Lauding Heretic, Eugene Peterson, Beth Moore Compares Him to Beethoven

It may sound elitist. It may sound misogynistic. It may sound sexist, but…Beth Moore is a twit. She’s a simple-minded woman who would best serve humanity by going back to being an aerobics instructor. She’s not fit to teach, to preach, or to have an adult doctrinal discussion. She’s a wild-eyed lunatic with way too much make-up, who is being abused by evangelical elitists who feel that her popularity among housewives might help them pull evangelicalism to the left. No one takes Beth Moore seriously. No one thinks she’s a decent Bible teacher, except those who’ve never had one.

Best of the Bee

Antifa Shatters Mirror In Attempt To Punch Nazi | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee

SBC President Greear Tweets Out His Fasting in Order to Advertise New Fasting Guide — Good thing they had a picture taken of themselves praying and not eating.  I wouldn’t have believed they were fasting otherwise.  But they did violate two commands from Matthew 6, so there’s that.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Oreo Cookies Perverted Pronouns Push — This also could have gone in the “Not the Babylon Bee” section.  How sick that they are pushing “trans” madness with cookies — and to children!

Former National Association of Evangelicals Head Mannoia Urges California Lawmakers: Direct Pastors to Affirm LGBT — Sickening child abuse.

Gay Episcopal Priest Declares God is a Woman — God declares gay Episcopal Priest isn’t a Christian.

A Friend of Women: Trump Kicks ‘Transgender’ Men Out of Women’s Shelters – Good for Trump!  I hope he gets this message out at the debates next year.

Dunkin’ Donuts cracks down on illegal workers — Good for them!  Now watch the Leftists hate on them for obeying the law.

Beto crosses Rio Grande to campaign in Mexico, courts asylum seekers — Seems kinda treasonous.  Glad he is showing the country what Democrats really want.

The Red Pill Never Lies : The Other McCain — Feminism is poison.  It has influenced the church more than you can imagine.

Rollo Tomassi has a post about how our culture increasingly encourages female promiscuity; women’s irresponsible behavior is called “empowerment,” and and men are expected to accept the consequences. In a feminine-primary social order, as Rollo calls it, male preferences are considered irrelevant at best, harmful at worst, but quite generally wrong in every case. Whatever a woman wants is inherently right, and men are judged failures if they fail to perform according to her preferences. Women’s behavior is immune to criticism (so long as she doesn’t vote Republican) whereas men’s behavior is endlessly criticized; you could fill an entire library with feminist books devoted to condemning men.What is remarkable, in reading Rollo’s work, is how he calls attention to things which should be obvious — the evidence in support of his argument is everywhere, once we start looking for it — but which is seemingly invisible to most people.

Totally not shocking: Mexico admits migrants are buying children to cross border — Only shocking if you are a Leftist who fails at basic economics.   Economics 101: You get more of whatever you provide incentives for.

Yep.  “Trans” is a mental disorder.

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