Free relationship advice: If you try to turn a 5 minute conversation into a 2 minute conversation, it turns into a (painful) 30 minute conversation.  I have finally absorbed that lesson after re-learning it many times and it makes life much better :-).

Pope Francis Denies the Deity of Christ, Says Closest Journalist — This guy is the best thing to happen to Protestantism in centuries.  Hopefully lots of Catholics, already exhausted trying to prop up anti-biblical theology, will realize their cause is hopeless when they try to pretend that the Pope is who they’ve claimed he is.

He vandalized a church, causing $100K in damage. Six months later, he was baptized in it. — Nice.

Warren plan calls for male prisoners who identify as female to be placed in women’s prisons — So stupid on so many levels, starting with how many will fake it to get moved to safer and women-filled prisons.  And hey, why isn’t she calling for females who identify as males to be in male prisons?  I’ve met over a thousand felons doing prison ministry who would probably vote for that.

Huge if true: NARAL declares that the science is settled and women are people — Loved seeing them get absolutely flamed in response to that.

A 1958 List Of Communist Objectives For America Is Now Nearly Complete  — Yep.  Sad to say that they’ve been remarkably successful.

Trump condemns abortion of disabled children in Down Syndrome Awareness message — Good for him!

Those thought to have Down syndrome also risk being subjected to the too-often terminations of their lives before birth.

Joss Whedon Pretended To Be A Male Feminist While Cheating On His Wife With Young Actresses — The story is a couple years old but worth a reminder.  Never trust male feminists.

Joss Whedon’s adultery is yet another example of the duplicitous and narcissistic nature of male feminists. Contrary to the fake news media’s claims that neomasculine and anti-feminist men are predatory and misogynistic, it is almost always male feminists such as Whedon who turn out to be the biggest abusers and users of women. Any man who identifies as a feminist is a liar who should be shunned and avoided by both men and women.

Joss Whedon’s behavior towards the opposite sex is the norm and not the exception when it comes to male feminists. Much in the same way that Jesus warned us against listening to “hypocrites” who loudly and piously proclaimed their faith as a compensation mechanism, men who can’t shut up about “mansplaining” and “equal rights” are doing so in order to hide their own demons. Over the past decade, prominent male feminists have been repeatedly unmasked as rapists, abusers, and cheaters, behavior far worse than the “sexist” men they attack.

A Nobel for looking for “dem aliens” — Yawn. If there are other life forms in the universe, then we know who put them there (Jesus). He didn’t bother to mention it in the Bible, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Even if they exist, what makes anyone really think they’ll be benevolent and/or able to communicate with us and/or offer us anything of value?

That said, I’m glad for any scientific discoveries that help us understand how Jesus created the universe.

All this alien talk always reminds me of this:

Lisa Simpson: Dad, according to Junior Skeptic Magazine, the chances are a 175 million-to-one of another form of life actually coming in contact with ours.

Homer: So?

Lisa: It’s just the people who claim they’ve seen aliens are always pathetic lowlifes with boring jobs . . . oh . . . and you, Dad.

Huh? Gregg Popovich praises NBA Commissioner’s ‘courageous’ stance on China — Popovich is just another hypocritical, disingenuous coward who uses the NBA’s disgusting failure to repeatedly hate on Trump.  He knows that people in China would be tortured and killed for criticizing their government, but he is so weak that he can’t even criticize China when he doesn’t live there – but he gladly criticizes Trump in a shameless non sequitur.

“Cut it out NBA, Adam Silver, Steve Kerr. You’re not social justice activists. You’re business people because when China tells you to shut the hell up, everybody shuts the hell up.”

Sasse, Cruz, AOC, others in Congress send bipartisan letter to NBA: Stop kissing China’s ass and suspend your operations there for now — Congrats, NBA.  You usually can’t get those politicians to agree on what day of the week it is.

But here’s your consolation prize: Every time one of these holier-than-thou A-holes opens his mouth about domestic politics going forward, you get to remind him that he wouldn’t say a word if his bottom line was at stake. We know it for a fact now. We have the receipts, thanks to Daryl Morey.

Not the Babylon Bee

University Bans White Students From Attending Anti-Racism Meeting

3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I’ve been reading lately about changes in the legal definition of rape and rape reporting which will CERTAINLY drive up the rape statistics … even though rapes didn’t increase and the new California law that gives the abused more time to report it which will ABSOLUTELY drive up abuse statistics even if abuse didn’t actually increase. If they put all the guys who wish to identify as girls in girls’ prisons, won’t that 1) nearly empty male prisons and 2) radically increase the female felon population?


    1. Exactly! Real rapes are down, but they change the definition for political reasons. “Regret rape” is evil. Those giving false accusations need to get the same punishments as the alleged rapist would have.


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