Quietly, the US just became the world’s largest oil producer — Great news!  Energy independence is a huge benefit for the country.

More Border Horror — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

There was a female, 10 years old, who was found with 20 different types of semen inside her body. She was dispatched to a family member. The girl who was with her who was supposedly a family member was not really a family member, just someone who bought her from her family in Guatemala.

Here’s why this is happening: Migrants are obtaining “Rent-A-Kids,” and since Border Patrol cannot perform DNA tests to determine if children are related to adults most of the human traffickers get into our country.

Maybe encouraging the dregs of the Third World to bring children with them when they invade our country was not so humanitarian after all, despite the sanctimonious posturing of the liberals responsible.

They will also be responsible when Americans start dying of Ebola. Some of the invaders are from the Congo. Many appear to come because they know American taxpayers will take on the burden of treating the horrific diseases they bring.

Best of the Bee

Family That Never Leaves Suburban Home Unless Absolutely Necessary Has Family Photos Taken In Remote Forest | The Babylon Bee

California Legislature Blames Religious People for LGBTQ Suicides — Nonsense.  They have pre-existing disorders and co-morbidity, and people whose entire life is based on sinning against God will always be unhappy.  They are the most favored people in the country, and real Christians are the most hated, yet I sleep well at night.

Unanimous: All 10 Dems at the debate say their health-care plans would cover illegal immigrants — This is golden for Republicans.  Don’t screw it up, guys.

Elitist Vehicles: You Subsidize Them, But You Can’t Afford Them

At one time, the Left championed the average man and bemoaned the exploitation thereof by “fat cat capitalists.” Today, the Left worships crony capitalism — and defends the exploitation of average people by billionaire rent-seekers like Elon Musk.But not just him.It’s them.Anyone who can afford to buy any new car with a sticker price of $30k or higher — which is twice the sticker price of a non-Elitist Vehicle such as a new Corolla or equivalent — doesn’t need (a favorite term of the Left) help from the government to afford it.Yet the government does help them afford it — by forcing those who can’t afford it to subsidize it.

How 1969 Changed America: The Stonewall Riots — Of course Obama and the Left celebrate things like this.

What Happened: In 1967, three members of the Genovese crime family opened a bar at the Stonewall Inn located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Within two years it would become the largest gay establishment in the United States, catering to drag queens, transgender people, male prostitutes, and homeless male teens. The bar violated many city laws, such as operating without a liquor license and lacking fire exits. Bartenders did not have access to running water behind the bar, and served drinks in dirty, used glasses (patrons blamed an outbreak of hepatitis on the bar’s unhygienic conditions). The bar was only able to stay open because the mafia-connected owners reportedly bribed police with around $1,200 a month to turn a blind eye to the goings on at the establishment.Raids on such illegal taverns by the police were common at the time, and gay bars could be expected to be raided about once a month. Despite the alleged payoffs, though, the bartenders at the Stonewall Inn were unaware of the raid on June 28. When six police officers attempted to close the bar at 1:20 a.m., the 200 patrons resisted. When he crowd outside grew to 500 and escalated to violence, the police officers barricaded themselves inside the Stonewall Inn. The rioters threw rocks and bricks and attempted to burn down the building with the police inside.The Tactical Patrol Force of the New York City Police Department arrived an hour later and by 4 a.m. had managed to quell the riot. Two nights later, though, rioting broke out again with protestors becoming even more violent. Hundreds of police clashed with a thousand rioters until the early hours of Sunday morning.

What It Means Today: A mafia-owned bar where homeless teens were plied with drinks and taken advantage of by predatory men and made famous for violent attacks and attempted murder of police may seem to be an unlikely location for a U.S. National Monument. But in 2016 President Obama added the illegal bar alongside the Statue of Liberty and Booker T. Washington’s birthplace on the short list of national monuments.

Ten years after he became VP, news outlets decide Biden’s track record on busing is noteworthy — Classic example of how the Leftist media manipulates you.

AOC Photographer Demands Removal of Images Showing Congresswoman Crying Over Nothing — She’s just a bad actress, but then again, Leftists are easily duped by that sort.

New Video Shows Antifa Crowbar Attack, Macing of Elderly Man – Why isn’t anything being done about ANTIFA?

Portland Sucker Punch — It isn’t nearly as bad as South Africa, but thanks to the Left — including the “Christian” Left — it is getting more and more dangerous to be white.

This happened this week in Portland, Ore. with absolutely no media coverage. Steps away from the iconic Voodoo Doughnut in downtown, Daniel Tuski Bertrand suddenly attacks a woman. Her eye socket was ”crushed,” says a source. The man was only charged with a misdemeanor & released without having to pay bail.

Much more about these kind, tolerant people here.

People who kill children for a living are willing to lie to advance their cause? Go figure.

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