Heads Explode Over “Islam Is RIGHT About Women” Posters — Troll level: Genius.  Seriously, whoever put up the “Islam is right about women” posters is brilliant.  We need those all over, but they should say, “Islam is right about women and gays.”  I encourage you to make Leftist heads explode by asking the following:

  • Is Islam good?
  • Are women good?
  • Are gays good?

Of course your average Leftist will heartily say “Yes!” to all three questions.  Then ask this:

  • Is Islam right about women and gays?

Be sure to have a defibrillator handy.

Tim Keller Tells Christians Not to Identify with Republican Party — Yeah, you should definitely identify with the party committed to child-killing, removing religious freedoms, removing freedom of speech, pushing all manner of sexual perversions and immorality on children, taking away your right to defend yourself, favoring teachers’ unions over children, grabbing unlimited political power with their “climate change” hysteria, race-baiting, and so much more.

Great moments in progressive liberty: Antifa blocks, intimidates elderly couple in sidewalk — They aren’t just terrorists, they are insane terrorists.

Maybe people should stop listening to these power-grabbing frauds?  Hat tip: Danny

The Witness Contributor Says White People Protecting Their Homes is Rooted in Racism — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.  These pathetic people have lifestyles so good that royalty couldn’t have dreamed of even 100 years ago, but they’ve been brainwashed to be miserable and to drag others into their misery.  This is another example of Leftists getting away with stories — however fantastical – that get treated as facts.  She even acknowledges that she has no facts.  But wait, it is worse than that.  Usually they at least try to make up a story of oppression, but in this case her feelings are presented as “evidence.”

NYC restaurant industry jobs evaporate after $15/hr wage sets in — If only conservatives would have warned them about a thousand times . . .

Amari Allen: Haircut Hate Hoax — So many hoaxes!  Good thing there was security video for this one or it would have launched a bunch more protests.  These Leftists are shameless and won’t fully retract their stories or stop jumping on the next hoax bandwagon.  I’ve been off blogging for a couple weeks due to a death in the family and a prison ministry weekend.  I typically ignore the news when off of my regular schedule.  I’m so glad I didn’t have to chase the ups and downs of hoaxes like this.

“Seven Sisters” of Mainline Protestantism Still Bleed Members — That’s good news, and rather predictable.  Why would the world waste time and money just to join a group that says the same things that they get 24×7 in media, entertainment and in government schools?

Women’s Rugby Is Latest Casualty of Transsexual Agenda — Republicans should make this a top campaign issue.  It will resonate with 80% of the population and expose the Democrats for the insane perverts that they have become.

Stateside, a bad situation may soon get worse. Democrats are still eager to impose the bizarre and tyrannical Equality Act, by which the federal government would force women’s teams to include cross-dressing men in the name of “civil rights.”

The bill passed in the House with unanimous Democratic support in May, but it hasn’t come up for a vote in the Republican controlled Senate.

That will change if Democrats take the Senate next year. Now that Daniel Lipinski has folded, not a single Democrat in the House will defend women’s sports from this abject lunacy. A “moderate Democrat” is becoming an oxymoron. Biden has said that signing the Equality Act into law will be his top legislative priority if elected.

Nothing is too sick or too insane for Biden to obsequiously endorse as he attempts to placate the ultra-left, which calls all the shots in the Democrat Party these days.

Best of the Bee

Man Gives Wife Coupon For Unlimited Hobby Lobby Shopping Spree Redeemable Any Sunday Of Year | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee

Perry Stone Checks His Phone While “Speaking in Tongues” — One of the many reasons I’m a cessationist.  What a fraud.  Note that the link found this at an atheist web site.  Way to make a mockery of the faith, Perry.


One thought on “Roundup”

  1. Keller has long been a vicious wolf pretending to be a shepherd.

    ALGORE’s climate religion has been proven over and over to be a fraudulent ideology, instituted only for the governments to take more control of our lives.

    The LEFT and their continual violation of women — Transgender is just the latest iteration.


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