Budweiser: Queen of Beers –I’m not a beer drinker (or wine, for that matter . . . I do enjoy a cider now and then), but if I was I’d never drink any Budweiser products.  They have joined what I think is a misguided attempt to appeal to Millennials by showing how “woke” they are.  After all, who in their right minds would risk alienating the 98% to appeal to the perverted 2%?  Or perhaps it is another big company where the otherwise normal people live in fear of opposing any pro-LGBTQX initiative, no matter how ridiculous, for fear of being identified as “haters.”

Budweiser has been positioning itself as the beer of homosexuals. The campaign continues . . .

Best of the Bee

To Avoid Problems With Lyric Slides, Innovative Church Prints Out Songs And Compiles Them Into Book | The Babylon Bee

YouTube To Run All Potentially Offensive Content Past Easily Spooked Possum | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee

Snapchat Introduced Pedophile Filter for Gay Pride Month

U.N. Human-Rights Official: U.S. Abortion Bans Are ‘Extremist Hate’ and ‘Torture’ — I’m pretty sure that have your limbs ripped off and your skull crushed is more like torture and more of an example of hate.   But the Human Rights official knows better, of course.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Heartbreaking: LGBTQXYZ Exploiting Down Syndrome Community

Christians Show Up at Gay Pride March With Apology Signs — Sickening virtue signaling from the “Christian” Left.  First, they are preaching lies to people.  Second, they seek glory for themselves by apologizing for things they didn’t do.  Just lies upon lies, but what do you expect from the blinded men  of Sodom?

Biden advisor: His latest flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment isn’t really a flip-flop — Good news for Trump.  Biden is obviously pandering and desperate to portray it as a thoughtful switch — uh, because apparently the Constitution not only guarantees you the right to kill your child up to her first breath, but to do it for free!

But Biden and the rest of the Molech-worshiping Democrats forget that most people oppose taxpayer-funded abortions.  The middle ground basically says you can kill your children if you like, but don’t make them pay for it.

Women in Pakistan face child marriage, domestic abuse, and ‘honor killings’ — Meanwhile, the Left — including the “Christian” Left — fights the “patriarchy” of the West.  So very brave of them.

Transanity of the week, brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left

Liberals Claim, “Women Aren’t the Only Ones Who Have Abortions”

“Jack,” almost hilariously, complains about Planned Parenthood constantly ‘misgendering’ them. Perhaps it was because Jack had a vagina and uterus and an XY chromosome, and Planned Parenthood provides services to women. The author writes, “Although Gutiérrez went to Planned Parenthood, they were constantly misgendered and there was no option for preferred pronouns or name on the intake form.”

Again, that’s because, you know…women have babies and therefore, women have abortions. Because, you know…science and stuff.

“Jack” says: I got called ‘Miss’ and ‘Ma’am’ all the time. And [the staff] was super sweet to me, but I was too terrified to really sit down and have a conversation and say, ‘Hey, my pronouns are this and my identity is this, could you stop doing that?’ I was too busy going, ‘Holy [expletive], I’m in a clinic and I don’t know what to expect.

“Jack” says that Planned Parenthood now has multiple gender options on their intake forms so that a supposed “man” can actually request an abortion (I kid you not). The experience supposedly left Gutiérrez feeling “violated, shameful and, later, angry.”

And insane.  Still insane.

Just for fun – the Police Squad show was hysterical.  Leslie Nielsen and the writers were brilliant.


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