Transanity of the week: Man wins NCAA women’s championship track event.  Pro-abortion / pro-perversion feminists are stuck with this idiocy that reduces female athletes having to choke on their true feelings and pretend that these males really won.  How hard it must be for feminists to know that lower-tier male athletes can just take a few pills then dominate the female athletes.

As the linked article notes, the NCAA guidelines have been revised to warn schools that they have to allow transgender athletes to compete provided they meet certain (very lenient) restrictions. Cece has been taking testosterone suppressants for the past year, meeting that requirement. They note that “According to medical experts on this issue, the assumption that a transgender woman competing on a women’s team would have a competitive advantage outside the range of performance and competitive advantage or disadvantage that already exists among female athletes is not supported by evidence.”

“Not supported by evidence?” Oh, really? Telfer ran the same event against the men last year and came in second to last. Now, even with his testosterone levels somewhat reduced (which one would assume might slow him down a bit), he’s blowing away the field against the women. And as we have covered here ad nauseam, this is hardly an isolated event. So-called transgender women are lapping the field in numerous sports when competing against actual women.

Here’s why a Dem governor will sign a fetal-heartbeat abortion restriction bill today — good for him, and one more reason you don’t kill children in the womb just because they have – or might have – known health issues.  His child lived.

Worth revisiting.  The Left hates free speech but pretends otherwise to promote Hillary loving / America hating thugs.

What Does the Bible Say About Misogyny?

Consider also what is not misogyny. The Bible is not misogynist. The command for a wife to submit to her husband as to the Lord, is not misogyny. The instruction that only men can be pastors is not misogyny. If a man corrects a woman, that does not make him a misogynist.

By the way, it’s a myth that only a man can be a misogynist. Feminists are misogynist. Planned Parenthood is a misogynist organization. Every female pop-star who objectifies women in their music is misogynist. There are even women Bible teachers whose bad doctrine is a burden on women.Anyone who rebels against a biblical view of women is a misogynist. Rejecting what the Bible says regarding women is misogyny.

Worth the wait? | Dalrock

CBN’s newly married Wendy Griffith and author of You Are a Prize to be Won! says it’s possible to live an abundant single life while you’re waiting for the right one.

Women should run, not walk, from people like 54 year old Wendy Griffith.  She “heard” from God all sorts of messages that she passes along to the average single woman, but since they are average, they don’t have Griffith’s looks, talent and money.  And even if they did, maybe they don’t want to wait until they are 54 to get married.

Advice like hers is bad enough at its core, but in a social media generation where women have vastly inflated perceptions of their marketability, Griffith et al are selling poison.

More Smollett: Foxx’s office negotiated public statement with his lawyers — Glad to see this hate hoax is getting re-exposed after the ham-fisted attempts of Leftists to memory-hole this web of lies.

Just how much pull did Smollett’s family (along with the Obama connection) have with the prosecutor’s office? After that first exchange, where the bureau chief apologized for taking so long to send their department’s upcoming public statement to Smollett’s attorneys for approval, the attorney in question sent back corrections. Smollett’s attorney complained that the original wording made it sound like Jussie was getting “a deal” and that he was giving up his bail money and doing community service because he was admitting guilt.

How did Lanier respond to that? By adding in a new sentence saying, “This doesn’t indicate or suggest that he has done anything at the request if [sic] the state.” Smollett’s attorney responded by saying they “like this one.”

Are you kidding me? The cops had a mountain of evidence and everyone was ready to move toward trial. If they were worried about the appearance of overcharging they could have knocked a couple of charges off the list. Instead, not only did Foxx’s office drop the entire thing, they allowed the defendant’s lawyer to proofread and edit their public statement explaining the decision.

Is Mark Zuckerberg right about you?

Zuckerberg mocked users for giving him so much data (“they ‘trust me.’ dumb f*cks,” he wrote)

More here: Fifteen Devastating Quotes That Show How Dangerous Social Media Has Become to Society

2. “Randomized, controlled experiments conducted with more than 10,000 people from 39 countries suggest that one company alone — Google LLC, which controls about 90 percent of online search in most countries — has likely been determining the outcomes of upwards of 25 percent of the national elections in the world for several years now, with increasing impact each year as Internet penetration has grown.” – Robert Epstein

6. “Twice as many teenagers now have depression as a generation ago. This high rate of depression has no biological explanation. Instead, it appears to be caused by engagement with social media on smartphones. It’s now clear that there’s a strong association between use of social media and depression in adolescents. The more depressed adolescents are, the more they use social media; the more they use social media, the more depressed they are. Which causes which is unclear, but whatever the cause, it’s a vicious cycle.” — Dr. Nassir Ghaemi

15. “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works—no civil discourse, no coöperation, misinformation, mistruth…. I feel tremendous guilt. I think we all knew in the back of our minds, [our children] are not allowed to use this sh*t.” — Chamath Palihapitiya, the former vice president of Facebook user growth

Note that the people who know how social media really works keep their kids off of it.

Best of the Bee
Moloch Says He May Rethink Presence In Georgia If Anti-Abortion Bill Goes Into Effect — The Leftist hypocrites from Hollywood and beyond will boycott you if you oppose crushing and dismembering human beings with beating hearts.
Not the Babylon Bee
Gene Robinson Chapel Dedicated for Retired Gay Episcopal Bishop — Gee, and attendance is down over 60%.  Why pay to attend a church like that when you can get the same religion for free from government schools, media and entertainment?

Wow, good her Allie Beth Stuckey.  Shares the Gospel in a clear and compelling way to Shapiro and any viewers, explains how to read the Bible properly, the falsity of moral relativism, and more.  And she properly dismisses the Beth Moore-style Christianity that is so rampant in America.

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    1. I was disappointed in her answer concerning Obergegeld but I don’t know why. I agree with her on the one hand, and I don’t think she was soft-pedaling, she did, after all, talk about predestination and hell without blinking. I guess that her perspective as portrayed in this interview seems too inward looking. Lots of people, especially children, will be hurt by this decree from the bench.

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