Beth Moore is out of the closet

She’s been slowly moving towards full feminism for years, but now she is comfortably loud and proud. I never liked her schtick, but for a long time she was careful to have a traditional Christian veneer.  No more.  Just a typical phony who switches sides when it profits her most.

This sums it up well:  Beth Moore’s Journey From Women’s Bible Teacher to Full Blown Feminist 

For Beth Moore, it’s been a long journey from a womens-only aerobics instructor to a womens-only Sunday School teacher (with a few male stragglers) to a mixed-gender Sunday School teacher to a women’s’ conference preacher to a preacher to both men and women within the gathered assembly on the Lord’s Day. That’s a lot of steps, and it all began with a pastor who thought it was a good idea to put this theological lightweight in spandex into a lecturn.

Ken Silva, Chris Rosebrough, and myself (JD Hall) were all warning you about Beth Moore as early as 2008 and before. We explained her deep theological issues, not the least of which (or the greatest) is her feminism. But for any honest person surveying her career, they should be able to see that Moore has either radically shifted her positions or (more likely), has held them in secret, waiting for the right time for the church to catch up to culture.

Secrecy is not the mark of a Christian teacher. It’s the mark of the devil.

For more on Beth Moore’s recent social media meltdown over women preachers, click here.

And her Twitter tantrums are getting more unhinged. Recently she has been explaining why her preaching to men isn’t a sin, but she hardly ever does that sin, even though it isn’t a sin, but again, she hardly ever does it so what’s the big deal?  She’s indistinguishable from Rachel Held Evans in her feminism (and I’ve never heard of the allegedly Bible-believing Moore criticizing a heretic like Evans, because feminism first!).  And her “it’s Mother’s Day!” bit makes it worse.  Why would the church even recognize this make-up holiday whose founder disavowed it because of its commercialism?

In addition to the feminism, she also does that creepy thing where she claims direct revelation from God.  Uh, sure, Beth — you and Paula White . . .

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