‘Trans Women’ Now Entitled to ‘Womb Implants’ from Organ Donors So They Can Experience Childbirth — Pure transanity, Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

The law that makes this atrocious act possible is The Gender Recognition Act 2004, which says that a “trans female” can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate if they wish for their acquired gender to be legally recognized in the UK. Because that’s the case, they can now get donated wombs.Women in the United Kingdom should reconsider their organ donation status, lest their wombs be used for tragic and disgusting medical experimentation and they give birth to a Frankenbaby post mortem.

Pamela Mastropietro, Face of Europe’s Colonization — The Left loves to manipulate with images, except when it comes to the impact of things like unrestricted, culture-destroying immigration and their beloved child-killing.

The anti-West media and irresponsible liberal politicians got major mileage out of Alan Kurdi, the dead Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach. It was a nuclear bomb in the propaganda war. People who want to defend the West need to answer back. “Every day we are bombarded with tearful images of barges loaded with migrants that the Left would like to receive without worrying about the consequences. The same Left that remained silent when Pamela was raped and murdered with unspeakable ferocity,” said Verni.

Could I Get That Drunk Illegal Migrant ‘To Go’ This Labor Day?  But all the Leftists want open borders, even though they know that illegals take job, suppress wages of remaining jobs, increase your taxes and make your life less safe overall.

In 2014, young Latinos were responsible for about one-third of all DUI accidents in Houston — 535 — though they made up only 8 percent of the population.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell sneered at President Trump’s June 2018 meeting with family members of Americans killed by illegals, saying most of their dead kids were killed in traffic accidents. As if that doesn’t count.

What Islam Says About How Rep. Ilhan Omar Should Be Punished for Adultery — I’m not sure the Leftists will enjoy Sharia Law as much as they think they will.

Why Don’t America’s ‘Woke’ Evangelicals Care More About Ending Slavery?  Great question to ask the next time an SJW virtue signals about reparations and such.

Currently, the best estimates place the world’s current slave population at 40.3 million people. This is 3.5 times the number of slaves kidnapped in West Africa and transported across the Atlantic to serve on plantations in the Americas (90% of slaves who crossed the Atlantic went elsewhere besides the American colonies).

However, that figure – 40.3 million – isn’t over a three-hundred-year time period, as was the trans-Atlantic slave trade. That’s how many slaves presently exist throughout the world.Why don’t America’s woke evangelical leaders seem to care about these slaves at all? Is it because they’re caught on on skin-color, and other people groups don’t matter to them? Are they racist?

“Trans” people are truly delusional, yet this insanity is being pushed by ignorant/delusional/malicious people onto adults and children.  This is a great video.

Baltimore and NYC cops “afraid to arrest anyone” — Sad, yet so predictable.  But it made Leftists feel good for 15 minutes and helps Leftist politicians, so there’s that.

In the wake of Freddie Gray’s 2015 death while in Baltimore police custody, the city installed a series of reforms — such as the consent decree — aimed at giving more transparency for the department and how they treat suspects. But the intended consequence of the measures is that many police feel they cannot enforce the law, and that elected leaders simply look for any excuse they can to throw officers under the bus if it helps them politically. New evidence shows this is making the city more dangerous.

The result? A skyrocketing murder rate, increases in rapes, assaults and property crimes across the board, and nearly 700 people being shot through the first eight months of this year. The gang members have eyes and ears. If they know the police are backing off, they become bolder. How this is supposed to improve community relations is anybody’s guess.

Stanford Offers Segregated Physics Courses — The harsh bigotry of no expectations. Wait, it is worse than that. They are sure that blacks can’t handle real physics. These are the most racist moves of all, yet they do them with completely tone-deaf sincerity.

The Amazon fires – morons gotta moron. — Apparently there are multiple levels of journalistic stupidity and audience gullibility factoring in here.

Not the Babylon Bee

Liberals Say Feces Can’t Be Cleaned Off Sidewalks Because “Water Hoses Are Racist”

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Feds Charge Transgender Activist With Raping 4-Year-Old on Video — Shocking, eh?  But the Left will still blindly support these perverts.

A three-day circus — I recommend reading all of this.  The “trans” movement is leveraging the successful bullying and intimidation tactics of the other LGBTQX alphabet soup of perversions movements.  They want parents to suppress their natural desire to protect their children because they fear being punished by the Leftist perverts.

Nothing is what it seems at the Trans Wellness Conference down at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The legal and medical professions are heavily represented. (“Where there is carrion there the vultures will gather.”) A curriculum sampling:“State and Local Advocacy for TGNC [Trans/Gender Non-Conforming] Youth in Schools”; “Parents of Trans Youth Ages 12 and Under”; “Facial Feminization”; “Tips to Work with Your Health Insurance Company”; “Intersections Between Fashion, Mental and Sexual Health”; “Top and Bottom Surgery”; “Combating Dysphoria Through Fitness”; “Care of the Aging Transgender Person”; “TGNC Youth and Homelessness”; “Self-Massage Techniques for Chronic Pain”; “Packers, STPs, Masturbators, and Sex Toys”; “Becoming an Activist for Trans Rights in School”; “Self-Care Strategies for Trauma and Anxiety in Trans and Non-Binary Bodies”; “Cross Hormone Therapy”; “Hormones and Handcuffs”; “Trans Porn.”

This is the most damning admission, where a speaker pretends there isn’t a social contagion impact on small children because of their movement then is bold enough to tell the truth and say he doesn’t care.

“Aren’t you concerned that you are not so much responding to 5-year-olds’ felt needs as creating them by planting suggestions? Now that ‘trans’ is becoming cool, don’t you worry about a bandwagon effect?” The room is collectively appalled. His smile fades and he says, “No. Next question,” and moves on.

Two questioners later, evidently still piqued, he comes out with the most revealing statement of the three-day circus: “As for the concern that a child might decide to become a trans in imitation of another child, … SO WHAT?”

Yeah, so what if you pressured a 5 yr. old to ruin his life just because you live to mock God?

3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. The evil behind the transanity movement is incomprehensible.

    The video was removed by Youtube.

    Police aren’t allowed to do their jobs, so why should they arrest anyone and put yourself in the sights of the radical LEFT?

    Is there anything which isn’t “racist” nowadays?


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