Michael Brown is An Apologist for the Devil — Brown is so wrong on so many serious things that I stopped caring long ago about what he was right about.  He is quick to defend the most ridiculous frauds and just as quick to attack anyone who criticizes those frauds.

Good video on gun myths.  Criminals will always be able to get guns, and they would much rather have unarmed victims.  You have to be wildly ignorant and/or malicious to say otherwise.  Not a single gun regulation reduces violent crime or murder.  Guns are the great equalizer.  And if rapists are around every corner as the #metoo folks insist, shouldn’t women be able to defend themselves with guns?

Should Women Preach in Our Churches? — Short answer: No.  Longer answer: Also no.  Great post refuting common rationalizations.

Antidiscrimination Tyranny Applied to Hiring a Babysitter

Any government that tells you that you do not have the right to determine who you hire to babysit your children is a tyranny, regardless of whether it holds elections.

The President needs to climb off the ethanol teeter-totter — Exactly!  I really admired Cruz for standing up to the ethanol lobby.  Trump doesn’t need Iowa for the primaries but he definitely needs Pennsylvania for the general election.  And standing up to the ethanol lobby is the right thing to do!  Ethanol is a bad, expensive joke.

Single Men Explain How Tinder Has Impacted Their Psychology and Life — Yikes!  I think online dating can have merits.  Instead of just focusing on appearance and taking the risk that you fall “in love” before knowing enough about someone, you can pre-screen for all sorts of important things: Religion, family, career, etc.  But Tinder is apparently far too superficial to be of value to anyone.  I’d warn people to stay away from it.

To Say There Are Two Genders Is “Incendiary” — This is a wise strategy by Republicans. I hope Trump uses it often. The Dem candidate will be forced to stay something really stupid. We still have a window where we can speak the truth and the middle ground people will largely switch to our side. But give it a few more years and most will have been bullied into saying things they know are lies.

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing ripped into Louisiana Republican gubernatorial candidate Ralph Abraham — who happens to be a medical doctor — over his claim in a TV ad that there are only two genders.

The complete list of alternatives to all Google products — Some good alternatives.

Fall Back To The Fortified Blogs! — I expect Big Tech to get more and more aggressive in shutting down conservative speech as we approach the 2020 election.  They won’t want to take any chances.  Hopefully it will backfire on them.  Even WordPress, which has usually been pretty open, deleted Chateau Heartiste (a “Red Pill” manosphere blog) and supposedly blocks you for “deadnaming” (i.e., calling “trans” people by their original names and genders).

Up to this point, the Silicon Valley oligarchs have been careful to single out the edge cases, the people they can count on Bill Kristol and other #NeverTrump “principled conservatives” to go “Ewwww! Alex Jones deserved to get deplatformed! Laura Loomer deserved to get deplatformed! Lauren Shepherd deserved to – oh, wait…” But come September of 2020, what if they decide to emulate their heroes and business partners in Beijing, and shut down anyone who isn’t sufficiently woke for them? How many of us would be thoroughly cut off if our Gmail accounts, Blogger and WordPress blogs, and our Facebook & Twitter accounts were suspended?We should be giving serious consideration to taking that power away from them.

We should have accounts on Gab and MeWe, and e-mail accounts with local ISPs or third-party vendors, even if we have to shell out a couple of bucks extra a month for it, or at least have an account with Microsoft, which doesn’t seem to be moving in lockstep with its Silicon Valley partners – yet. Here’s a useful article from Techdirt back in June listing plenty of options to avoid Google. We should have e-mail networks already set up, and updated blogrolls listing friends and allies. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but after the last few years of deplatforming, shadowbanning, monkeying with search results, and other forms of suppression, is it really paranoia? They really do seem out to get us, after all.

Not the Babylon Bee

NBC News Denounces Heterosexuality — It has come to this.  Not only is the perversion of homosexuality allegedly good, they are saying that heterosexuality is bad.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Drag Queen Story Hour ‘greatest grooming program ever devised,’ counselor says — Of course it is.  Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.  Moronic and evil Leftist parents will take their kids there just so they can virtue signal.

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