Democrat Candidates Pander to LGBT Militants

You would think they were running for election in Sodom or Gomorrah.

Four Foundational Reasons not to be a Roman Catholic — Well done.  I thought the third one highlighted just how superstitious Catholics tend to be.

Third, Roman Catholicism has highly encouraged the use of the Rosary. This is like a lucky charm. Its mere presence can signify election. One 15th Century writer claimed the following, ” I do not know,” De la Roche, missionary to France says, “nor do I see clearly, how it can be that a devotion which seems so small can be the infallible sign of eternal salvation and how its absence can be the sign of God’s eternal displeasure; nevertheless, nothing could possibly be more true [sic].” The absence of prayer with the rosary is evidence of God’s displeasure. Nonsense. The rosary is a spiritual rabbit’s foot. It conveys no powers and provides no blessings. It is a sign of immaturity when simple folks hang on to these material tokens, much like the papers of Indulgence, by which the Pope could shave off millions of years in Purgatory. Simple faith it may appear to be, but it is nothing more than wishful thinking. Praying the Rosary is similar to transcendental meditation with its repetitive chants or thoughts. In this way of spiritualism, the rosary is considered a sure means to draw one closer to God. Jesus spoke of those who prayed in such a repetitive manner, thinking that they would score spiritual points of divine favor. Jesus dispelled that myth. The rosary does not please the deity. Neither will statues, candles, vigils, tears, Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and Popes. Trinkets like prayer cards, beads, crucifixes, chains and medallions with saints engraved, as well as the rosary itself, could well be a sign of God’s great displeasure as they are drawing attention away from Jesus Christ, where His life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and intercession is the only hope for sinners.

If Feminist Laurie Penny Was Serious About Stopping Rape, She Would Protest Outside Prisons — Radical feminists see rape everywhere, except where it is most prevalent.

Court blocks Ohio law banning abortions based on Down syndrome — Yeah, because the writers of the Constitution definitely wanted you to be able to kill your children for any reason up their first breath.  It is all throughout the Federalist Papers.

Circuit Judge Bernice Bouie Donald wrote in a 2–1 decision that the injunction served the public interest by ensuring “access to constitutionally protected health care services.”

Transgender person claims “violence” after reporter accidentally mispronounces name at CNN town hall — What ridiculous snowflakes they are.  Even “misgendering” (translation: stating the real gender) isn’t violent, but mispronouncing a name isn’t something that even these people should be complaining about.  I’ve known people named “Shea” and they always pronounced it as the reporter initially did.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Explode in California — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

The Hezekiah Option: a strategy for Christians in a post-Christian nation — I memorized Isaiah 39:8 because it is a great reminder not to just sit back and enjoy our cushy existence here (Then Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “The word of the Lord that you have spoken is good.” For he thought, “There will be peace and security in my days.”).  It is going to get a lot worse for real Christians, so we should fight to help our children and grandchildren.  HT: Danny

We don’t need any more King Hezekiahs. What we need is just one King Josiah. All of us need to confess that we are Hezekiah. We hate conflict. We steer clear of exercising authority. We don’t want to have to quote Scripture knowing the sophisticated ones will diss us for “prooftexting.” We weep and wail when women and girls mock us on FB. We act as if we don’t see Hezekiah’s cowardice, Jezebel’s rebellions, Simon’s simony, John Mark’s abandonment of the Apostle Paul, and all the other shameful things that have taken root and are growing in our churches.

Shame on us for being ashamed of Jesus and His words. Let us pray that God, the Father Almighty, will send a Josiah among us who will tear down our high places and lead us to worship the Only True God Who is high and lifted up, and Whose train fills the temple.

Chris Cuomo Mocks Female Pronouns at Gay Rights Town Hall — The guy finally does something normal (gently mocking the silliness of each Leftist candidate clarifying their gender and preferred pronouns) and then apologizes for it.  Very Fredo-like.

O’Rourke calls for stripping tax-exempt status from churches who oppose same-sex marriage — Glad to see O’Rourke admitting what all those Leftists will do when given power.  Who cares about freedom of religion anyway?  Sadly, the “Christian” Left will want to support him more because they like anything that reduces competition from real churches.

And note how he wants your guns and then your religion.  Will  this make the Trump-hating “conservatives” re-think what will happen if Trump isn’t re-elected? 

CNN invites 9-year-old girl who identifies as transgender boy to ask question at town hall — Wicked Leftists exploit mentally ill children to further their aims.  The simple answer would be, “Of course I oppose bullying for any reason, but if schools don’t prevent bullying of all kinds, that’s a problem.  Work it at your local level.  It isn’t a Federal issue.  Better yet, ask your Mom to home school you!  Next question?”  Bonus points for saying to the mother, “It is child abuse to affirm your child in this wildly destructive, God-mocking lifestyle.”

Apple removes app used by Hong Kong protesters — Apple, the NBA and so many others bow down to China, which will torture and kill their citizens for the mildest of criticisms (and that’s just for starters).  Tariffs can cause economic problems for oneself, but in this case I think raising them would be a shrewd move to put a deadly enemy in its place.

Amazon employees reportedly watching users’ home footage without their knowledge – I’m still mystified that people trust anyone like Amazon or Big Tech.

Biden Accuses Americans of Ignorance, Warns of Anti-Gay ‘Terrorist Groups

In 1982, the CDC reported that that the “median number of lifetime male sexual partners” for gay men diagnosed with AIDS was 1,160. In other words, a majority of the first men diagnosed with this sexually transmitted disease had more than one thousand partners. The man known as “Patient Zero” of the AIDS epidemic, Gaetan Dugas, estimated that he had sex with 2,500 men from 1972 to 1982, i.e., 250 different partners every year for 10 consecutive years. We may stipulate that Dugas was an extreme example, but his behavior was the tip of a very large iceberg of gay promiscuity during the Disco Era. But oh, you’re just an ignorant bigot if you disapprove of such behavior.

From the Spectator Archives: Appeasing China Is Old Hat for Prestigious U.S. Institutions

This past week we’ve seen the lengths to which the Houston Rockets and the National Basketball Association will go to kowtow to the totalitarians calling the shots in still-communist China. Alas, such craven institutional cowardice is nothing new in the Land of the Free, as we recall what was done to Steven Mosher more than 30 years ago for shedding light on China’s brutally enforced one-child policy. For his heroism, Stanford University, under pressure from China, expelled him from its doctoral program.

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