Sloots: “Christianity means never having to say I’m sorry.”

Several readers have asked for a post on the recent season of the reality show Bachelorette. I don’t follow the show, but according to the news accounts Christian bachelorette Hannah B is outraged at being slut shamed by fellow Christian Luke Parker. The Christian Post characterizes Luke as “polarizing” for suggesting that Christian sexual morality matters.

Federal judge to NY: Don’t turn over Trump’s state tax returns to Congress — for now — The tax return obsession is petty and stupid even by the Left’s standards. It will turn out that the rich guy paid his taxes, and no independents or conservatives will care. And he probably donated more to charity than these “generous” Dems did.  But the Left will have lowered the bar for themselves as well.

Trump Supporter Beaten by Gang For Wearing MAGA Hat — Glad that guy is OK.  Remember when people wearing Obama attire kept getting beaten up?  Me neither.

MacArthur’s 6 marks of a truly educated person

Get Woke, Go Broke: Procter & Gamble — Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.  If you want to destroy a decades-old brand that you spent tens of millions of $ building up, just let Leftists run your marketing department.

Why Homelessness Is Worse in San Francisco Than Seattle — Seems that they increased spending for homeless benefits by 30% and got more homelessness.  It is almost as if Leftists fail at basic economics or something.  And this, just to show how woke they are:

Consider that drinking straws are illegal, but syringes explicitly intended for the injection of heroin are provided at taxpayer expense by the government, and you will soon understand why San Francisco has a homelessness problem.

Best of the Bee

Experts Warn We Have Only 12 Years Left Until They Change The Timeline On Global Warming Again

Local Christian Would Do Anything For Jesus Except Believe Things That Are Unpopular

L, G, T, Q, And + Publicly Execute B For Implying There Are Only Two Genders

Not the Babylon Bee

Twitter Locks Christian’s Account For Tweeting In Favor Of Voter ID

Gospel Coalition Contributor Says Gays Can Stay Married Because God Hates Divorce — Those people continue to go off the rails.



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