Clint Eastwood’s new film, Richard Jewell, takes aim at the FBI and the news media — I don’t do movies, but I hope this does well.  Great timing.

Amari Allen Hate Hoax Reveals Media Rot — sounds like the family was in on it.  Good thing they had videos.  The innocent kids’ lives and their families lives’ would have been destroyed.

The family embarked on a media tour to promote Amari’s fictional oppression. It would have sent sales of their “Still Natural” cosmetics through the roof. Now that the hoax has been revealed, Mikea Turner’s WUSA, a CBS affiliate, has “deleted all articles and video about the story” according to the Daily Caller, and will not mention Amari’s name.

Tennessee’s Jeremy Banks during arrest: ‘Where I’m from, we shoot at cops’ — One more reason not to get too worked up about your favorite college or pro sports teams.  Remember that these people can’t stand you or anything you hold dear.  The linked article makes it sound like the team is going to keep him on after his lame attempt at an apology.

Woman Transitions From Being Terrified Of Getting Pregnant To Being Terrified She Can’t Get Pregnant — A great piece by The Onion that should convict loads of Christians who want God to have nothing to do with their fertility . . . until they do.  And then they hold him in contempt for not granting their very specific wishes.  But when they have “enough” children, they go back to their first mode.  I was partially guilty of this myself.  My basic question to all: I’m not saying you have to be like the Duggers, but do you want to trust God with your fertility, or not?

Don’t marry a feminist — I dated a feminist as a freshman (she wasn’t outwardly feminist at the beginning, but became more strident as the year went on).  She broke up with me at the end of the year, and I’m eternally grateful.  It somehow took the scales off my eyes and I completely changed my approach.  I didn’t understand things like “game” at the time, but did enough things right to radically improve my dating and relationship posture.  33+ happily married years later I’m glad I didn’t marry a feminist – and glad my daughters aren’t feminists, either.

Don’t marry a feminist, son, because she has an ax to grind, and someday you’ll become her target.

Don’t marry a feminist because she’s unable to give for the sake of giving. Feminists always tally up a score.

Don’t marry a feminist because family will not come first. Her career will.

Don’t marry a feminist because equality, not marriage, is her ultimate goal. And for marriage to work, the focus and commitment has to be marriage.

Don’t marry a feminist because if you get divorced, which you likely will since competitive relationships don’t last, she’ll blame you — and then use your kids as a weapon.

Don’t marry a feminist because you’ll never be happy. Feminists are perpetually angry and dissatisfied and have no sense of humor.

Kyle J. Howard Angry that Black Family Forgave White Woman — Howard is a professional race-baiter with a rather colorful (if unbelievable (resume).

Ironically, atheist websites showed more compassion and kindness toward the religious scene in the courtroom.

Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Athiest described it as a “powerful scene” and asserted the victim’s rights to offer forgiveness and a hug, only taking issue with the judge giving the convict a Bible.

Atheists, it seems, appreciate the Christian sentiments of forgiveness and closure more than Critical Race Theorists like Kyle J. Howard.

Related story: Media Warns Excessive Forgiveness Could Set Back Outrage Narrative Hundreds Of Years | The Babylon Bee

Good for the brother.

In fairness, male Democrats are creeps

It turns out that Republicans are having sex more frequently than Democrats, a study published Monday revealed.

“This finding left me curious about how specific components of relational bliss might be affected by political leanings. The answer is surprising: Republicans have more sex than Democrats and cheat less on their spouses. Political independents have sex even more often than Republicans but cheat at the same rate Democrats do,” Wolfinger, a University of Utah professor, explained in the Institute for Family Studies report.

Alpha Game: Sex-blind hiring favors men — But but but privilege!!

“We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist,” said Professor Michael Hiscox, a Harvard academic. “We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.”

So as anyone in the real world knows, it is less likely, not more likely these days that a man will get hired if his gender is known. It’s not a surprise. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be.

Women get hired for a variety of reasons. Men only get hired if they are objectively superior to every possible woman and minority available.

The Left — including the “Christian” Left: Because some woman got hurt when trying to kill their children, we need to make it legal for all women to be able to kill their children up to their first breath.  Oh, and you need to pay for it.

Best of the Bee

New App Helps You Find Someone To Fake A Hate Crime Against You | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee

Latest Victim of Cancel Culture: Gandhi

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Parental Warning: Elsa to Get a Girlfriend in “Frozen” Follow-Up

3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Just kinda skimmed through, but I think Gandhi was hyped as a saint for too long, when he was really very far from it. Thus, not really a “cancel culture” victim so much as one who finally is exposed for what he was.


  2. That video of the brother forgiving the shooter is still very powerful even days later.
    Also fascinating: “Republicans have more sex than Democrats and cheat less on their spouses. “


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