Source: Trump Administration to Allow Religious Employers Freedom From Hiring Homosexuals — Great news!  You wouldn’t get this from a Hillary administration, and it will be the first thing rescinded if a Democrat wins in 2020.  It will be easy to spot the fake Christians by noting who disagrees with this.  From the “Hey, we agree!” category:

Ian Thompson, a senior representative for the ACLU, told Reuters, “This is about religiously motivated discrimination.”

Of course, Thompson is right. This is about religiously motivated discrimination—which happens to be a First Amendment right in the United States Constitution. If an employer doesn’t want to hire someone who suffers from gender dysphoria or a sexual deviancy like homosexuality or bestiality, they shouldn’t be forced to.

James MacDonald Signals Return to Ministry In Facebook Post— Ugh.  He was so awful for so long, but there are still lots of gullible folks out there.

Rand Paul: ‘Left Wing Mob Wishes I Was Dead’ — This includes public figures.  Ah, the tolerant, loving Left.  You can totally trust them to be in charge of your welfare.

My one comment on the Epstein farce: Having done prison ministry for 13 years, I assure you that low-paid guards are pretty easy to bribe, even on a small scale.  Drugs, cell phones, etc. get into prisons all the time.  If you were talking about the people involved with Epstein then they could afford to pay massive bribes – or to seriously threaten any reluctant guards with an “Arkancide” of their own.

Acknowledging Quality Writing Is Now Racist — The harsh bigotry of no expectations.

The are the most racist of all, assuming that blacks will never be able to write coherently.

Elizabeth Warren revises her statement on Michael Brown’s death (without admitting she was wrong) — Wicked liars even lie when trying to gloss over previous lies.

Best of the Bee

Women Who Don’t Believe Israel Has Right To Exist Not Sure Why They Got Banned From Israel | The Babylon Bee — That sums it up nicely.

Christian Movie Kinda Like Secular Movie But Without All The Cussing, Quality | The Babylon Bee — Oof!  Well played, Babylon Bee.  Christian movies should be better, not worse

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Sixth Grader Expelled for Properly Identifying Gender of “Transitioning” Classmate — Good for him!  You might as well home school your kids if they are going to get kicked out of government schools for being sane.

4 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Speaking of the harsh bigotry of low expectations, just watched the following video of whites in Berkley being interviewed about blacks being able to get IDs to they could vote. None of the whites thought they could pull it off. They then go to Brooklyn, and find that black people actually do know how to get driver’s licenses, and even know what corner the DMV is located. Amazing.

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  2. Regarding not hiring homosexuals:

    I’m personally of the mind that there should be no prohibition on the hiring decisions of any private sector employer. “Equal rights” cannot deny the right of the private citizen to run his business as he sees fit, based on his own criteria for doing so. Thus, if a merchant decides, for example, that he will never hire a Danish person, nor serve Danish customers simply because he doesn’t like the word “Danish” or “Denmark”, there is no justification for forcing him to hire or serve them. If I don’t like that this merchant acts in this manner, I don’t have to patronize his business or seek employment with him. (My only caveat regards serving all whose lives might otherwise be seriously compromised by not doing so. Even the worst bigot must prevent death or serious injury or illness to everyone if in any way possible to do so.)

    Equal rights laws are only for government to honor. That is, all are equal under the law so no American governmental body is free to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, nationality or disability. Private citizens can do what they like aside from the above caveat. Let the free market determine how to deal with the truly bigoted.

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