So the “Holy Spirit” told Francis Chan NOT to tell a Catholic what was wrong with her church . . .

A Catholic asked Francis Chan if he “had any words for the Catholic Church and the time that we’re in.”

What did he tell her?  Nothing.  He paused for about 30 seconds then said, “I don’t believe I’m supposed to answer that question. I don’t believe the Holy Spirit wants me to answer that question.”

Riiiiight.  The Holy Spirit said not to share the real Gospel with someone whose religion has at least 95 things wrong with it.

Question: How can you miss a softball that badly?

Answer: When you are a wimpy world-lover.

All he had to do was point out how wildly Catholicism differs from true Christianity.  He could have liberated her from a works-based, man-made religion.  But he took the easy way out and muttered some gibberish about her and how we all need to get along blah blah blah.

Note that this is one of the many ways that people use “sloppy God talk” to justify all sorts of bad behavior.  You see, God gives Francis direct revelation on command, so he’s extra special and if you disagree with him you are obviously disagreeing with God.

Though did you notice that it came through a little fuzzy?  He “didn’t believe” the Holy Spirit wanted him to answer.  Did the Holy Spirit mumble?  Or did Francis make that up and blame the Holy Spirit?  You decide.

He also hangs with phonies like Benny Hinn and Mike Bickle.

Run, don’t walk, from people like Chan.

9 thoughts on “So the “Holy Spirit” told Francis Chan NOT to tell a Catholic what was wrong with her church . . .”

  1. The reason he didn’t answer is because he probably didn’t know what the difference was between true faith and Catholicism. I could be wrong on that. But seems he took an easy way and ignorance probably played a key role.


  2. Good post! I’ve never heard it called that, but I know what you mean: “sloppy God talk”. Excuses are given for something that one doesn’t know how to deal with and they throw God’s name onto it. Not cool.

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  3. So much of what you are saying about Catholicism is wrong. It’s the exact things I used to believe about it, myself. I encourage you to be truly open minded and go on a knowledge quest about these things. Read some Scott Hahn books. Or watch his talks. He was a “staunch anti-catholic Calvinist” who converted to Catholicism, and will open your eyes to our amazing faith of Christianity. Be open. Pray before you read. I will pray for you as well.


    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for visiting. You falsely claim that just because I don’t agree with you that I’m not open minded. I could play the same card on you, but I don’t bother. I just stick to the facts. Citing someone who leaves Christianity for a false religion doesn’t prove anything. What matters is what the facts say, and I’ve studied those in-depth.

      There are at least 95 things wrong with Catholicism, starting with salvation by works, indulgences, the Pope’s role, Mariolotry, praying to the dead and the vain repetition of the rosary. If you read the Bible yourself you won’t find Catholicism but you will find how much it violates scripture.

      You can get started on the facts here:

      Be blessed,


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