Feminists: “If men could get pregnant, abortions would be available at Jiffy Lube”

Uh, maybe so, what with total depravity and all that.

But the abortions would still murder children, so they would be morally wrong.

See Pro-life reasoning: Simple and accurate responses to pro-abortion sound bites for lots more like this.

6 thoughts on “Feminists: “If men could get pregnant, abortions would be available at Jiffy Lube””

      1. Your problem is with the nice folks at Dictionary.com, not me.

        Child: 4. a human fetus: My sister miscarried with her first child at seven months.

        [Although in the pro-abortion case, their definition could have said, “My sister killed her first child at seven months.”]

        Also, even Planned Parenthood always knew what abortion does.

        From their 1964 ad:

        Is it [birth control] an abortion? Definitely not. An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health.  It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it.  Birth control merely postpones the meaning of life.

        More here, including the ad itself — https://eternity-matters.com/2009/06/09/planned-parenthood-vs-planned-parenthood-2/

        Every related scientific discovery made since then, plus tools like ultrasounds, serve to further that point.

        I concede that technically it is a fetus and not a baby, even though that’s what Planned Parenthood called it. I don’t correct people who euphemistically call them babies. But they are human beings at a particular stage of development who have a right to life.

        So, try checking out the dictionary and seeing what the pro-abort “experts” say before calling me a retard. (Hate speech!!!!)


      2. I think you might be one that don’t use logic; issue isn’t whether a new human life is called “child”but whether the new human life is alive and a person with rights. I wonder how much logic you know, the issue with a child being “counted” as a child isn’t an issue of logic per se, unless you want to stick to your guns and I then ask you to demonstrate it analyitically with the definition of child. I think the nature of the debate is synthetic in nature. I think your name calling and trolling comment display great ignorance of logical analysis.

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  1. Yeah, um.

    An abortion is an abortion, whether you get it at Jiffy Lube or at Tiffany’s.

    You can buy the same “services” at either place.

    The fact that Tiffany’s looks nicer and has more attractively dressed people with perfumes and nice department store lighting and elevator music doesn’t sanitize the crap you buy there.

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