‘Guillotine the rich!’ Project Veritas shares video of another Bernie Sanders field organizer promoting Gulags, re-education, violence, and more — Of course Project Veritas had more Leftist extremism recorded for us!  And of course the mainstream media will ignore it.  This is who AOC and the rest of the Leftist extremists want to rule us.

Dalrock | Thoughts from a happily married father on a post feminist world — Go read that blog while you can (he said he may delete it).  Dalrock has done great things for Christianity and marriage, especially in showing how feminism has infiltrated evangelical Christianity.

Tom Homan hits back at Biden for remark on illegal immigrants arrested for DUI: He’s ‘lost his mind’ — Keep in mind that Biden is the “centrist” Democrat, and even he welcomes illegals to come here and drive drunk and won’t send them back.  They hate you.

Biden also threatened ICE with punishment if the agency were to deport illegal immigrants arrested for drunk driving, saying his administration would fire agents who arrest and deport illegal immigrants for such a crime.

Can “Fat Shaming” Be Conviction Instead? — I’m not for finger-wagging at fat people, but I’d never affirm them as the ridiculous “body positivity” movement does.

‘Work of art’: NRSC puts out powerful video of Democrats’ impeachment push from Day 1 — Great job on this video!  It shows how disingenuous the Left has been ever since Trump was elected.

‘The truth comes out’: AOC accidentally exposes the socialist Left’s agenda, declaring that ‘I don’t want your money as much as we want your power’ — Of course she tried to backpedal and say the power was for “the people,” as if every tyrant ever didn’t say the same thing.

Good exposure of why it is fine to criticize false teachings.  The phonies are good at manipulation – sweeping generalizations, exaggerations, word-twisting, projecting, etc.  Example: Todd White conflates addressing false teachings with hatred and criticizes believers who dare to criticize wolves.

British Actor Dumped His Girlfriend for Being too Woke — Good for him!  I would add that you should never date a pro-abort, for she is not only so wicked that she’d kill her child but she’d kill your child as well.  If someone was willing to kill your child outside the womb would you consider dating her?!

“I don’t know how we ended up together,” Fox told host James Delingpole. “It was a very short relationship. We were walking down the road and she was talking about how good the Gillette advert was. I just looked at her and went, ‘Bye. Sorry, I can’t do this with you.’”

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Leftists Celebrate 12-Year-Old Kids Getting STD Screenings Without Their Parents’ Knowledge

Pass the popcorn

‘Nobody likes him’: Hillary Clinton UNLOADS on Bernie Sanders and his (deplorable?) supporters — This will help keep the Leftists at home in November once the Dems push Bernie out again, even after Hillary’s phony apology.

Yes, and it was entirely predictable, just as being soft on illegal immigration dramatically increases the number of illegals, being soft on crime encourages more crime, and so on.  It is the most basic of economics, and Leftists fail at them.

Hat tip to Danny about the Transformed Wife blog.  She triggered so many people with this chart that USA Today wrote an article about her.  Just the “weekends” block alone speaks volumes.  And it is tragic how common it is for people to put their children in day care when they are just a couple months old.

This is the chart that's sparked outrage.

4 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Bernie Sanders’ staffers demonstrate just how far left Sanders is.
    Dalrock article already gone.
    More reasons Biden should never be President.
    Loved the NOT “fat shaming” incident I read last week.
    AOC has to be the stupidest and most ignorant Rep out there — oh, wait, Maxine Waters may be a tie.

    I am also going to be posting an article with that Todd White video.

    Transformed wife’s chart is excellent. I began following her a couple months ago due to seeing Danny White’s sharing on FB. While she has a whole lot of good to say, she also gets very legalistic and is a staunch follower of the false-teaching Pearls, which explains her legalism.

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