If the Republicans are smart they’ll flip the script on the “trans” nonsense.

Republican candidate: Of course it should be illegal to harm “trans” people and I would never stand for people harassing them, but there is no way that the government should take your money via taxes to pay for “gender reassignment” surgeries.

Then he asks his opponent if he/she supports tax-funded surgeries like that.

The middle ground would flock to the Republican side.

Powerful Democrats Threaten Supreme Court — That’s a nice Supreme Court you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it . . .

We won’t be able to say these Leftists didn’t warn us.  It is like the “red flag” laws, where we express concerns that they could be misused and countless Lefties go public with declarations that they most certainly will be misused.

“Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be ‘restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.’”

Pulse Nightclub Shooting Survivors Proclaim Freedom in Christ: “It’s not a gay to straight thing; it’s a lost to saved thing” — Good for them!

In the tank: PolitiFact won’t call Warren, Harris liars for labeling Michael Brown’s death a “murder” — One more reason to never trust Politi”Fact.”

Anyone caught doing this should never be trusted again.  Every time they open their mouths you should just show that picture and remind them of what shameful liars they are.

Climate change, you can change your gender, abortion doesn’t kill children, “born that way,” etc.

Has ‘Conservative’ Forbes Magazine Embraced the Climate Delusion? — I’m so disappointed in Forbes.  It used to be a truly great publication.

Forbes, how could you? Steve Forbes, you must be rolling over with shame over what has become of your beloved business journal. It has just become another shill for the leftist global warming colluders who continue to sell a deceitful and harmful delusion. Their delusion will lead to billions of people being poorer than they are today, all to serve the interests of the well-connected and the world’s powerful’s editorial standards appear to be suppressing any article or interview — no matter how impressive the material or person interviewed — if it does not reinforce the editorials board’s alarmist, activist agenda. Merely publishing a scientific interview with one of the world’s most impressive and credentialed scientists now violates’s editorial standards if it makes a case against climate alarmism.August 10 was a sad day in journalism. Where have all the truth-tellers gone?

The State of the Sexual Marketplace in 2019 – Brass Pills — The Christian worldview is obviously different than what the world is doing, but you can’t ignore the well-documented sociological ramifications of “swipe dating” and social media.  This is bad for men, women and children on countless levels.  Maybe it is a good segue to remind people of how much better God’s design works.

Basically, I’d argue there’s a bubble in female SMV [Sexual Market Value]. Female beauty is perceived as being more valuable and scarce than what it is–not unlike what happened with the Great Recession which was caused, mostly, by the housing bubble. Flashback: houses were massively overvalued and there were a number of factors that led to many of the people who owned them to be over-leveraged aka not able to really afford their mortgage. When people realized this, and then realized that the mortgage investments they’d made were basically worthless, the market crashed.The same thing has and is continuing to happen to some degree with female SMV. Women, in general, believe their value to be higher than what the market can bear because of the dynamics of swipe dating and the false validation that comes from social media–especially Instagram. On the flip side, men believe there are fewer attractive women than there are, or that attractive women aren’t sexually available, which we all know isn’t true.My guess is that with both marriage and swipe dating in general being a bad deal for guys, the bubble bursts at some point and the dating market resets itself to some degree.

Gun sales are up in El Paso and concealed carry classes are packed — We need more guns, not less.  While the Leftists immediately went into gun-grabbing mode they ignored how the shooter explicitly documented how he went after soft targets — i.e., “gun-free” zones.

New Project Veritas Leaks Prove Google Broke Its Own Search Engine to Censor Conservatives — “Algorithmic censorship is election meddling.”  Yep!

FBI: Someone purposely shot at ICE offices in San Antonio – The Leftist politicians will privately cheer this yet publicly ignore it, and the media will assist them as usual.  Oddly, they won’t call for stronger gun laws and blame the anti-ICE rhetoric for it.

Not the Babylon Bee

Straight Men Must Date “Trans Women” to Combat Hate, Say Activists — Anyone putting forth that argument deserves to be mocked until your fingertips are raw from typing.  But note how bold these freaks are, reflexively saying that the only reason you want to date the opposite sex is because you hate “trans” people.  Sadly, the hate card has been so successful for the Pervert Lobby that it will work on many weak and stupid people.

Even some gays are apparently haters!

However, that same study showed that only 11.5% of gay men would consider dating a “trans” person. By this logic, roughly 89% of gay men are also hateful bigots.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

New Universal Movie Portrays 6th Graders Playing With Sex Toys — It is worse than it sounds.  One of the many reasons I don’t see movies or watch TV.

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  1. One way to flip the script regarding the transgender issue is that what many of these ‘library performers’ are doing is contributing to the deliquency of a minor. Some have handed out their ‘business cards’ linking to their sexually explicit websites. THAT is illegal and every state in the USA has laws against promoting sexuality, drinking, etc. to children. Just an idea…

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