Fox has been christened “the bravest athlete in history.”

The Cyprus Rape Liar — What really happened? — Girl behaves like complete slut then tries to destroy the lives of many guys by claiming she was raped.  She should be in jail for as long as they would have been if they had really raped her.

I’ve used Dashlane for years to store passwords, addresses (including old ones), personal information like Social Security and license numbers, and much more.  You just need one robust overall password and the rest is automated. It gives you much stronger passwords and you don’t have to remember them.  It saves me time every day, but if you ever move or have to change default credit card numbers it will really save you time.  Just one click will populate address forms and such.

And when my Dad died in 2017 it saved me countless hours, as I was able to export his passwords from a different password app (very glad that my 89 year old dad was tech-savvy enough to do that!) and import them to Dashlane.  I was constantly logging into various accounts for months and Dashlane let me do it automatically.

For your master password, I recommend taking a regular (but odd) word and combining it with an abbreviation of a Bible passage, because that is easy to remember and has upper and lower case letters, numbers, a colon and a dash yet is still easy to remember.

Dashlane makes your life a million times easier. Get started with these three steps and you’ll be up and running.

First: Get the app on your phone and computer. That way your passwords will go wherever you do. 

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Get started with these three steps, and you can always check back here for more tips.

President proclaims Wednesday ‘National Sanctity of Human Life Day,’ will appear at March for Life — Good for him!

Best of the Bee

In Major Deal, The Babylon Bee Purchases Competing Satire Site CNN | The Babylon Bee

17 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I don’t think Social Security programs are a bad thing. Nor is universal health care. More colleges should have free admission because a degree is necessary for work in most fields.

    If you want to confront the other side, you have to at least understand where they’re right. I’m not a socialist; not really a capitalist either. I like Smith’s economy, but it begs the question whether we actually follow it, and we don’t. If we did, there’d be about sixty different Blogging platforms as successful as this one. If Smith’s economy were practiced.

    The fact is, you have to have quality products purchased at an equal exchange of the dollar. It means gloves would last for fifteen years, wool socks would last for fifteen years, shirts from the store wouldn’t rip so easily, etc. etc. etc.. We don’t have that. We outsource our economy to China and India, getting cheap service, which overburden’s the dollar and makes it unbalanced, which means that every purchase, we are losing on the deal. It’s why wages are becoming less and less. And they are, statistically.

    You must understand the situation. We have millions of millennials groomed to be scholars. Not carpenters, sewer maintainers, road builders. Just the other day I saw this sorry looking outfit working for the government, that were putting up phone lines. They didn’t even know how to direct traffic, and the one stop sign was a crooked thing that looked like it was broken. They were set up wrong on the road, giving mixed signals to the drivers, nearly causing head on collisions.

    Now… bear with me, we have Millennials who can do things like sit on bean bag chairs and make computer programs that will stop being used in a few years. What we don’t have is a bedrock of blue collar labor. The reason why is that the kids were being taught Calculus instead of Carpentry. And Vo-Tech schools were available, but the schools were a cesspool of criminal behavior, and they’re only getting worse. Kids were raised by their peers, not their parents.

    So, what we have on our hands is inevitably a service economy, where we require labor positions that cannot be filled. Not by me. My only skill—as I was trained for twelve years to do it—is rant on the internet, and tell people how things ought to be done. I’ve done the math, my first years of being alive I was trained to be a scholar. In the Biblical Terms, “I cannot dig.” That was said by the servant who wasted his Master’s fortune, and went and returned what he could. Very practically, we have a whole society that “Cannot dig.” Except, as you might know, immigrants. Which was always the source of those jobs from Day One.

    So… in other words, don’t buck the system if you don’t understand it fully. There’s a huge problem in the country right now where the immigrants are being rounded up and “Deported” whatever that means, but they’re the bedrock of the civilization, and always have been. From the Irish, Germans and Italians, to the Indians, Mexicans and Arabs. They’ll integrate, become just like us. But, in the meantime, people like me have to realize that this is what I was trained to do my whole life, and I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO GO TO SCHOOL. Which, is a problem, because this is what I was trained to do, and I cannot get a job doing it because of a lack of money to go and finish my degree.

    This is why college needs to be free, which brings me back to square one. Because we have a whole class of citizens who are going to be wrecking society and putting bad roofs on houses if we don’t have easy access college. Because white kids just ain’t gonna do it. We’ve been trained for different skills than what we have. And only degrees are going to administer the jobs. To be honest, they don’t even do those jobs that well, but the bedrock of the civilization is the Blue Collar work force, but you don’t want people like me on that work force. I’m incapable—literally—of holding that kind of job. Because, “I cannot dig.” It makes me worthless, practically. Except to inform people like you on our situation, so you don’t make the mistake of trying to fix what wasn’t really that broken to begin with.

    B. K. Neifert


    1. Hi – thanks for visiting and commenting. I don’t have time to respond to everything, but I’ll say that there is no such thing as “free” college and that really tips your hand about your knowledge of basic economics.


      1. I understand economics. What tips your hand, is that you don’t already assume I knew you were going to say that.

        God didn’t want you going into debt just to make a living. If eternity matters, you’d read the Sabbath laws in the Jubilee.


      2. Frankly, you don’t understand that the Bible wasn’t for Capitalism. Loans were something you gave to poor people, at no interest. If Eternity matters. Which, I hope it does.

        Equal weights and balances are a part of the Sabbath. So is loan forgiveness. The Sabbath is about fair and just treatment of workers and distribution of wages, and resting people.

        On that note, you don’t understand the Bible. Which, is why there needs to be free college. Because loans need to be forgiven every 7 years, so that way people aren’t required to have them.


      3. You are conflating an Israelite theocracy with the rest of the world.

        And the Bible obviously supports free enterprise, private property, etc. otherwise you couldn’t steal anything.

        I’m moderating you now because I don’t have time to keep telling you that “free” college isn’t free at all.

        And I love Bible lessons from non-believers. Please read it all over and over. I really hope you repent and believe someday, but I’m not obligated to keep telling you that 2+2=4 if you refuse to believe it.

        Read this:


      4. LOL. “I follow Jesus, but He did a bad job of distributing resources, so the gov’t needs to confiscate my neighbor’s assets by force to give me what I know I deserve.”

        Sure, champ.


      5. Last message.

        You need to repent. The reason why is that you have no mercy. That is the sin of Christians these days. “Give to the poor.” That was the commandment that Jesus had given. And if you will not receive your brethren into your houses, then Caesar will have you do it. Leviticus 25. Thus says the LORD “Who is this that darkens wisdom without counsel? Is it not you? Why do you strive with your brother, and call him worthless? Why do you wall him off, and hedge his ways, like an adder in the brush? Whither he goes, you strike him, and will not listen to the counsel of the poor? No, it is because you are strong, and mighty, and are a hypocrite among the nations, Jeshurun. For you harden your neck at prophecy, and what has this little one done? Have you not exercised your freedom to speak? Is it not given to you, so why not let the little one speak? Why harden and stiffen your neck against him? Why do you not listen to the Words of Matthew, who said aught to you, “if given a mile, go two?” Instead you shame the counsel of the poor. What shall be done to you, Jeshurun? What shall be done to you, so you do not stiffen your neck, and harden yourself against the poor of my people? Shall the prophet burden you with the truth? That your nation was not the greatest, nor has it ever been, for is not the greatest the Golden Head of Nebuchadnezzar? Repent, o Jeshurun, in ashes. For you have no burden of wheat, but rather a harvest of ashes for your bread. Which, you ought to have been distributing to the poor. Who are you, but a rich man great in your kingdom? So great, that you wall off the poor of this people from his speech, and claim to have knowledge, when you have none? Repent. Yet you would not, but stiffened your neck. You would not even heed prophecy.”


      6. Yawn. Typical coveting Leftist has no idea how much money and time I give (on top of the taxes I pay!), but he definitely thinks that Jesus wants him to petition “Caesar” to take money from me by force and give it to him. Because charity and stuff.

        And since you “know” I have no mercy, please tell me what I just did on Saturday . . .


  2. P.S.

    And I hate this about myself. I would love to just go and dig out horse barrels of poop. I’m just not mentally strong enough to do it, because my body wasn’t hardened to perform blue collar tasks. Frankly, I need to go to college, but I’d burden myself with substantial debt doing it. Which, is a worse situation to have debt and loans that cannot be paid. So, I’m screwed without free college. And, millions of people are just like me. “Go get scholarships.” For 30,000 dollars a year, scholarships will put me in substantial debt, as well.

    I am a writer. I’m trying to get published. I cannot get published. Something is failing in the system that isn’t allowing me to earn a living off of my books. That, specifically, is why you’re wrong. I’ve sent my books to many publishers, but none accept it. It’s not because it’s bad, either. I know it’s not bad, I have hundreds of books to look at and see my writing is just as good as any other. The fact is, the free markets are failing. The reason why, quite simply, is advertising. Which Net Neutrality would have fixed, but people opposed it because they didn’t understand what it meant. This is the world you live in. And the best way to fix it is to just let it be, unless you have a God given dream telling you to do something about it. And at that, responsible people like me who have done 20 years worth of independent studies, need to be listened to. But, our ideas are not marketable. They do not surface to the top. And that’s why America is failing,—it’s why Donald Trump ran against Hillary Clinton. It’s why Democracy has failed, and if you want to keep it, it has to be leveled out so that people with more don’t just end up accumulating everything, while everyone else ends up on the bottom.


    1. Again with the “free” college. Putting a gun to the heads of those who produce to force them to pay for your college doesn’t make it “free.” And stop sounding like a victim.

      Repent and believe and count your blessings that you live in such a great time and place in human history.

      And our Republic – or what’s left of it after the Left has tried to destroy it – is so far superior to any other system ever devised.


    2. Don’t worry, Crazy Bernie and Pocahontas WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! They love victims and I’m sure you’ll fit right in when the reeducation centers are established. If you want to know what your problem is, LOOK in the Mirror.

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  3. Always entertaining when Leftists in the U.S. – who have a higher standard of living than 90%+ people who have ever lived, including living better than royalty did just 100 years ago in terms of medicine, safety, comfort, entertainment, etc. — cry about not getting “free” college.

    I almost feel sorry for the guy (except he is twisting Christianity to harm others and help destroy the U.S.). After all, he “knows” he is as a good a writer as those who get published, but . . .

    Does he think that publishers should be forced to publish his books? If so, does he think that people should be forced to read them?

    Those are rhetorical, of course.


  4. I noticed he (she?) said that most jobs today require college degrees. How utterly wrong that is. The only reason a vast majority of current jobs require degrees is because some elitist in charge of hiring, decided that a degree is necessary. If (big if) High Schools taught anything about living, college wouldn’t be needed for the average job. Why does one need a degree for the most part? Because they learned in college how to write papers in the APA or MLA format. Beyond that, colleges teach very little about specific job skills, until you get to the Master’s level. I just put two daughters through college and I’ve seen how utterly unprepared for college they were by their High Schools and how utterly unprepared for a job they were by college. Neither one is working in a job that requires a degree. VoTech or a Community College could have taught them everything they need to know for their jobs.


    1. Great points. My basic recommendation to anyone is to max out what they can get from community colleges. You save big $$, often get good teachers, and the kids can live at home (saves more money and they get less bad influences from the campus environment). Our youngest home-schooled and did dual credit at the community college her last couple years. The classes were even less expensive than usual and she could come home and talk with me about why her Leftist sociology prof was so horribly wrong. She went off to “regular” college much better prepared.


  5. Will ever any time in history we can see this headline: “Transsexual Called “Bravest Athlete in History” for Beating Up Woman”? What a twisted world the Left is and then they call themselves Feminist.

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