Big Business Sides With the Culture of Death 

The signers make the claim that the laws are “bad for business.” While the letter is short on how these laws harm business, it’s long on moral buzzwords like “equality,” “empowerment,” and “inclusive.” The signers do not make a compelling business case for killing a human life.

Seems like not killing potential customers would be better for business.

It also seems like it would be more equal to treat all humans as worthy of life, that crushing and dismembering them is the opposite of empowering and that letting them live would be more inclusive.

Then again, I’m not trying to pander to the Millenials who have been trained to be anti-science and incapable of rational thought.

And of course their tag line refers to “reproductive healthcare.”  Hey anti-science Molech-worshipers: Abortion kills children who have already been reproduced.  “Healthcare” is when you don’t murder them.

The future of gender equality hangs in the balance . . .

Uh, because men have the right to kill their children and women need it also?

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Slow week.

Not the Babylon Bee

Video: Woman in PBS Documentary Feels “Sense of Peace” About Aborting Her Twins — Lots of murderers and other criminals feel no guilt over their crimes.  But they are still crimes.  Abortion is a forgivable sin if you repent and believe in Jesus, but if you have a “sense of peace” about it then you have a long way to go.

Why Would Any Man Worry About Working With a Woman vs. The Actual Reality of Women in the Work Place — The post-#metoo workplace is a scary place to be. I’m glad I work from home and that my company hasn’t succumbed to this nonsense. I’ve always avoided 1-on-1 interactions with females as much as possible and followed the Mike Pence/Billy Graham rule even before I knew such a thing existed.

Sadly, lots of betas are virtue-signaling about why guys should still socialize and mentor women directly blah blah blah. Some schlub on Linked In made comments like that and of course the women and other betas cheered him on. But he won’t be there when the guys get fired based on a false accusation of some overly emotional and/or money-grubbing female.

Sure, I always treat women exactly the same in terms of fairness, promotions, time, etc., but the idea that I’d have meals and especially drinks with them 1-on-1 is ridiculous.

And here’s another reason for my strategy, which is completely logical based on what feminists want — Everything Wrong With the #MeToo Movement Summed Up in Two Horrible Emily Lindin Tweets — she laments that men won’t mentor women while simultaneously saying she doesn’t care if innocent men lose their jobs over false accusations.

African migrants flood the Texas border, crisis is “off the charts” and Migrants From Ebola-Stricken Congo Marched Through Streets of San Antonio — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.  Opposing it will get you branded a racist, supporting it means you are wildly ignorant and/or malicious.  They should all be sent back to their countries, or at least to the Leftist sanctuary cities.

Teen Vogue Advice Column Tells Teen’s how to get an Abortion Without a Parent’s Knowledge — Teen Vogue is doing what public schools do, telling people’s children how to kill their grandchildren.



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