Luke: Evangelist to the Rich – Interesting post.  I’d never analyzed it that way.

So what have we seen in Luke’s Gospel? We’ve seen that the rich face unique dangers. They can be callous toward others, haughty, proud, cheats, swindlers, wrongly confident in themselves, and foolishly trusting in their wealth. If that is your life now, Luke says, you are in for a rude awakening at the end of the age, because everything will be turned upside down. The humble poor will be lifted up, and the arrogant rich will be cast down.

On the other hand, we see how the rich can be faithful with their wealth. They support Jesus and his ministry. They stand up for what is right. They use their money wisely for spiritual gain. The righteous rich in Luke are still rich, but they are also generous, repentant of any wrongs, and faithful to the cause of Christ.

In the book of Acts, just as in Luke, we see both kinds of examples. We see rich people at their worst, and we see how rich people can inherit the kingdom of God and live out its values.

. . .

So how can the rich enter the kingdom of heaven? What does it look like for rich Christians to “get it”? Importantly, “getting it” doesn’t mean to feel constant shame for being rich. It doesn’t mean trading places with the poor. And it doesn’t mean prophetic denunciations of material goods or income disparity.

But it does mean something. A lot, actually. According to Luke-Acts, to be a rich Christian who “gets it” means (at least) these seven things.

  1. We believe. Christ is our everything, our all in all. We cannot serve two masters.
  2. We repent. We turn from any cheating, swindling, or lying, and we make amends with those we have mistreated.
  3. We put Jesus before profit.
  4. We are generous. We give freely to help the poor and to further the cause of the gospel.
  5. We are good stewards. We don’t try to be manipulate our way to God by lying, putting on a show, or trying to accrue power with our wealth. We are always shrewd but never power-hungry.
  6. We do not trust in our money. There is no real security in dollars and cents. The righteous rich do not expect their earthly riches to last. They live for the heavenly riches that do.
  7. We demonstrate humility. We consider everything we have to be a gift from God. We are meek before others and meek before God.

Video shows 6-year-old with cerebral palsy taking first unassisted steps: “I can walk like the other kids!” — That look on her face :-).

NBA fans booted from 76ers game over “Free Hong Kong” signs — in Philadelphia – Cowardly hypocrites.

STD rates hit new record high in U.S. after climbing for 5th straight year — But but but “comprehensive” sex ed in public schools!!!

Our pastor noted that two factors seem to be intractable problems in most churches: Porn and debt. Both start with coveting.

ESPN warns staff: Don’t go into specifics about China and Hong Kong when discussing Daryl Morey’s tweet – They are all money-grubbing, hypocritical sissies.

From the “pick a lane” category . . .

Chinese Citizens Will Need to Pass Facial Recognition Test to Use the Internet — The Left can’t wait to use this here.  The NBA ignores this, of course, as well as that China knows there are only two genders.  Because SJWs love money, too.

Related: NBA Now Requiring All Players To Stand For Chinese National Anthem | The Babylon Bee

Female high school athlete speaks in front of Supreme Court about hopelessness of competing against biological males: “Why try?” – Yep.  She can thank the Left — including the “Christian” Left — for all that.

Many problems with this “successful” woman’s advice: Once women have slept around with all those kinds of guys, the good husband-types may not want them or even be available.  And if they put career first for too long they will have a tough time of “marrying up” as most women want to do.

Also, God.


One thought on “Roundup”

  1. While that article on Luke is a good one, I won’t share it. I don’t share anything from TGC any more because they’ve gone so far off the rails I don’t want to give them credence.

    The education system, Hollywood, the media — everything LEFT– promotes every type of sexual immorality one can imagine — or not imagine– so it is no wonder STDs have become rampant.

    Jessica Valenti — too funny!!!

    Sheryl Sandberg — just shaking my head.


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