Many Transsexuals Want to Detransition — Of course they do.  They had serious problems that the ignorant, cowardly and malicious Left told them would be solved with chemicals and surgery.   The mainstream media will try to hide this, but hopefully people will share it on social media.

“Detransitioning” is when a transsexual drops the pretense of being a member of the opposite sex. If hormones and surgery have been employed, going back to a normal appearance is easier said than done.

“I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,” she says.

Too bad they can’t sue the mainstream media for egging them on to mutilate and deform themselves, tricking them into believing that screwing themselves up physically would make them less screwed up psychiatrically.

Charlie says she has been contacted by “hundreds” of people seeking help – 30 people alone in her area of Newcastle.

How many more are out there, we may never know. Many suffer from autism. Their former friends in the LGBT subculture shun them as traitors.

Some of them will commit suicide. The media will blame this on bullying and transphobia.

Great points about the 3rd Amendment and more.

GOP senators introduce bill to require states to report all babies born alive after failed abortions — Good for them!

U.S. unemployment rate hits 50-year low — Great news!  Unless you are a Democrat.

The unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%, the lowest rate since December 1969. The number of unemployed people fell by 275,00 over the month.The unemployment rate for African American men fell to 5.4 percent — the lowest level since 1973.

Charity event for fallen police officer canceled because guess who was invited…  This should be grounds for termination.  A public servant is welcome to his political views, but to publicly express such hatred for half the population is unacceptable.

If Your Husband Seems Passive, Stop Dictating Everything — Yep.  Really glad I wasn’t attracted to harpies!  I’d last about 3 minutes with a controlling woman.  Just kidding!  Only 2 minutes.

If you want a peaceful marriage, you have to be the antithesis of Eleanor Roosevelt. You have to stop dictating and start doting instead. Then watch your man become a man.

Hidden toll of starved sex husbands— Interesting article from a couple years back.  Even this secular researcher gets it – though I don’t agree with the “choreplay” solution where guys have to do work to get the women to have sex.  Uh, isn’t there a longstanding term for transactions where you exchange sex for goods or services?  Yes, I see how helping your wives can give them more energy and time, but making it a quid pro quo is gross.

But the broader point applies: Women — and especially Christian women — who use sex as a weapon and deliberately withhold affection are destroying their own families.  As I used to tell a sex-starved friend (his Christian wife had sex with him about once a year, and then only when intoxicated), it was still a sin if he cheated but that she was a fool to behave that way.  She thought their marriage was great.  That is, until she found out that he had an entirely predictable emotional affair.  They are now divorced, with all the carnage that comes with it.  He’s the pariah and she probably “forgets” to tell people how she withheld affection. So sad.

If only people would obey 1 Cor. 7 and not withhold their bodies from each other except under limited conditions.  So many marriages would be vastly improved.  And if only pastors had the guts to tell their female-dominated membership those truths! 

Academic who says wives who deprive husbands of sex are wrecking society. Her solution? Reward chaps for doing the washing up! The consequences of men being sex-starved by their wives are deeply worrying . . . Sexless or low-sex marriages are far more common than many realise . . .  A survey found a fifth of older women had been celibate for more than a year.

‘DEEP STATE’ BOMBSHELL: Rosenstein Was Part of Anti-Trump Coup Plot — It is amazing that Trump has survived, with the media, the Democrats and lots of his own employees trying to destroy him.

Apple Sides With ChiComs vs Hong Kong Protesters — If you are surprised, then I’m surprised that you are surprised.

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